Skout Out New Friends

How is it that browsers and computers are starting to quickly feel antiquated and clunky?! Just five years ago, if I wanted to take a trip, I could get online and look at websites about the destination, check some of the travel sites for ticket prices and hotels and then pack a bag. Now, with the advent of apps like “Skout”, I can use their “Travel” feature to meet someone from my destination-of-interest and ask for advice on travelling in that area. Through this Skouter, I can find the best places to go and they can help avoid classic travel mistakes like selecting the wrong hotel! In addition, Skouters who use the Travel feature often times meet at the destination. Travel is just one of the features on Skout that is changing the way we connect with others.

Skout is also known as the “flirting app,” seeking to help people connect and allow those unexpected meetings to turn into a new friendship or romance. You can also find others on Skout, no matter where you are, if you just want to go out and do something fun. Skout is making this all possible. There is also “shake to chat” which you can use if you want to meet a random Skouter. You can use one of the apps “iceshakers” to start the conversation!

Apparently sports enthusiasts make the most connections on Skout! The numbers indicate that both men and women who share an interest in watching sports, and in particular basketball, connect more than all others. Don’t fret, however, because if someone has looked at your profile, something sparked their interest. You may not be into sports but you don’t have to be shy either! If someone has looked at your profile but failed to chat, open up a chat with them. Simply saying “hello” is enough to start a new friendship!

Want to give your Skout friend a gift? You can easily send a gift card, be it a thank you to the new friend you met on Skout ( who showed you around Rome, and do this instantly! If you open a chat with a Skouter you would like to gift, and press the “+” sign in the lower left corner, this brings you to a screen where you can select “give a gift” from the icon on the lower right side of the screen. Within minutes you can show someone you appreciate them! Holiday and birthday shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Yelp Transformed from Online Reviews to Platform for Protest

Feel like sounding off about an establishment? Good or bad, you have an audience on Yelp. In fact, Yelp has quickly emerged as a multi-dimensional community platform for protest.

Washington Post writes that Yelp is a powerful influencer. Everyday, thousands of reviews flood the site, and the reviewers are the ones who wield the power.

In April, Memories Pizza was inudated with more than 7,600 negative reviews after commenting about *not* catering a gay wedding. Consumers felt an injustice had occurred and preceded to dominate the conversation.

Memories Pizza shut their doors for a short while, and the haters who used Yelp as a soapbox actually helped turn their financial loss around.

Conservatives raised $843,317 for the mom-and-pop Pizza shop.

Many believe Yelp is nothing more than a back-biting opinionated site, and reviews are no longer based on first hand experiences, but this is inevitable, and it happens to every social platform.

The answer is not quieting down social expression but learning how to use it.

When businesses learn how to invest in online opinions, and use the dialogue to their advantage, the playing field will become more balanced.

Fingerprints Reveal Cocaine Usage

If a person has used cocaine it will show up in theie fingerprint. A new test has been developed that will accurately show drug usage with a single fingerprint.Individuals at The Aspire New Brunswick have found that the new test will allow for faster and simpler drug testing that can be done anywhere.
No more blood or urine samples, just a fingerprint will reveal all there is to know about the person’s drug usage in the near future. For now, the fingerprint test only reveals cocaine usage.
A person who has used cocaine (or even touched the product) secretes benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine, both are components of metabolized cocaine. Fingerprints are taken on glass and through a process called mass spectrometry, the secreted chemicals can be detected and analyzed.
Only a small portion of an actual fingerprint is needed to detect cocaine usage, the remaining portion of the fingerprint can be used to test for other drugs as the technology is developed. On sample fingerprint can provide enough surface for the specific and individualized testing for several drugs as the need arises in the field or in an office.

It’s Raining Dogs on New York’s Restaurants

A new bill has passed recently that will allow owners to bring their dogs to outdoor restaurants. Obviously not good news for cats. The bill is still being decided by legislators but the outcome seems likely. We could be seeing all kinds of dogs soon at your favorite New York restaurants very soon. Imagine doggie biscuits on a plate in a restaurant regularly; the only thing we need left is the dogs calling the waiters to serve them their cup of water. An amusing joke that could be turned into reality. Of course maybe not since there will still be regulations and procedures as described by this article .

