Nick Vertucci Gives Advice To First Time Real Estate Investors in California

Nick Vertucci is a seasoned entrepreneur in the U.S and beyond. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc., he has consistently grown by leaps and bounds to become a force to reckon with in the real estate industry. Apart from harnessing his exceptional leadership skills and keen business acumen, the business guru recently grabbed the headlines by launching his best-selling book titled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.”

Suffice to say, the innovative and ambitious entrepreneur is the perfect embodiment of a rags-to-riches-story which dramatically includes several instances of rock-bottom failures. According to verified reports from his inner circle, the businessman relishes in attaining substantial success by grand and calculated risks to reinvent himself just like the proverbial phoenix.

A Sneak-Peek into his background

From a young age, the innovative CEO wasn’t motivated by early morning study sessions to achieve excellent grades. Far from it, he knew exactly what he wanted to pursue after completing his high school education. At just 18 years of age, he experienced tremendous grief with the death of his father. Rather than wallow in grief and silence, he ultimately made the bold decision to purchase a van as his temporary home while working as a delivery boy for a local appliance store.

Based on his unwavering quest for excellence and knowledge, it didn’t take long before the management took notice of the aspiring entrepreneur and promoted his pursuits across various departments. Not only did the new career spark a deep fire inside him but also propelled him to seek his impressive goals with precision.

At 22, he had pulled off the unprecedented by creating his own company and used this opportunity as a launching pad to learn the art of real estate investment from the best minds in the business. According to the seasoned investor, nothing brings ample joy to his life than spending time educating aspiring entrepreneurs about real estate investment through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Harnessing the Art of Taking Calculated Risks

While it is human nature to be skeptical about change, the business guru insists that success is for the taking to those willing to confront their fears and take calculated risks. Having witnessed his colleagues make substantial progress in their careers, he inevitably questioned the need to grind at a less desirable career when he could be pursuing better investments that appealed to him. By embracing change, he had taken a positive step forward in achieving set goals and objectives.

ceo of the nick vertucci real estate academy

NVREA CEO Nick Vertucci

By taking control of his destiny, the upcoming entrepreneur was in a unique position to create more opportunities through direct and indirect employment to hundreds of employees. As a rule, the CEO reiterates on the need to being in control of your decisions. Before taking any risk, the accomplished businessman stresses the vast benefits of networking with like-minded entrepreneurs that will not only inspire optimism but also spur significant growth.

Why Failure is the Best Education for Any Entrepreneur

While most individuals hardly achieve their potential simply out of fear, the CEO isn’t one to shy away but embraces failures as valuable lessons to moving forward. Apart from going bankrupt and losing his company, he also fell victim to unscrupulous business partners that eventually sued him despite being the actual victim in the entire debacle. Despite experiencing such trials, he still managed to build a successful company with seven-figure revenues and a vast impact on society.

Without experiencing such trials that would break mere mortals, the businessman wouldn’t be the household name he is today. Despite having a past beleaguered with failure, he still sought strength to rise and kept on moving forward. As a polite reminder, mistakes shouldn’t hold anyone back from realizing their goals. By acknowledging this fact from the onset, entrepreneurs can envision a positive mind and develop a thick skin to wither any tribulations that might rock their business to the core. Setbacks should only be viewed as setbacks to realizing goals and nothing more.

Blocking Interruptions

With tons of experience and exceptional expertise, the creative entrepreneur learned from an early age the benefits of having a positive mindset in business. As a protégé in real estate investment, the entrepreneur comprehended that negative thoughts had enormous power to demoralize an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit. Instead, every entrepreneur should make it their sole mission to drown such negativity with positive energy. Outside the business realm, entrepreneurs should evaluate their closely knitted circle of friends and family. More often than not, their skepticism to offer unwavering support during dire times could be a blessing in disguise.

How You Can Learn More

For entrepreneurs keen on nourishing their fountain of knowledge, obtaining a copy of the “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” should be a top priority. Available in Kindle and Amazon, customers can also visit the entrepreneur’s to get in touch with him.

Getting Up-Close With Nick Vertucci through the Ideamensch Interview

The business magnate recently held a candid interview with Ideamensch to shed some insight into his extraordinary career. As the Founder of NV Real Estate, the accomplished entrepreneur has undoubtedly experienced a tumultuous career before blossoming in the end. With a solid background in real estate, he deemed it essential to venture into this profitable business with an eye to generating consistent revenue. Here’s a Sneak-Peek into his candid interview.

• Where Was NV Real Estate’s Idea Conceived?

According to him, losing the tech business in 2004 proved to be a painful reminder of the need to reinvent his personal and professional life. After participating in a 3-day real estate investment class, he was in a prime position to put his newly acquired real estate knowledge to the test. By investing and purchasing one real investment at a time, the CEO had remarkably transformed his balance sheet from a struggling to a flourishing version. Not only that, he had broadened his scope from buying foreclosures to renting and managing them.

