A Close Look at The Success and Strategies of Heads Propaganda

Heads Propaganda is a leading Brazilian marketing firm that has been in business for more than ten years, offering top class marketing services. The company has been crowned for their great efforts to ensuring all their operations offer the right results. The company has been crowned for their consistence and dedication to service. Most of their clients have confirmed positive results in a period less than three months. Heads Propaganda has also been conducting market research to identify areas that need some changes so as to match well with the level of competition out in the market. Most of their sales and projects have been inspired by referrals because of the great work they have invested in doing.

Reputation is a major contributor to the success of a company when it comes to business. Heads Propaganda has worked on ensuring their reputation is upheld at the top and this has impacted positively to the way they do business. They have concentrated in offering high quality services and ensuring all their clients get the satisfaction they desire. A good name in the industry has enabled the company to scale the heights of competition, thereby placing them at the best position in offering marketing services. It can be argued they are a good example of what they offer because they have succeeded in marketing their services.

Proper leadership and informed decisions have led Heads Propaganda to attaining stability and commanding authority in the industry. Cláudio Loureiro is a well experienced professional, who has contributed greatly to seeing the company achieve a top status in the market. His leadership as the CEO of the company has been instrumental in offering solutions to many questions that have helped change the structure of operations of the company. Cláudio Loureiro has been identified as one individual who takes his time to analyze situations so as to come up with an informed choice. He has pioneered the automation of different services and adoption of technology to ensure all services offered by the company are friendly to the users. He won an award in 1997 as the most refined marketing professional of the year and this offered him more motivation to venture into offering top quality marketing services.

Sticking to original ideas and implementing procedures in time is something that has been witnessed in Heads Propaganda. The company has hired the best professionals in a bid to encourage creativity and to bring up fresh ideas that can transform the marketing world.

Keep Your Online Reputation Secure With Status Labs

Creating and maintaining a positive online reputation is vitally important in today’s electronic world. A comprehensive plan is needed to ensure that potential customers or clients see search engine content that supports your company’s image. Status Labs, a firm specializing in digital management, has specific advice for clients in devising a great public relations pitch.

Journalists play a significant role in getting your story to the public. There are strategies that will give you a better success rate in dealing with them. First, stay focused only on the topic. Do sufficient research on the journalist to pitch, making sure that they cover the subject you want presented. Don’t waste time and resources pitching someone who has no interest or experience in your topic. When contacting them, be short and to the point. Do not send a two page email to pitch your idea. A good rule is to include a press release at the end of your correspondence.

Another strategy is to become familiar with your contacts in the world of social media. Adding people to your Twitter or LinkedIn accounts for example, is a great way to get to know others. It gives both parties the opportunity to share articles and other items of note with each other. All the information you give to a journalist must be 100 percent accurate. Do not alter or omit the truth in any way. Developing an intimate level of trust will go a long way to getting your story told.

Status Labs can create an individualized plan guaranteed to get audiences talking about your product or service. They are also the industry leader in search result engineering. If you are looking to improve your digital presence throughout the web and other social media, let Status Labs assist you. Thousands of corporations already trust them to keep their reputations stellar and secure. From international marketing, to public relations on a national or local level, they will continue to provide professional image management to many businesses and public figures.

Choosing The Right Mentor For Your Business

Success of your business depends not only on what you do for a living but also on who you do with – who you know. This is not about you asking for favors or having influential connections with politicians. This is about handling your business with the help of right personnel. There are consequences with connections. For example, if you are hanging out with friends who tend to waste time, you are bound to waste time as well. If you hang around the right people who care for the surrounding, chances are you will care for the surrounding. So ask the tough question yourself, “Who should I hang out with to make the operations of my business easier”.

