Nintendo Grants Final Wish for Young Fan

Throughout the world, many video game fans eagerly await the latest releases from Nintendo. Whether it’s games or consoles, this company is known around the world. Considering that, one of the company’s most highly-anticipated titles is set to release soon. This game, known as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, is an upcoming installment in Nintendo’s popular fighting franchise. Unfortunately, one fan was worried he wouldn’t be alive in time to see the release of this title in December. However, Nintendo had an amazing surprise for this young fan.

Chris Taylor, a 21-year old male from Canada, recently sent out a tweet. Taylor was recently diagnosed with bone cancer, a disease known for it’s damaging effects to the body. Taylor had one dream, he wanted to be able to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Unfortunately, Taylor’s tweet spoke of “having stopped treatment in July.” Therefore, the chances of his wish coming true were nearly impossible. However, the power of social of media intervened. The Straits Times reports that Taylor’s tweet obtained nearly 3,500 retweets and 9,000 likes.

It was a little over a week later when Taylor posted an update on September 21st. Nintendo sent two representatives to Taylor’s home with a copy of a demo version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In turn, Taylor was able to play a demo version of this game for about three hours. Taylor enjoyed the game he dreamed of playing with his friends and family. What seemed like an impossibility turned into reality in just over a week. Unfortunately, Taylor would pass away a few days later on September 25th.

In closing, Nintendo recently was able to help someone with bone cancer live their ultimate dream. Chris Taylor sent out a tweet detailing unfortunate medical updates. Before long, the internet would intervene on Taylor’s behalf. After it garnered enough attention to reach Nintendo, this company took action. Taylor’s brother wrote on Reddit, after his brother’s passing, that he hopes Chris’s memory lives on as others enjoy this game.

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