Michael Burwell, The New CFO At Willis Towers Watson Company


Michael Burwell has had a rather successful career in the finance industry, a career that spans as far back as 1997 when he started working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers Company in Detroit. After spending 31 years in various positions ranging from the company’s Chief Financial Officer to the Head of Transaction Services in the US and the Head of Global Transformation, Michael Burwell was recently appointed by the leadership of Willis Towers Watson Company as its next Chief Financial Officer. With 31 years of experience in that position among others, Michael Burwell would be expected to bring on board tremendous insights and expertise regarding how to revolutionize the company’s financial performance.

His current position at the Willis Towers Watson Company would be expected to have him serve as the head of all financial operations of the company with his duties including balancing the company’s preparations to ensure smooth running. Michael Burwell would also be expected to undertake new tasks including developing of financial strategies targeted at improving the revenue generation capacity of the company as well as streamlining the company’s compliance to financial reporting matters as outlined in the US fiscal law.

Michael Burwell is a self-inspired person who derives is productivity from the various challenges that he positively encounters in life. He understands the importance of utilizing tools such as technology to streamline organizational operations, something that increases the levels of productivity while increasing the accuracy in financial management and reporting. He also understands and upholds the importance of networking and the development of relationships in the financial field as a way of cultivating intra-corporate and inter-corporate partnerships, which help drive companies forward. Teamwork and communication are, therefore, highly essential according to his model of being successful in the financial management fields.

The seasoned financial manager and advisor, in his previous engagements in other companies, is proud of having accomplished streamlining of financial operations without using conventional ways such as laying off of workers. This, among other of Michael Burwell’s accomplishments, gives him the necessary expertise and experience required to undertake his new role at the Willis Towers Watson Company, a position he expects to hold successfully.


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