Bugs Within The October 2018, Windows 10 Update

Many laptop and desktop computer owners recently became victims of malfunctions due to the bugs contained within the October 2018, Windows 10 update. A representative from Microsoft reports that the download has glitches that caused a number of complications for PC users. Once the company started receiving complaints, technicians diligently worked on the problems to create resolutions. However, the remedies do little for the individuals affected by the problem. There are a number of recommendations posted to assist retain the function of their devices.


Under normal circumstances, the system asks if you desire to overwrite the files. The snafu may display the alert. But, the files are not copied or moved. One of the problems associated with the update involves zip files. The glitch causes a mishap when someone tries to move files from a zip and not first extracting them. Otherwise, the files may not get copied or moved as desired.

File Deletions

In the event that files become accidentally deleted when attempting to extract them from a zip location, do not cut and paste the items from the zip folder. Files may become accidentally deleted with no hope of recovery.

Audio Malfunctions

Some Windows 10 users noticed that their system was having audio problems following the install. The situation stems from the fact that the update was incompatible with certain Intel drivers. Microsoft created another update that users may access through the Windows Update app that corrects the issue.

Blue Death Screen

The appearance of the blue screen is the most serious problem reported, which was caused by the update. The problem occurred in HP brand computers. Laptops and desktop models were affected. The crashes erupted from a problem related to a keyboard driver. The newer update remedies the problem. Systems that displayed the blue screen should automatically download the fix. Otherwise, users may refer to the Windows update app to see if there are any downloads pending.

Missing Documents

Document deletions was another major concern of Windows 10 users. After the update installed itself, document folders were emptied. The reason for the deletion is not known. Not all computers experienced the problem. PC owners whose files remain missing should contact Microsoft support and talk to a representative to obtain the tools needed to fix the folder.

Installation Problems

Some are reporting having difficulty installing the October 2018 update. Simply go to the start menu and click the cog settings icon. Click “Update & Security” followed by “Troubleshoot.” Click “Windows Update” then the “Run the Troubleshooter.” Follow the displayed instructions. Once the program finds the problem, click “apply this fix.”

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