James Patterson and Facebook Team Up for Interactive Fiction Experience

In a previous generation, “Choose Your Own Adventure” books provided a means for the reader to interact with a novel’s narrative. The reader was given a choice regarding where to take the lead character. A bad choice often meant doom. The quaint concept of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series gains a modern upgrade thanks to mega-author James Patterson. Patterson recently released an interactive work of fiction on Facebook Messenger.

Titled “The Chef,” the novel has been made available on the Facebook platform ahead of the traditional print release. The novel’s plot focuses on a murder mystery involving Caleb Rooney, a detective with a night job running a food truck. Anyone wishing to become involved with the interactive novel should log onto Facebook Messenger and type/send “The Chef by James Patterson.”

The interactive version of the novel won’t be boring for the reader. He/she plays an active role in following the events unfold. Through a combination of text, images, audio, and video, the reader performs the part of a detective. So, the narrative becomes equal parts novel, game, and movie. Fans of Patterson’s work might find this incredibly intriguing. Even if only a small segment of Patterson’s readers come to check out the Facebook Messenger experiment, their total number should prove huge. Patterson has sold hundreds of millions of books worldwide.

The unique nature of the interactive version of “The Chef” may attract people who never read Patterson’s works before. Patterson would benefit from their presence. The author could pick up a new collective of avid readers.

Patterson noted his interest in launching an interactive book draws derives from a desire to modernize book publishing. This may be the most intriguing comment Patterson made about the endeavor. Could his new concept prove successful and catch on with other authors? If so, the landscape for creative fiction may change. Techies who love reading fiction and playing games would be first in line for such a new literary movement.

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