Let us examine many groups that you would associate yourself with – people you want in your business. Mentors are a whole bunch of people who lend their experience in the kind of job you pursue. He or she is the part of your business directly or indirectly and you rely on their experiences. Their hindsight becomes your foresight. Mentors make sure that you deal every opportunity without trial and error and that you are not inventing the wheel. They will share personal lessons that will significantly shorten your learning curve enabling you to be more productive in your business. These mentors help you reduce your risk of failures and increase chances for success. They are your source of inspiration or motivation so that you become successful like them.

It is not that hard to find mentors for your business type. And then there are mentors in every aspect of your business. For example, legal matters are one aspect of your business for which you need a mentor. Frans Schoeman on fancy, Director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm in Bellville, South Africa is a mentor who has served his customers doing businesses in various fields. You will find that mentors like Frans Schoeman loves to share ideas and help others who are in similar situation like yours. So don’t be shy. Step right up to seek help.

Tremendous opportunities abound for becoming a successful business person when there are mentors around. When an issue arise, you don’t have to come up with your own ideas. Lots of mentors like Frans come up with solutions and more are willing to share them with you. These people will help you solve the issue in every step. There are great businesses all ready to go, many where the owner just needs a partner like this. There are businesses with proven and viable models as well as support systems, all they need is a right mentor to handle difficult situations. The best way to find such a mentor is to not start from scratch but find someone through others who are already successful.

Finally, contact that mentor and make sure you are getting the for the rest of the life of your business. Enjoy the journey while being encouraged to do so. The best part of the business is reaching the goal – it is the getting there.

Online Reputation Management is a Necessity for any Brand

The internet has provided a whole new platform for professionals and clients to connect and interact. This has given birth to Online Reputation Management. Reputation is the feedback that a brand gets from its clients. If the clients are happy with the service and say nice things about the brand, it gets a positive reputation. If they are unhappy with the service and say bad things about the brand, it gets a bad reputation.

Before we even get to service delivery, online reputation management begins at building a strong online presence to market the brand and to tell a story. This means creating a website, creating social profiles, been involved in public relation activities like blogging and having a presence in social media sites. The story includes the name, the logo, how the brand started and what it intends to offer to the clients. The reputation, the marketing and the story help to build the brand.

Research has shown that 75 percent of online buyers would rather work with professionals that are recommended by the peers that they trust. 65 percent will prefer to look at profiles of the vendors on internet platforms such as LinkedIn. These current trends have made online reputation management a necessity.

Listening plays a big role in online reputation management. One needs to know what the clients are thinking or saying about their brand. This should be followed by an assessment to determine what kind of what online management strategies will work best for the brand. A follow up should then be done to determine the level of impact or reach the strategies have managed to attain.

While building social profiles, the basics are the most important. They include name, phone number and address, and are referred to as On-Page Signals. Links to other profiles such as twitter and LinkedIn are the second most important things to have in your website. The websites URL should also be available in these social profiles. A professional picture is also just as important.

Hiring a professional to manage your online reputation is always a good decision. Darius Fisher is one such professional. He is the founder of Status Labs, a company that helps clients to repair and to manage their online reputation. Darius helps politicians, professionals, executives and public figures to control what appears on search results. He also gives second chances to those whose reputation has been damaged.

Why Eucatex is Market Leader in Manufacturing of Construction Materials

Eucatex was established in 1951 to produce construction materials. It is actually the first company in Brazil to ensure sustainability in the production of wood units; the company developed some social and environmental actions to ensure this.

The far the company has gone is a result of Flavio Maluf’s efforts. He is a reputed entrepreneur and mechanical engineer. He is currently the president of the company, who has been working for the Eucatex for about 30 years now. Flavio is a lawyer by profession; he graduated from FAAP in Sao Paulo. He is also an administrator.

The company started its first mill in 1954. This mill is currently referred to as Fiberboard Industrial Unit. Eucatex later opened other branches in both Brazil and Argentina. Opening representative offices in Brazillian cities and Buenos Aires paved a way for the expansion of the company in terms of the production capacity, which went up to about 100 tons per day. By 1965, the company had grown so much so that it was able to export its ceiling tiles and panes to Europian countries.

