Is Nintendo’s Game Boy Making a Comeback?

Many people remember playing the classic handheld gaming console known as the Game Boy. Released in 1989 by Nintendo, the Game Boy allowed people to play their favorite games wherever they went. Rival company Sega would enter the handheld console market with their own creation, the Game Gear. Decades later, smartphones and tablets would take over the mobile gaming market. However, it looks like the Game Boy might be making a major comeback. In this post, you’ll learn about Nintendo’s recent patent that has everyone talking.

This device looks identical to the casing of a Game Boy, featuring its iconic button configuration. The main difference is that this casing fits snugly over a smartphone. Judging by the patient images, it appears this would allow people to turn their smartphone into a Game Boy. As a user presses buttons on this device, it sends touch signals to a phone. While the casing does cover up nearly half of a phone, it offers a truly realistic Game Boy experience.

While many are imagining using this case on smartphones, Nintendo noted this cover won’t be limited to only these devices. As reported on, Nintendo’s patent made a special note to mention that this case to could be attached to devices without a “telephone function.” Therefore, many are speculating that cases could be released for tablets and possibly Nintendo Switch controllers, both of which feature touchscreens. Many within the gaming community feel that we could either see new or classic Game Boy games in the near future.

Considering that this device has only been patented, there’s no way of knowing when or if this product will see a release date. If this device is released, it could be available sooner than many think. While Siliconera only recently found out about this patent, it was officially filed by Nintendo in March 2018. However, only time will tell if Nintendo plans on taking this device past the patent stage.

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