Securus Technologies Launches The 2016 New Upgrades

As the year begins, Securus Technologies, have started it with a big bang after releasing new upgrades for their technological solution products. Securus Technologies is known the worldwide for its civil and criminal justice technology solution products that are mainly used to provide public safety and security. Their products are used in investigations of crimes and correction facilities for monitoring inmates and communication. The new 2016 codes that have been released are majorly aimed at improving and expanding the major platforms that are used by their consumers like corrections agencies, inmates and family and friends to give them better services. 

During this launch, Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies, took his time to emphasize on their Serve and Connect motto. He said that his company is always looking for ways to serve its clients better and connect them easily with a vision of making our world safe. Securus Technologies has the largest IT development staff who work day and night to make sure that the products their clients get from them beat their expectations. This team also ensures that the products from Securus beat its competitors by far in both performances, price, and maintenance. Securus Technologies is currently the biggest provider of technological solutions for the corrections industry. 

On of the widely used Securus Technologies products is their inmate communication system that helps reduce the inconvenience of incarceration to family and friends. They also seek to make the inmates experience better by helping them communicate with their families. Their 2016 upgrade by Securus Technologies was aimed at improving all the major platforms of their products. Some of the major platforms affected by the upgrade include the Securus OnlineTM, the Securus Video VisitationTM, the ConnectUsTM, the Secure Call PlatformTM, the Investigator ProTM, and our SecureViewTM Tablet Program, all of which will work better after the upgrade. 

Their new video visitation software only requires you to register for Securus’ technology on their site and download the app, which you can do by clicking on the following link >>

The new codes for this platforms that have been recently released also offer additional patches to their products for a new interface. This release also rectifies the defects and comes along with code deployments. These code deployments are needed to stage a new product to be released later in the year, and this new codes will make it compatible with this platforms.

Day by day the number of Securus Technologies products increases. This has made the very competitive in the current technology market as their consumers have a wide range of products to choose from. Their inmate phone calls system or Secure Calling Platform (SCP) is the largest single calling platform that is used by nearly all corrections and law enforcement agencies around the world. Despite this great success, Securus Technologies spend every minute looking for new way to satisfy their clients and keep them happy. With this new codes for the year 2016, it is expected that they will expand more into the market.


The Things That You Should Know about Sam Tabar

Getting your foot in the door of the legal field is very hard to accomplish, which is why it is so interesting when someone like Sam Tabar is able to accomplish so much after getting started in the legal field. Sam Tabar has been said to be one of the best and has also been said to be great at working as an attorney and a capital strategist. Having worked hard to gain a good name for himself, Sam plans to make sure that his clients are always happy with him and all that he is able to do for them.

Sam Tabar is currently working from the great city of New York at FullCycle Fund. His many great talents have opened many doors for him, including the doors of the first place that he worked at, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Being a great business man and attorney, it is easy to see why they made him and Associate and after awhile, made him work in capital strategy and business development.

The time that shows Sam Tabar spent with the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP did not get wasted, he was able to bring the group to amazing heights as far as business development was concerned. The one thing that made him work hard for his position was the fact that he loved doing his job and helping his clients.

The group known as the SPARX Group was another group in which Tabar was help. He was able to help them by doing great with his job as the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director. After awhile of working for the group, he made their business flourish, through the use of his years of experience and his well-tuned knowledge in the legal field.

Even though he loved his work with the SPARX Group, Tabar had decided that it was time to move onto bigger and better things, so he moved onto to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch was able to give him the opportunity to be the Director and the Head of Capital Strategy. The region that he worked with during his time with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch was the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP was the company in which Sam Tabar decided to move back into the legal field because of his need to further his experience and also his love for the work. Compliance issues and hedge funds were just two of the matters that Sam Tabar had to work with while being the Senior Associate with the company. While working with these things, he made quite the name for himself and is now said to be one of the best because of his amazing work with this company.  Check out Sam Tabar’s Instagram where he posts his amateur photography, amongst other things.

Trump Downed In Iowa Forging Ahead To New Hampshire

Those who have read Donald Trump’s latest book “Crippled America” know his stance on taking a nosedive is to get back up and forge ahead quickly. In this light, his second place finish in Iowa already has the political world watching to see what his next move will be.

