Vanderbilt Has A Mental Health App

Vanderbilt University now has an app that will help promote mental health. The name of the app is Well Track. People will be able to get mental health support from their device. All students will be able to download the app.

G.L. Black is the Associate Dean of Students at Vanderbilt University. He stated he wants people to be in control of their own wellness. He also stated that he wants people to know that they can be an active participant in the care that they need.

The app has a lot of features. Students are even able to get cognitive behavior therapy from the app. The Well Track was first introduced last year.

Lisa Clapper is the Student Care Manager at OSCC. She stated that the majority of students felt like the app benefited their mental health. She also stated that the app was introduced to supplement the services that they already have on campus.

Lisa said that even though there are a resources available on campus, many students do not take advantage of the resources. They often do not have the time to go to counseling. She said that students can use the app to keep track of their moods.

Rachel Eskridge is the Director of the Center for Student Well-Being. She stated that students today are busy and do not want to schedule another thing on their plate. She said that Well Track allows students to get help on their own time and own pace. It does require commitment and effort on the part of the student. However, if they use the app consistently, then they will reap the benefits.

Rachel stated that the school wants people to know that improving their mental health should be a priority. Many people do not want to work on their mental health until something goes wrong. She hopes that students will prioritize their mental health even when things are going well.

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