Facebook Gives More Detail on New Oculus

Virtual reality has been a very highly anticipated technology for a long time. Over the 5 years, many different companies have announced that they would be trying to incorporate virtual reality technology into their future business plans. Thus far, a few different companies have come out with different headsets that have been received with mixed results. While most people have not been completely amazed by these virtual reality headsets, the majority of consumers understand that this is just a starting spot for the technology.

While many of the major tech companies, including Apple, have stayed away from the technology, one has recently announced that they would be investing in a new headset that could be very impressive for consumers (https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/26/hands-on-with-oculus-quest-facebooks-best-shot-at-a-mainstream-vr-device/). Over the past few weeks, Facebook has continued to release more and more details about its new headset, which is going to be called the Oculus Quest. This new headset is largely expected to be the most advanced headset that has been released on the open market to date.

The new headset is expected to be released to the public starting the Spring 2019. The headset is likely to cost around $400 base retail, which is more than twice the price of other headsets that have been released in the past. While it will cost a lot more, users of it will soon understand why. Those that have one of these headsets will likely find that it is much more smooth and has far more capabilities that some of the prior models released.

While this will be just the next step in the process for VR, many people continue to be excited for the future of the technology. While most people will end up using the technology for entertainment purposes, there are a wide range of more practical applications available as well. VR will soon be a great tool that can be used for training. This will give people in the law enforcement, medical, military, and other fields a chance to get more detailed training while they are preparing for their jobs.


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