The journey of Eucatex to becoming internationally recognized started in 1994 when the company established another factory in Salto. Here, the vanishes and paints laboratories were established, and eventually, the company started manufacturing MDP panels that really gained international recognition so fast.

Eucatex uses eucalyptus to manufacture most of its products, and it has been recognized by FSC( Forest Stewardship Council) for taking the initiative to ensuring conservation of forests. The company has a forest unit where it plants trees.

Due to its efforts in ensuring the sustainability of natural resources as well as production high-quality products, Eucatex managed to emerge the first Brazillian in this sector to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification. In the year 2010, the company installed a state-of-the-art production line, the T-HDF/MDF, in Slato plant and started producing high-quality panels.

With the new technology in place, Eucatex started manufacturing partition panels and doors for making furniture. The company has so far made its name in the production of laminated floors, varnishes, paints, wall partitions, hardboards as well as MDF and MDP panels

The company that started so small is not with over 2, 200 employees. These workers are adequately trained to produce products that exceed both local and international standards. In terms of selling its products, Eucatex has today spread its wings to over 37 countries. This has been made possible by the establishment of modern factories in Botucatu and Salto as well as the fact that it has already established many offices in different cities in the country and abroad.

Are Your Ideas Protected?

Intellectual Property Law protects ideas. These ideas can be virtually anything: songs, books, business plans, logos, or scientific discoveries, just to name a few. The law recognizes these ideas as intellectual property and provides protection for their developers.

Any potentially profitable idea can be protected by Intellectual Property Law. Without ensuring maximum protection for your ideas, you risk losing ownership and any resulting profits. Intellectual Property Law can be summarized by four major Acts: the Copyright Act, Patent Act, Trade Marks Act, and the Designs Act.

Copyright Act
The Copyright Act covers literary, musical, and artistic works; films, sound recordings, broadcasts, and programme-carrying signals; published editions, and computer programs. Each of these creative works is subject to different regulations determining copyright eligibility, including specific requirements for the performance, recording, and broadcasting of the work.

Patent Act
New inventions that can be used or applied in trade, industry, or agriculture may be protected by the Patent Act. Protection is provided only to the priority application, and there are many factors in determining priority, including the date the application was lodged at the patent office.

Trade Marks Act
In order to be registrable, a trade mark has to distinguish the registrant’s goods or services from similar goods or services offered by someone else. It sounds simple, but there are many regulations regarding what may not register as a trade mark. Even after an application has been accepted and advertised, anyone can oppose the application for up to three months.

Designs Act
Registered designs can be either aesthetic or functional in nature, but must be new and original at the time of the application. Similar to trade marks, designs can also be opposed.

Protecting your intellectual property is as simple as hiring the right attorney. Frans Schoeman, Director at Phatsima Diamond on medium.com, describes the importance of both knowledge and experience in the field.

“Knowledge begins with study,” Schoeman explains, “but true understanding only comes with experience.”

Experience teaches the seasoned attorney the nuances of the law to afford clients the greatest protection of their unique ideas, he states.

When entrusting your Intellectual Property to an attorney, you want to find someone with proven expertise. You need a solution-oriented individual who has proven he knows how to take your idea and help you build it up with all the protection the law offers.

Schoeman describes the attorney as a partner, explaining that in the right hands, Intellectual Property Law can be used to turn your idea into a success story. If your idea is worth pursuing, it is worth protecting.

Frans Schoeman, MD and Director at Phatsima Diamond in Bellville, South Africa, is a senior partner of Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. He has practiced law for 21 years, providing sound legal advise and successful arbitration for his various commercial clients. He can be contacted by email at lizlundon@worldonline.co.za, by phone at 021 949 1053, or by visiting https://web.archive.org/web/20130814223705/http://joubertschoeman.co.za/contact-us.html.

