New App Helps You Find Restaurants With Healthy Foods

You have probably been told that you should avoid fast food if you are trying to eat healthy. However, fast food may be your only option if you have a busy schedule and have to eat on the go. Fast food can wreak havoc on a healthy diet, but there is an app that can help.

The new app is available for the iPhone. It has nutritional information from 750 restaurants. McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King and Subway are some of the restaurants that are featured on the app. You will also be able to find information about your favorite coffee spots including Starbucks.

The name of the app is Cheat Day. One of the many great things about this app is that it allows you to search through a lot of information in a short amount of time. Cheat Day allows you to sort through restaurants based on the criteria that you set.

Here is an example of how this app will work. You can choose the restaurant where you want to eat. It will give you a list of menu options. You will also be able to sort through the breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Additionally, you will be able to get information about fat, calories, sodium, protein and fiber.

Users can also set what criteria they are looking for in a meal. For example, if you are counting carbs, then you can select that you are looking for low-carb options. The Cheat Day app can help you select the best options even if you have to eat on the go.

You can download this app for free. Six people can use this app at one time. It has received rave reviews ever since it made its debut. People like the fact that this app is free and does not have any ads.

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