One MSNBC follow-up included a comment by a Jeb Bush supporter named Jon Urbana (who we’ve also written about quite extensively here) who quoted Bush as saying “His aura of invincibility was severely damaged.” According to Ted Cruz, Trump is in the throws of what he termed a “Trumpertantrum.” On  “Morning Joe,” Trump responded by saying that he is focusing on stepping up his ground game in New Hampshire by unleashing what he calls Walkin’ & Talkin” For Donald J. Trump wherein he will oversee door-to-door visits and more visibility via flyers, personal meetings with area business owners and small gatherings as opposed big, splashy rallies and campaign events.

During a recent visit across the pond, Former President Jimmy Carter told a reporter that even though he believes that the Trump race car will eventually break an axil, he would favor Trump over Ted Cruz because Trump has no special groups or PACs, nor has he vocally detailed his solutions to America’s current state of affairs.

In a recent interview, Bernie Sanders expressed his desire for Trump to be the GOP nominee and feels that he could resoundingly beat him if Sanders were the Democratic nominee.

Qualified Professionals Handle Even High Profile Cases

Attorney Ross Abelow is profiled on Lawlink and Legal Lighthouse. He began his law career in law after his school time in Brooklyn Law School. Mr. Abelow specializes in litigation, family law, real estate law, and civil rights law. His cases are more than interesting, they are controversial at times but he is not scared to fight for what is right. The commercial real estate law allows him to actively help people trying to build apartments or condos to achieve the permission and permits necessary to get the job done.

Lawyers in New York are famous for the high-profile clients and cases. Criminal lawyers make a name representing the higher-profile defendants. People that have represented the higher profile cases are more in tune with legalities in the state. High profile cases are usually the ones that make the headlines. Attorneys that represent the “bad guy” often make a real name for themselves.

Lawyers in New York are like lawyers anywhere else. The go to school, graduate college, go on to law school, graduate there, and take the bar exam. If they complete all of these steps, they will be able to represent whomever that graces their doorsteps. Lawyers have to know a lot of legal things but they can also use resources to help them on the conquest to win a case. Some clients take on an attorney to be their own personal representation. These attorneys act as Liasons for every act that may run legally. Representing these special clients may cause the NY attorneys to make choices that they may question. It is up to the attorney to use his judgement and make the legal choice that is offered.

Lately, legal assistants and paralegals are working hard to help the attorneys in the law firms they work for. The assistants are probably pulling long hours doing research for the high profile cases. They do the legwork and even go with the lawyer to court if necessary. Legal clients depend on the information their lawyer gives them. This is why the lawyers depend on the assistance to get their information correct before giving it to them. Lawyers are very important to your life and your representation. Hopefully, you will never be involved in a case where you need an attorney.

Choose your attorney wisely. Know that your attorney is confident to represent you in the type of legal issue you have going on. Never use a contract attorney for a murder case and never use the murder case attorney to draw up you commercial real estate papers. Each attorney has his or her specialty and you are better served when they stick to their specialty. Use a qualified professional when you need one.

Ross Abelow’s Facebook

Crystal Hunt Returns To TV With The “Queens Of Drama”

The genre of scripted reality has a new entrant with the arrival of the TV show “Queens of Drama”. The show takes as its jumping off point the fact that the majority of daytime TV drama serials have now been canceled or limited to reduced air time; “Queens of Drama” follows a group of female former stars of the daytime soap opera genre as they embark upon a plan to launch a production company to create a new serial drama. The show brings some of the most iconic figures from the world of U.S. daytime soap operas to the screen on a single show, including “One Life To Live” star Crystal Hunt, “Knot’s Landing” icon Donna Mills, and Hunter Tylo who is best known for her role in “The Bold And The Beautiful”.

All the women who make an appearance on the show play a form of fictionalized version of themselves, which blends their own character with those they played on their respective soap opera. Some of the best known villainous characters of the soap genre have been played the cast, including the character of Stacy Morasco played by Crystal Hunt. The actress shows her business and creative skills during the ten part series, which shows she has a large amount of business sense and creative abilities.

Crystal Hunt brings a large amount of experience and skill to “Queens of Drama”, including her undoubted talent as an actress. In recent times, Hunt has been making the move from small to big screen with a prominent role in the box office hit “Magic Mike XXL”. Hunt’s business skills as the owner of a pet boutique are also on show in her personal life and during the “Queens of Drama” show.  Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her.

The initial ten part season of “Queens of Drama” saw Donna Mills take on a lead role as the head of the production company the group of women were looking to form. As the show has progressed the role of Crystal Hunt has also increased and is pitched against British soap opera icon Joan Collins in later episodes.  Her website has more information.