Modern Love

It is amazing in this modern age of Facebook, Twitter and Skype, it hear about something like mail order brides. However the industry, of online dating and mail order brides, and romance tours,is constantly flourishing. As companies grow with technology, the reputations of online dating a services grow also.
One such company was founded by Elana and David Besuden in 1993. They actually met through an introduction service themselves. They named their little company AnastasiaDate, after the Grand Duchess Anastasie Nikolaevna. She was seen as the perfect role model for young Russian women. They launched their first company website in 1997. By 2010, they came out with, AmoLatina, AsianBeauties ,and AfricaBeauties. AnastasiaDate was documented in a Canadian film called Love Translated in 2010 By the time 2011 rolled around AnastasiaDate sold all four systems to private confidential investors. They all became independently operated. By 2012, Fortune magazine reported that AnastasiaDate earned a big 110 million dollars, with the their website viewing increasing by 220%. For 2013, they came out with ways to meet someone even easier; the iTunes app and Google play for Apple Inc and Android systems. Foe the lucky ones, theyet and fall in love and hit it off quickly. It takes about y months to get a fiancee sponsor visa, when they do want to marry.
The men are extensively screened including criminal checks. Once they pass, theen buy credits, which they use for things, such as emails, virtual gifts, and phone calls. The credit cost anywhere from 0.40 cents to 0.80 cents. Each email costs 0.10 to open and send. The guys who pursue this type of dating are usually at the end of a long , lonely road.
Ukrainian dating services or mail order brides arrange romance tours that run about 4000 which include airfare and hotel. While over there they spend several thousand while on tour, for meals , gifts, cabs, and interpreters. This all adds up to an important economic boost. So the mail order bride business helps lonely men , lonely women, and the economy, it’s a win-win.

Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

Many women have made it on top of their careers in various fields one can think of. However, a good number of them are still in the dark on the practical measures they can take to be successful. Today, unequal pay, inequality and lack of women in the boardroom have been a talk of the past even though there are still tiny talks about such drawbacks. Various steps have been taken by either the government or non-governmental organizations to curb such challenges. Despite this, some powerful women have proved that they are very efficient leaders, and they are fit to take up any challenge. Women are well-known to have a superb blend of personality that helps them undertake various roles. Such women are taking a stance in the corporate world as well as lead roles in companies or establishing and managing their own ventures.

The business world, for instance, has had very powerful women and others are still on the rise. The business sector was once known to be a no-go zone for women since men had populated it, but today, this has taken a significant turn and business women like Susan McGalla are making themselves known. Such women are also excellent role models and are willing to help other women get to the top of their careers. They exude innate skills that are essential factors in the management positions they hold. They are good at networking, a vital element in the corporate world and are easy to earn trust.

Susan McGalla is one of the successful business women on susanmcgalla.com who know what it takes to get up the ladder and maintain the position. For McGalla hard work, versatility, passion and confidence are inevitable traits to earning pleasing results in life. She understands that nothing comes on a silver platter, and it is up to the individual to identify their potential and powerful traits to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. She had it in mind that she was endowed with greatness, and it was only her who could unlock the chest that carried the priceless commodity.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC based in Pittsburgh as well as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers. She has extensive expertise in the retail and clothing sectors that have attracted notable personalities in the finance sector who need insight in matters dealing with marketing, talent management, product merchandising, branding and others. McGalla started working at Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994 and later joined American Eagle Outfitters. She stood to her principles on work ethics, and her hard work earned her the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer of the whole company. Prior to this, she was promoted to being the president and CMO for the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. She then left the company on her own terms to become a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries but Wet Seal pleaded to have her as its CEO. She became the company’s CEO in January 2011 and later left to become a consulting expert.

The evolution of Android Applications

Android, developed by Google, has undergone incredible changes that have been aimed at improving the document. It is evident that Android applications have become very popular like Skout because of the advantages, which they offer users. The technology has been in the market for slightly less than a decade, but it has been able to overtake other traditional technologies that have been around for a long time. It has been argued that the Smartphone and Android technologies have exhibited a very high rate of evolution not seen before.

