The Ripple Effect Of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a prolific businessman and visionary. He was born in 1967 and serves as the founder and president of Strategic Acquisition Ventures. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Alex plays integral roles in several other business that specializes in technology. Some of his other ventures have included: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom), Board Member of Directors at Silicon Valley International Capital, CloudShield, Mobile Airwaves, Network Systems, AlterEgo Networks and Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Tsunami VR Inc. Alex Hern‘s resume is extensive and shows his work ethic and vision

Tsunami VR has been one of his biggest endeavors.


The company focuses on software applications and virtual reality solutions. Dealing with this form of technology has garnered the company a lot of business. We are in a technology forward economy and many institutions and businesses are adding virtual technology to their operations. This has removed former methods of employee trainings and work. Tsunami VR has stupendously affected the manner in which technology is used and taught. Industries such as military and automotive has used these tech advancements to innovate their training curriculum and advertising experiences. The Olympic Games have also used this technology to train athletes falex hern or the world games. Researchers and scientists have found that when athletes train using this VR form of technology, the same muscles and parts of the brain were activated as if they were physically doing the event. This type of realization has given much more exposure to the Tsunami VR company and their innovative technology. Visit to know more.


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