Famous YouTubers Strike Gold

Just about everyone on the Internet has heard of YouTube. Many visit the site several times a day to check out the latest videos. The site started back in 2005. Today, Google owns the site that allows anyone to upload their videos and share them with the world. Some of the videos that are uploaded, go viral. Those viral videos are watched and shared by millions of viewers in a short length of time. Resulting in making that video and the YouTuber famous. Gaining fame on YouTube today, is similar to striking gold.

Famous YouTubers
The famous YouTubers are the ones that are at the top of the list. They have the most subscribers or followers. Generally, the top one’s are not as well known as your everyday celebrity, but those online know the names. Some of the top celebrities on YouTube include people like Smosh a comedy duo. PewDiePie, a video gamer. The fact is that thousands of people are actually building a career out of their YouTube videos. Certainly, some are simply looking to share information with their followers on various topics, while others would like to start a full time career.

Famous YouTuber Wengie
Wendy Huang is the force behind the Wonderful World of Wengie. Wendy Huang is a beauty blogger that is based in Australia. Huang has a background in marketing and working with social media campaigns. She is also an author and has composed articles for numerous publications.

Currently, Wendy Huang has taken her talent to YouTube. She has one of the most watched YouTube channels in the world. Her YouTube channel, the Wonderful World of Wengie, is all about beauty. Thousands check out her wonderful beauty tutorials daily. In fact, her YouTube channel has been featured in a long list of notable publications that include Cosmopolitan, Dolly, and Cleo. Huang has also lent her talent to large manufactures like Elizabeth Arden, Target, Colgate, and more.

Why Does Brian Torchin Ask Medical Professionals To Join Staffing Agencies

Brian Torchin manages his own HCRC staffing agency, and he wants medical professionals to know that there is more than one way to make a living in the medical industry. The medical industry is an easy place to work when the workers are prepared, and Brian wants to prepare as many people as possible. This article explains what Brian Torchin does for his clients when they come to HCRC, and even more info can be sought on her

#1: Job Counseling

Job counseling is one of the most important parts of the medical profession. Medical professionals often move quickly from one job to another in a search for their favorite specialty. The favorite specialty may not materialize for many years, and there are countless nurses or doctors who get burnt out in the process. HCRC offers job counseling to help medical professionals find the specialty they prefer right away.

#2: Job Placement

Job placement services from HCRC allow employees to go to a job immediately once availability occurs. There are many healthcare jobs around the country that must be filled immediately, and HCRC fills those positions to ensure that every client has a full staff. Someone who comes to HCRC today will get placed quickly, and Brian is often at the heart of the placement process. He takes the happiness of each of his clients seriously.

#3: Employees Are Verified

Brian cares about staffing, so employees are vetted and verified by someone who works with HCRC. The approval and vetting of every professional ensures that clients receive the best employees, and people who approach HCRC for help will learn about anything they must do to become a more viable job candidate in the future. HCRC does not turn away people with an explanation. The staffing agency works with every medical employee to ensure that all qualifications are met.

#4: Brian Has A Mission In Medical Staffing

Brian Torchin understands how difficult it is for medical students across the country to get jobs, as he’s spoken about working in the healthcare industry many times. Everyone from a technician to a nurse or doctor may have a hard time finding a job, and Brian wants each of these professionals to feel comfortable during the job search process. HCRC lines up interviews for every professional, and HCRC does not rest until someone has been placed. Brian understands the grind of the medical world, and he has created a place where people may safely search for jobs.

HCRC does most of the work for everyone who needs a job, and the company personally vets everyone for their staffing clients. Hospitals and clinics love staffing agencies that place qualified people immediately, and everyone who comes to HCRC has a much better chance of finding the job they have been hoping for. The endless job search will finally stop at HCRC.  Brian and his company can be sought on Twitter, through the account that he manages.  Otherwise, there’s a wealth of reading on the subject online.

Darius Fisher’s Innovations Receive Acclaim

Darius Fisher has been given a very nice honor from the publishers and editors of PRWeek. The magazine has chosen Fisher as one of the people on the Innovation 50 list. The list is a litany of those professional who have contributed to huge innovations in digital marketing. Digital marketing is much more than just advertising. Digital marketing is also about branding and perceptions. Sometimes, very harmful information about a person or a business ends up taking on a life of its own on the internet. A full-blown crisis can result. Darius Fisher’s company, Status Labs, offers a very innovative solution. Through a broad-based digital management campaign, the professionals at Status Labs go to work on fixing a reputation.