As a testament to his expertise, the entrepreneur with a Midas touch not stacked up real estate in his personal portfolio but also made purchases on behalf of investors. With the inception of the “The Real Estate Investing Hour”, the seasoned entrepreneur had been selling hundreds of real estate properties to the public.

By 2014, the businessman had reinvented his financial future by attaining financial freedom beyond his wildest dreams. By developing NV Real Estate in January 2014, the businessman had embarked on an ambitious plan to create an unrivaled real estate training program to enlighten the public.

How Productivity is Achieved and How Ideas Are Brought to Life

Unlike most business magnates, the accomplished CEO spends ample time in his corporate office in OC California and overseeing various NV events countrywide. As an avid cigar fan, he maintains an impressive collection in his office while juggling various phone calls with his employees and investors.

On a typical day, the CEO strives to harness various opportunities to generate substantial revenue streams. Not only does he not get caught up in the nitty and gritty of business but also focused on what drove the business to astronomical success. Suffice to say, goals widely serve as the stepping stones to his vision.

How Are Ideas Conceptualized Into Reality?

• Seeing it

Before ideas can materialize, entrepreneurs must first envision the business or goal as a prerequisite to developing a clear vision on the specific goals to accomplish.

• Believing In the Idea

Having envisioned the idea, entrepreneurs must exercise immense belief that their idea will pan out in the end. According to him, low self-confidence and the fear of failure inhibits most entrepreneurs from achieving optimal efficiency. As such, he encourages his students to harness their mind as their strongest muscle to achieve their tailored goals and objectives.

• Mapping it

With the idea and belief in place, entrepreneurs need to develop a unique plan and system to facilitate business operations. Not only is it real but doable as well. As a rule, pursuing any goal without a concrete plan is tantamount to failure.

• Execution

Unknown to most people, converting an idea into a successful business essentially serves as the most difficult aspect of business growth. Having the idea isn’t enough but entrepreneurs must learn to take action and execute the idea with precision.

One trend that excites Nick

The ambitious entrepreneur credits the unprecedented surge in entrepreneurship as an essential hallmark to redefining the country’s current and future prospects. More importantly, the society’s stance to debunk herd mentality has progressively created more opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs to pursue various ventures on a fair platform.

One Habit That Makes Him Productive as an Entrepreneur

The CEO credits an unwavering self-belief commitment as a critical ingredient to his current success. Despite falling victim to naysayers, the ambitious CEO has never failed to impress regardless of the situation. Not only that, he firmly believes in the virtues of constant hard work and breaking down barriers.

An Essential Piece of Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As an accomplished entrepreneur, the innovative entrepreneur insists on the benefits of planning for change from the onset. Being financially prepared especially during the downtimes can significantly uplift an entrepreneur against various odds. In a much clearer perspective, entrepreneurs should save, cut down on expenses and invest sufficient capital into real estate and other investment opportunities.

A Proven Practical Approach That Most People Don’t Agree With

According to Nick, the real estate industry offers substantial benefits through wealth generation to millions of investors when done properly over time.

One Outstanding Failure Experienced as an Entrepreneur and the Strategy adopted to Overcoming It

The accomplished CEO considers the flagging tech business as a monumental turning point in his career. Not only did he need to accept change but also prepare for harsh financial times that could test the business’ resilience to bounce back. As a critical comparison, the novel titled “Who moved my cheese” paints a stark similarity to his current predicament. When the cheese is relocated, entrepreneurs must find an alternative cheese.

How Investors Can Find the Right Opportunities in California’s Booming Real Estate Market

The entrepreneur’s reputation as a seasoned real estate investor remains unrivaled. Never one to shy away, the innovative CEO frequently pops up in the media by offering his unrivaled guidance on prime real estate opportunities. From residential to commercial real estate properties, he never hesitates to guide students and aspiring entrepreneurs on the best investments to pursue. Before forking out your hard earned money, the CEO insists on the need for paying keen attention to the following guidelines.

• Is Home Ownership Or Investment The Right Pick For You?

Since real estate investment isn’t a fairly easy venture, investors need to undertake comprehensive research and preparation before delving in head-on. It is crucial to understand the underlying forces driving the market and the intricate process of buying real estate. Afterward, you can proceed to the next step with ease.

• Understanding The Precise Principles Influencing The Real Estate Market Prices

As a rule, entrepreneurs must comprehend the basic market trends critical in understanding the ins and outs of real estate financing options. Often, they include sale prices, construction rates, inventory, listing prices and any other subsequent factors that can affect home sales. More importantly, investors must bear in mind that California is currently entangled in a high sellers’ market condition characterized by high sales prices and low inventories.

