Alexa Suggests Games as Amazon Dominates the Market

Echo owners are finding that Alexa has more skills than they could have imagined, and if they can’t imagine a certain skill Alexa is more than happy to tell them “there is a skill for that.” With the new capability of suggesting skills Alexa will help people learn the full capability of their devices.
Alexa’s newest update takes a tried and true method straight from shopping on Amazon, Alexa will now suggest games for you when you are done playing one. Amazon has stated that this new feature is being received well.
With over 30,000 skills Alexa users might be left wondering which ones will be beneficial to them and are they missing out on any of the most helpful skills? According to CNet there are 40 must have skills. You can find them here:
If 30,000 skills sound impressive check out the smart home capabilities Alexa has. Amazon is becoming a major contender in that market. Alexa can now control more than 4,000 smart home devices. According to Amazon tens of thousands of devices have already been connected to Alexa across the globe. With announcements at CES 2018 this number will most likely continue to grow despite Google making an appearance on the field.
At CES 2018 Alexa is giving Google some real competition. With both companies trying to make a splash in the virtual assistant market, Alexa still beats Google hands down with the capability of connecting to so many third-party devices.
Even as Google races to catch up, announcing plans to allow Google Assistant to help manage your home, Alexa also got some major boost announcements. Jabra unveiled Alexa capable headphones, Windows 10 is now going to be Alexa capable, and you will see Alexa Asus mesh routers.
Perhaps the biggest benefit Alexa has over Google Assistant is users already integrated Alexa into their homes. This makes them unlikely to switch to Google Assistant even if Google catches up on smart home integration.
With so many new skills and capable devices this year it will be interesting to see where Alexa goes from here.

Tech Companies Reveal Latest Products at CES 2018

CES 2018 officially launched on Tuesday with keynote speeches by Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, and Karen Chupka, the senior vice president of the organization. The trade show is hosted in Las Vegas annually by the Consumer Technology Association. Each year, electronics companies take advantage of the event to showcase their newest products.

This year’s offerings at CES have largely focused on robots. The Buddy companion robot manufactured by Blue Frog Robotics gained attention on the floor for its combination of personal assistant capabilities and mobile home security system functions. Sony also showed off the next generation version of Aibo, their adorable robotic dog. Currently available only in Japan, Aibo costs around $2,000 and can respond to simple commands ordering it to sit and shake. LG Electronics also showcased their own line of CLOi robots, designed to replace human waiters and porters. The South Korean company unveiled a shopping cart robot as part of their collection.

Many of this year’s gadgets are in the category of home electronics. LG finally revealed their new ThinQ smart fridge which they have been teasing on their website. The see-through fridge allows users to monitor the shelf life of food and remotely access a view of the interior. LG also debuted their new 65-inch rollable OLED TV. The screen can be rolled up for easy storage when not in use. Samsung turned heads with its massive new television screen. Dubbed the Wall, the 146-inch screen will allow consumers to enjoy films and television programs on a large scale in the comfort of their own homes.

Automobile companies joined the fray to exhibit their latest tech advancements. Chinese startup Byton flaunted their new electric SUV, a high-tech four-wheel drive designed to give Tesla a run for its money. Excitement grew among attendees when Nvidia announced a new partnership with Volkswagen and Uber to integrate the company’s self-driving technology into their cars. Uber plans to use Nvidia’s technology to launch a new cadre of self-driving vehicles that will expand their autonomous fleet. Not to be outdone, Intel unveiled their own self-driving car, a Ford Fusion equipped with Mobileye software. Intel also revealed that they will use the technology to build a smart map that will allow self-driving cars to safely navigate through city streets.

Are You Planning for Retirement? Social Security Is Not As Simple As It Seems

David Giertz is warning that if you are a financial advisor, you need to talk with your clients about social security. Otherwise, they will not be ready for retirement, and they may also leave you as a client.

He says that there are a lot of things that go into social security planning. For example, there is the age factor. Although you can start taking social security when you are sixty two years old, it is not always a good idea to do so. That is because you can lose out on future payments.

David Giertz explains that if you wait a little until you start taking your social security benefits, you can get an increased paycheck once you do start taking them. Many people are simply unaware of how much more money they will get each month. The answer is that at some times, they can lose up to twenty five percent or more. This means that instead of getting one thousand dollars a month, you will only get seven hundred and fifty dollars a month. Each year that you wait after your full retirement age, your paycheck will grow by eight percent. This means that if your retirement age is sixty six and you would have got one thousand dollars a month, you will now get thirteen hundred and twenty dollars. If you would have taken your social security benefits when you were only at sixty two years of age, you would be getting seven hundred and fifty dollars a month, which is a great deduction.