Darius Fisher is not a newbie to digital marketing and public relations. He worked as a copywriter and as a political consultant. Both of these professions require an understanding of branding, marketing psychology, and maintaining or fixing a reputation. Fisher noticed a niche was emerging. People suffered personal and professional disasters when embarrassing information was revealed about them. Worse than merely being revealed, the information ended up being indexed in the Google search engines.

Fisher spoke at the Impact 15 marketing convention and discussed the vital importance of always have a positive first page of Google. Negative information on that first page of the Google search engine results is going to lead to terrible perceptions about the subject. Businesses lose revenue and people lose friends when a name is tarnished in the results. Fisher very clearly states that the results in Google, Bing, and elsewhere are not going to change unless a comprehensive approach to fixing things is done.

In his role as president of Status Labs, Fisher has guided the firm into devising effective strategies to help fix search engine and social media disasters. Numerous marketing and public relations tactics have to be employed in order to arrive at a successful outcome. Fisher knows what types of tactics have the greatest chance of succeeding.

Status Labs seems to be succeeding. The number of clients calling on the service for help is growing and revenues are up. Maybe Fisher is slated for receiving more rewards in the near future. Find Fisher on his personal website for more information.

Beneful Makes The Best Premium Dog Foods

My favorite thing about waking up in the morning is taking care of my dog before I go to work. I have long hours in the office every day, so I’m always looking forward to seeing my dog when I get home. He’s always waiting at the door, wagging his tail. I’m glad he’s around because he keeps my spirits up. That’s why I pay special attention to his needs by always getting him what he wants to eat. I watch what food he likes and what food he finds difficult to eat because he can’t tell me what he likes. I wanted to share some of the information I found while researching on Facebook for different brands of dog foods on the market in hopes that it will help someone else with their search to find the perfect dog food for their dog.

The Findings From My Research

I have done a lot of research on different brands of dog foods. My dog has tried all kinds of things. I recently found an article that speaks about the different premium brands of dog food. It was nice to get some insider information about the practices that these giant companies use to make sure that they are putting good ingredients into the dog foods that they make. My dog eats the best food I can find, which is Beneful Dog Food. It is made by Purina. There are many different kinds of Beneful in the aisle of the dog food store, so we always have some new smells and tastes to experiment with in his bowl. I took him to the pet store the other day. We picked out some new blends of Beneful Chopped Blends. It looks like he prefers the kind that has chicken and the kind the has salmon. I have to admit that when I open the Chopped Blends it does smell good to me. It looks like something I would see a person eat for dinner! I’d like to share the article I found from the Daily Herald. You can check it out for yourself:

How Hiring a Wikipedia Writing Service Can Strengthen Your Business

One of the keys to a credible online presence for a business or a personality profile of a celebrity or athlete is widely published factual material. The role of biographical and historical writing by newspapers and magazines has been largely replaced by searchable data on sites like Wikipedia. 

The key benefit to a presence on a site like Wikipedia is its reputation as a source of factual, unbiased and non-commercial information which is supported by factual references elsewhere on the web. 

Primary Wikipedia Benefits

In a world of instantly accessible and eternally searchable reviews and feedback, reputation management is a major concern for every online business. Creating a Wikipedia page gives a business a lot of credibility, especially Google in large part because of its strict regulations that must be followed to have a page published. Information about your company posted to a site like Wikipedia practically guarantees at least a neutral source of information in the first page of results. That’s why sometimes it’s best to trust the professionals, or in this case hire a Wikipedia writer.

Third Party Research 

Because of the nature of a Wikipedia page, there’s little to be gained by writing a page yourself. A Wikipedia writing service like Get Your Wiki or even an unbiased journalist would be a better choice. For openers, the information on your page isn’t going to change much, and having someone else cited as the page author will sound like an endorsement to some of your customers, even if technically a wiki is a non-commercial page of facts and not opinions. 

A company like Get Your Wiki can assign professional Wiki writers knowledgeable about Wikipedia’s requirements to the task of producing a useful page that meets all the necessary criteria.


A well-written Wiki combined with the other results your future customers will find gives your company’s presence a multi-dimensional nature that can be very powerful. The wiki page itself should not be viewed as a sales tool. It should be viewed as a status symbol that communicates strength and knowledge. 

It may seem there are so many details required to establish an online presence, but although it can seem confusing, the results are well worth the effort.