The Qualms of Bill Gates on the Next World’s Manifestations

FILE PHOTO: Microsoft founder Bill Gates looks on during a healthcare event in Brussels, Belgium, February 16, 2017. REUTERS/Eric Vidal/File Photo

Antibiotics resistance, the cuts in funds meant to improve health in the poorest countries, and another disease that the World Health Organization refers to X are the main qualm in global health security according to Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder thinks that the world is not well prepared for the coming epidemics. The unknown pathogen is deadly, fast moving, extremely contagious and poses a threat to humanity. However, Gates is not sure of the upcoming infection but contemplates that it can turn out as metamorphosed flu tension or another thing. For instance, the 2014 outbreak of Ebola, the swine flu accentuates the warning that he gives.

Besides the health problem, Gates identifies another situation, which is the explosion of population in some poor African countries and the anticipated impact. The world universal development terms these problems as an elephant in a chamber. The identified threat accelerates refugee cases, political instability, poverty, and conflict or could even catalyze world boom just like in China or India. The alarms discussed, and the proper method of tackling them dominates data reported today by the Melinda and Bill foundation. Furthermore, the fears track the main challenges faced globally. Birth rates are staggering in the developed countries while in developing countries of Africa birth cases are booming. As a result, the population of such developing nations is expected to increase by doubling in around the year 2050.

Bill Gates still retains the determined faith in the supremacy of technology keeping his long-term vision where every home shall have a computer. Gates posts inform on both Twitter and Facebook the social media platforms where he has more than 45.8 million followers. As an example to the computer dreams, the mansion owned by the wealthy man is equipped with screens as well as sensors worth tens of thousands of dollars. Gates, who is the second richest man in the world after Jeff Bezos of Amazon, lives in Seattle suburb of the median. Bezos overtook the counterpart tech investor on the yearly Forbes list after having fortunes worth $112 billion compared to those of Gates who is at $90 billion.

Mr. Bill believes that the best time in technology that is termed as the honeymoon period is no more. He goes on to clarify that the tech business should get regulated by governments. Moreover, the call is also echoed by the Telegraph that urges digital firms to protect children through legal obligation. Bill says that governments must come up with decisions similar to how parents choose what is right for their kids. The high-tech era has also stimulated crisis in the western democracy, with culture seeming diverged according to Bill.

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