New App Will Help Cancer Patients

Living with cancer can be incredibly difficult. However, there is a new app that will make it easier. People will be able to use the app to get advice and keep track of all of their medical appointments.

The app is powered by artificial intelligence. It is the first app of its kind. Professor Chng Wee Jo introduced the app at a fundraising dinner gala. He stated that the app is like a buddy that will be with them throughout the entire cancer journey.

The app will allow people to monitor their condition. People will also be able to get advice about diet, exercise and medical treatments. Additionally, they will be able to get answers to some of the most frequently answered questions about cancer. Two hundred patients will be able to use this app by the beginning of the year. Professor Chog plans on making the app available to hundreds of other people by the end of next year.

This is just one of the many services that will be available to cancer patients in the near future. They plan on introducing a home stem cell transplant system. This will allow stem cell transplant patients to recover in their homes after the procedure is over.

This system will send nurses out to the patients’ home to care for them. The trial sessions will start in January. Yeo Wee Lee is a 44-year-old former cancer patient. He used the system, and he liked the fact that he was able to recover in his home. He received a stem cell transplant in January. He is the first patient to use the system.

Yeo stated that he prefers to be at home because it is cleaner. There is a lower chance of getting an infection. Furthermore, Yeo stated that his home is a nicer place to rest.

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