New York has been widely considered a big dog lovers city for a long while and it’s finally been acknowledged that the city recognizes its long history with dogs. Paul is glad to see that be the case. Even before this, owners have already been frequently taking their dogs to restaurants that would allow them on their premises. However, those restaurants could be charged a hefty fee for allowing dogs to do that and some have already suffered that fee. Thankfully, if this bill passes successfully, it will mean a migraine of problems have been resolved all at once. A victory for both animal lovers and dog lovers alike to be sure.

Hopefully this bill will succeed so it will pave the way for more animal lovers to enjoy the luxurious New York City.

A Tearful Auction Over Gallen Officer’s Patrol Car

The Sentimental Patrol Car

Deputy Sam Brownlee was killed in 2010. This occurred in the line of duty. Weld County Sheriff’s Office had opted to auction the out-of-service patrol car off. This is a common practice. These cars quite often get used for security company cars or they may become a cab. Sheriff Steve Reams wanted to honor the officer ho was the driver of this patrol car.

The Officer’s Son
Sam Brownlee left behind his son Tanner when he was killed. When Tanner heard of the plans to auction off the patrol car he knew that he would bid on it. This was his father’s car. This patrol car had sentimental meaning to Tanner. While at the auction, the bids for his father’s out-of service patrol car became too high for this 19 year old young man. He was not able to afford it.

Kindness and the Keys
This patrol car sold for $60,000. Tanner and his brother, Chase, were glad they had at least tried to obtain the patrol car, and it really worked out well for them according to Jason Halpern. This out-of-service patrol car that had been driven by Deputy Sam Brownlee was sold and it raised $70,000 for a charity that assists and helps the families of fallen officers. It was a huge act of kindness when Tanner Brownlee was handed the keys to his father’s car.

Harry Potter Universe Set to Return to Big Screen

It has been almost four years since a Harry Potter film has been on the big screen. After 7 individual films over the course of 10 years, Harry Potter fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a new series of movies based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe.

Some time ago, fans received an announcement that a new film series that would start with a film titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” based on Rowling’s 2001 book of the same name, would be released soon. Yet, nothing more happened except for tidbits of news that a cast had not been picked yet.

What has been the hold-up wondered Ivan Ong on

Apparently, the difficulty has been with finding an actor to play the role of main character Newton Artemis Fido “Newt” Scamander, a magizoologist who would later be known as the grandfather of Luna Lovegood’s husband Rolf.

Well, the search is finally over! According to Vanity Fair and other sources, 33-year-old English actor Eddie Redmayne is currently negotiating a contract for the lead role. Current rumors suggest that Redmayne was offered the part, but he wanted to learn more about it by reading the script before agreeing to sign on to what will likely turn into a franchise of three or more films.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them” is set approximately 70 years before the events of the “Harry Potter” books and films.

Ad Injection Highlighted By Google as a Major Threat to Internet Users

Google has found that ad injections are one of the biggest threats to internet users right now. Google conducted an in depth study in cooperation with the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Santa Barbara. The study was conducted in 2014 over the span of several months. The aim of the study was to examine the scope and span of ad injections on the web. It also aimed to find out how the ad injection system functioned and who was victimized by it.

So what are ad injections? Ad injectors as their name implies are unwanted ads that are injected onto a person’s web browser. They can get onto a person’s computer through several ways. One way that has resulted in a lawsuit, is that ad injectors are preloaded onto a laptop or computer. This resulted in a large scale lawsuit against the company Lenovo in China which knowingly allowed ad injectors to be preloaded onto their laptops. Another method includes bundling them together with popular free downloads so that users unsuspectingly upload them onto their computer. Other ad injector companies will even market their ad injectors through social media, while others will resort to spam to try and get their injectors installed on people’s computers reported Ray Lane, tech guru.

