App Helps Screen New Mothers For Postpartum Depression

It is estimated that 14 percent of women suffer from postpartum depression. Many of these women never get the proper treatment. They often suffer in silence. Fortunately, there is a new app that will help doctors screen new mothers for postpartum depression. The name of the app is Lifeline4Moms.

The app guides obstetricians and gynecologists through a list of symptoms that indicate that a mom may have postpartum depression. It also recommends the appropriate treatment. Additionally, it tells doctors how they should communicate with their patients.

A team of students at UMass developed this app. They stated that they designed the app for obstetricians and gynecologists because most women prefer to go to them for treatment. Dr. Nancy Byatt is a professor at Umass Medical School and a psychiatrist. She confirmed that most women prefer to see an OB-GYN for postpartum depression treatment.

Nancy said that the reason many women prefer to be treated by an OB-GYN because they do not want to see another health care provider. Additionally, Nancy said that it is important for women to be treated for postpartum depression. It is one of the best things that women can do for themselves and their babies.

McQueen Saba is a maternal health advocate. She stated that postpartum depression is a topic that is often swept under the rug. She also said that everyone can do better when it comes to helping women who have postpartum depression. Furthermore, Saba said that clinicians, moms and families should be educated about what they can do if something goes wrong. In many cases, things do go wrong.

Nancy is a fan of the app. She stated that it is great to use because it lists the symptoms of postpartum depression. It also tells clinicians what they should do if someone has the symptoms.

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