Micro factors

Before investors can purchase any property, it’s imperative to understand various factors prone to affect the market value of specified properties. In most cases, such aspects entail master plans, layout, orientation, building style, and the asset’s location.
• Location plays an essential role when selling a prime asset simply because it generates a higher land value in return. In the event that something occurs to the asset, the property’s location would be an ideal investment compared to vacant land. Such a reason has consistently elevated California’s real estate market compared to the national median price.Beyond location, entrepreneurs should also pay keen attention to additional factors such as proximity to current employment opportunities, entertainment, and shopping centers and the education quality offered in local schools.

• Inventory is widely considered to be a critical factor that can influence property prices in California. As a rule, declining real estate inventories contribute to increased housing prices. With California currently serving as a sellers’ market, homeowners are undoubtedly set to earn higher prices for their affluent homes. This creates a ripple effect with fewer houses offered for sale on the market.

Attributed to the rental market, this phenomenon is characterized by homeowners opting to rent out their properties to take prime advantage of the booming rental rates peaking at $2600 per month. Not only that, low homeowner turnover and few first-time buyers are also reported to play a significant role in this current predicament.

Macro Factors

Macro Factors essentially refer to real estate properties with a knack for going above market competition but primarily focus on financial entities and the U.S economy at large. Such factors revolve around government policies and interest rates.

• Debt

Widely known as the money owed to creditors, debt wields a substantial 3.2% rate for mortgage property owners unable to dispose of their property due to the substantial investment made. Suffice to say, their debts have surpassed their property’s actual value. At the market level, disposing of such a property can be a tall order especially when investors are forced to sell below market value within a short time.

• High-Interest Rates

Fluctuating interest rates have persistently affected potential real estate investors especially when such purchases are made through loans. With changes in interest rates, investors are forced to identify vital solutions needed to eradicate subsequent challenges associated with buying homes. When interest rates are high, the monthly mortgage will equally be higher while also affecting the demand for properties in the market. Conversely, reduced interest rates contribute to higher demand coupled with higher property prices.

With California interest rates balancing at 4%, seasoned real investors are expected to take advantage of such low rates and shifting to rental options to cut down on increased inflation rates.

• Government Policies

Unknown to most individuals, government policies significantly influence the real estate market courtesy of the various policies associated with subsidiaries, deductions, and tax credit. With the enactment of the “Tax Cuts and Job Act”, homeowners are expected to capitalize on the substantial benefits associated with real estate investment. More importantly, renting out properties presents unique incentives despite paying more taxes when residing in the specified property.

nick vertucci the chief executive officer of the nick vertucci real estate academy, and an experienced poker playerIdentifying the Right Opportunity to Buy

Identifying the ideal opportunity to buy real estate properties can be a tall order especially to novice investors. Apart from analyzing the market, you also need to evaluate the following factors:
• Is the down payment available?
• Do I need to move into an alternative house?
• What are the steps needed to secure approval from a lender?

Being an investor vs. being a Home Owner

Venturing into the real estate sector predominantly stems from two basic reasons; becoming an investor or a homeowner. With such reasons in mind, homeowners purchase property with the sole intention of personal use. Whether it’s a primary residence or a vacation home, plans to resale the property for a profit hardly cross their minds. Alternatively, investors strive to buy assets with the primary goal of reaping additional profits from the subsequent sale. Suffice to say, investment is a unique form of business for individuals in need of new opportunities tailored at building financial assets.

Unlike most businesses that require substantial capital beforehand, real estate offers diverse opportunities to network with like-minded investors that provide the much-needed capital to build a formidable empire.

Why Nick Vertucci Encourages Real Estate Entrepreneurs to Dream Big

The accomplished CEO recently hailed risk-taking entrepreneurs for stepping out of their comfort zones to seek life-changing business opportunities. While most people are content with living a risk-free life, this, unfortunately, narrows down their sources of income.

To coax promising entrepreneurs to step out their shadows, he regularly relies on personal experiences to not only motivate but motivate upcoming entrepreneurs. With the inception of the NV Real Estate Academy, the CEO looks forward to instilling unrivaled guidance through personal failures to ensure that the current crop of entrepreneurs optimizes each investment opportunity that comes their way.

According to him, experience is an infallible tool to identify grave mistakes commonly made by young entrepreneurs. Rather than shoving them aside, it’s high time to recognize their immense contribution in the establishment of SMEs and propelling the economy and industry to greater heights.

Unlike most instructors, the ambitious CEO focuses on a hands-on approach to identify emerging trends in the real estate market and turning each opportunity into a profitable real estate investment. Through his noble initiatives, the business magnate has undoubtedly cemented his status as a reliable and formidable real estate investor in the U.S and beyond.

Considering Nick manages one of the top Real Estate agencies in the country, it’s worth listening to what he has to say.

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