Hussain Sajwani (The DAMAC Owner) Talks About The Working Environment At His Company

When talking about business, Hussain Sajwani notes that China, and in general Asia’s economic growth drives his interest. Sajwani is the DAMAC owner, a property development company in Dubai, and the 10th richest Arab in the world. He is currently looking to expand his presence in Asia, mentioning that DAMAC has been active in China’s market for many years. As the middle class in China keeps growing, Sajwani sees opportunity to catch the attention of investors.

For DAMAC, diversity has been an essential ingredient, as according to its founder, it brought a variety of ideas, views and perspectives which are useful to tap into when they are making business decisions or developing plans. Diversity gave the company range, notes Hussain Sajwani, and an advantage when doing business. The company has 77 nationalities from all continents.

When talking about the future of the company, the DAMAC owner states that they have reached a level of maturity and a size which enables them to look beyond the region. Since their inceptions they have delivered more than 20,000 homes, and Sajwani believes that they can leverage their expertise in order to expand their presence to other markets on the globe. Hussain Sajwani declares that entrepreneurship came naturally for him, and from a young age he understood how important home-grown businesses are. In the early 2000s when the real estate market was opened, he jumped to the opportunity and established DAMAC Properties. The biggest decision, according to Sajwani, was taking the company public, due to the fact that this resulted in many internal changes and dealing with financial regulations.

The company does not have a single central team that is responsible for innovation, as a result of this, every employee can contribute to DAMAC’s growth and performance. The working environment offers everyone an opportunity to excel. He notes that there are no barriers set for people to stop them from presenting or implementing the ideas that they have. The company welcomes anyone who has goals and ambition to prove themselves. Each department has different approaches in order to drive creativity, either by brain storming or offering incentives.

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