The beginning
The year 2008 saw a beginning in a new era in the mobile telephone arena. At this time, T-Mobile G1 was launched in the United States, and it had an Android application. During this time, the version that was available in the market did not have features, which now seem very necessary. Some of the features, which were missing included multi-touch capability, on-screen keyboard, paid applications, and many other that have been introduced lately. However, it is vital to note that a foundation had been set, and this was a basis upon which more applications were developed and continue to be developed every other day.

Android has a defaulter user interface that uses direct manipulation as a means of data input. Most of these activities correspond to real life activities like pinching, swapping, swiping, and many more actions. The on-screen objects provide an interface for manipulation and is often used in combination with the keyboard. When the user initiates commands, the feedback is instant, and this is possible with the use of fluid touch screen.

Proximity sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes are some of the hardware capabilities that make the Android operations worthwhile. Some of the activities, which are done with the aid of these hardware capabilities include changing screen inclination (portrait or landscape), changing resolution among other activities. Gaming applications often make use of the hardware capabilities. In fact, some games require that the phone should have superior hardware to be able to function optimally.

Memory management
In contrast to desktop applications, Android applications are designed to manage their memory with the aim of keeping power consumption. The capabilities are alive because the applications are battery powered. The system is developed in such a way that when the application is no longer in use, it will be suspended while it will look “open”. When an application is suspended, it will not use any resources on the phone. They will remain in the background until when they will be required. As a result, it improves the device responsiveness because the applications remain in an open state and would not require re-launching. It will also ensure that only live applications consume power.

Skout is a social network and dating site that enables users to meet people from various backgrounds. In the recent past, dating sites have become very popular because they help people meet people from backgrounds, and this has seen it rise from a small website to its current status. Skout is becoming a website of choice for many people who want to meet new people.

Creating and Editing Wikipedia Pages Ethically

In many ways, a Wikipedia service is written collaboratively by the people who use it, has changed the lives of authors, students, professional researchers and everyday-people seeking information. Gone are the expensive volumes of World Book encyclopedias. Dictionaries and other reference books have been relegated to the storage closet due to the influence and use of information sites like Wikipedia.

There is one problem with this picture, however. The reference books of yesteryear were written by professional experts. They were then carefully reviewed by experienced editors for accuracy and ethical input before publication.

In the world of Wikipedia information, however, anyone can add, change, or delete information. Good for bad, right or wrong, the process of adding, editing or deleting Wikipedia pages is surprisingly simple.

Anyone can write and publish their own pages on Wikipedia as long as the page titles are not in use. After entering the desired text to a blank page, simply click the button labeled save page. The article page will soon appear.

Editing a Wikipedia article is just as simple. It’s this easy access to any Wikipedia page by anyone that draws the most criticism by people who question the accuracy of the online information. It’s also the driving factor for Wikipedia staff and volunteers editors to constantly review edited pages for accuracy.

Currently, the Wikipedia community of volunteers who manage and edit pages numbers around 31,000 people. About half of these checkers spend an hour a day or more editing articles.
Adding citations to Wikipedia is a more complicated process. There are a large number of citation formats and rules to follow. The correct use and determining the proper placement on the page are important. Because of this, anyone wishing to add citations to a page should consulate Wikipedia for the proper guidelines.

The ugly practice of spamming is a continuing problem with this open-source site. Wikipedia spam is defined as the inappropriate addition of links or information for the explicit purpose to promote links or ideas or spreading false information. If you are sure someone has added data to a page that is incorrect or is spam in nature, you have three options: edit the page using the edit process, report it to Wikipedia, or delete the bad information yourself.

One internet writing company named ‘GetYourWiki’ provides a monitoring service that ensures any edits made to a client’s pages to be 100% accurate and continually spam free.