So why are ad injectors considered a threat? Yes they are annoying because they will put bombard you with ads when you are browsing the web or shopping online, but did you know that they can also track your activity? This can create a host of problems such as phishing and fraud. The good news is that Google is taking many steps to battle ad injections, and measures so far have been successful. Google is also warning other companies to take a stand against ad injectors.

Technology to the Rescue

It’s no doubt that technology has forever changed the way that humans go on with life. A large majority of people stay attached to their smart phones or tablets, their computers and laptops are their best friends, and social media is their only means of communication. For some, their need for technology goes far beyond checking Facebook and Instagram. There is technology that has recently saved that lives of those we thought were lost. Last month, Nepal was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Buildings, homes, and businesses were lost. That doesn’t come close to the amount of lives that were lost. There have been more than 8,000 lives lost to this natural disaster. Billions of dollars in damages have been inflicted on the country and the death toll keeps rising. Thousands of rescue workers and volunteers sprang into action to clean up the debris, account for the bodies, and claim any survivors that they could find. NASA gave the rescue workers two ~~FINDER devices~~ which can detect breaths and heartbeats under ruble and debris. The portable FINDER device is also known as the Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response machine. Amazingly, four men were rescued thanks to these machines. The men were under 10 feet of crushed ruble but were able to make miniature shelters to keep from being crushed. The FINDER devices helped rescue workers narrow their search and save these men. This technology is very promising for the medical community and doctors like Dr. Danial Amen.

No Security Breech Here

In the last two years, Crystal Hunt says the White House in Washington D.C. has been breached numerous times. One time there was a man on the front lawn and during another incident a four year old child slipped through the gate in the garden. Washington is now doing their best to reign in these incidents. A few folks in Washington joked that the president should have a moat installed around the White House Fence. While that idea is very clever, the safety of our Commander and Chief and his family is a serious manner. For right now, the United States Secret Service and National Park Service will do what they can to add additional security on the White House premises. This will ensure a quick solution for the moment.

They are, however, looking for a more long term solution. There will be a rearrangement of booths for the patrol officers who watch the White House gate. Concrete barriers currently serve as check points for vehicles. In the next few months these check points will be transformed into steel barriers. White House staff hopes that the new barriers will be more visually appealing.

The fence surrounding the national monument will also get a security face lift. The Secret Service plans to add spikes to the fences in hopes to ‘scare off’ those who might have the urge to climb the fence. There are even special athletes from the Secret Service agency who are being used to make sure these security measures can stifle human ability. The Secret Service and those involved with keeping the President and his family safe hope to have these changes completely constructed by the fall of 2017.

Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

It is true that Marc Sparks is known as a Venture Capitalist. He is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. This leading entrepreneur has plenty of experience raising money for several business projects. He is also the CEO of Timber Creek Capital. He is experienced working with real estate, telecommunications, and venture investing. The leading venture capitalist has plenty of experience and information that he would like to share with those that are searching for investors to back their business.

Marc Sparks Background
Marc Sparks background, says a lot about his philosophy on life. This is a successful businessman that believes in giving back to his community. He lives in the Dallas area and is a supporter of several local charities. They include a homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, and local high schools. He is focusing on sharing his knowledge on success in a book with others.

Marc Sparks Philosophy
New entrepreneurs should take advantage of the opportunity to share Marc Sparks philosophy. This successful venture capitalist certainly knows what he is talking about. He finds that the number one mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they don’t have a plan in place. They simply approach sources and ask for money to back their business without giving the investor any details on the venture. Investors want to know that they are investing in a sound business plan. They want to be assured that they will make a great return on their investment. Here are a few other things that the entrepreneur looking for investors should know:

  • The business idea should be unique.
  • Include details on the product or services to show potential investors.
  • Share your business plan and marketing plan with investors.

The fact is, investors would like the entrepreneur to convince them that they have a sound plan in place and their investment would be profitable.

Contact Marc Sparks for more information on his success and new book “They Can’t Eat You”.