There are some other things you need to explain to your clients. For example, not everyone knows that depending on your situation, social security benefits may be taxed.

David Giertz says that some advisors are reluctant to speak about social security because there are so many rules, but he says that doing so is a must.

David Giertz is the President, Vice President, and Director of several Nationwide Financial companies.

David Giertz is a financial expert who has years of experience in the financial market.

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What Does Net Neutrality Actually Do?

We’ve been hearing a great deal about net neutrality as of late. But what exactly is net neutrality? In short, it is the mechanism by which all of the internet must be treated equally in all forms. When you think of cable services, you know that some providers offer channels that are exclusive to that package. The idea behind this is that consumers will pay more in order to gain access to this exclusive content. The internet is quite the opposite however, while individual websites are able to charge consumers to access its content, internet providers are not allowed to do this. Internet providers are required to provide the same speeds of loading and overall quality for every website under current net neutrality rules implemented during the Obama administration back in 2015. If they were to be repealed we could start seeing a very different internet every time we log in to our laptops. Internet providers could drastically slow down certain websites in order to promote the use of their own versions of the same product. If two video streaming services are the same price but one consistently loads faster than the other then consumers will naturally gravitate towards the one that is most convenient. The problem with this is that the product may not actually be worse and in fact could be superior to the competition but an internet provider could artificially degrade its quality. Many news sources are covering this issue very closely and as new developments arise we will undoubtedly hear about them immediately. A fair internet means that no one can be discriminated against or lack access to information because of their inability to pay for it. The best way to speak out against a full repeal of net neutrality is to contact your state and local representatives to ensure that they understand the position on this issue of the people that they promised to represent and protect their best interest. The fate of Net Neutrality is actually not decided yet. What the FCC has voted on is only the first step of repealing the rules currently in place. Until the process is complete we will continue to have an internet that cannot be influenced in any way, shape, or form by those who provide it.

Scotland Unveils Plans for Universal Income

The future of the global economy is uncertain, but one aspect of it seems to be absolutely unquestionable; artificial intelligence is slowly but surely taking over. As robotics, computers, and machinery continue to replace actual human-beings in a rapidly changing world, where does it leave the people whose jobs are steadily being eliminated? Is the time for skilled laborers truly soon coming to an end? Researchers around the world seem more and more inclined to believe so.
Several Nations have begun to brainstorm how to deal with the inevitable issues the world will be faced with in the not so far distant future. Canada, the United States, Finland and Kenya each ran individual experiments in 2017 deal with Universal Income (Also known as Basic Income). What is Universal Income you might ask? Similar to welfare programs employed by numerous world governments, it is meant to be a periodic and unconditional payment to all citizens of a country in order for all people to afford an equal and healthy living conditions. The payment would more than likely be guaranteed by the government and not based on any amount of work or contribution to society by individuals.
In Scotland over three hundred thousand dollars have been raised so far for the research and development of Universal Income. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and North Ayrshire will be the first cities in Scotland to explore the possibilities of this plan. Despite the very idea raising several concerns from both Government officials and Scottish citizens, the cities selected for the pilot program will submit their bids within the next three months.
Why even consider such an outlandish idea? Because time may be running out before world Nations are left with giant unemployment and poverty rates in the world of the future. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed the program in his statement, “It might turn out not to be the answer, it might turn out not to be feasible. But as work changes as rapidly as it is doing, I think its really important that we are prepared to be open-minded about the different ways that we can support individuals to participate fully in the new economy.”

OneLogin’s Incredible Year

2017 was a great year for OneLogin. The cloud based identity and access management provider had many highlights from the past year. There are seven highlights in particular that stand out from the rest.

For starters, the company hired a new CEO. In August the company announced that founder Thomas Pedersen decided to step down as CEO and Brad Brooks would be his replacement. The change seems like a great idea considering Brooks has been leading global technology companies to success for a quarter of a century.

OneLogin also received a lot of praise for the way it treats its employees. Fortune Magazine ranked the tech company in its top 10 places to work in the Bay area. OneLogin is no stranger for being recognized as a great place for employees. It has received four awards on this subject in the past two years.

OneLogin had a good year on the product side as well. In April, it released Adaptive Authentication, a next generation multi-factor authentication functionality. Adaptive Auth made a huge impact on the industry in 2017. It was the topic of conversation at Gartner IAM 2017.

One of the companies main goals was the improvement of web access management. Though many organizations have embraced cloud technology they still have to rely on on-prem applications. Users are able to connect to the OneLogin Cloud Directory while also being able to access legacy applications. Hopefully every year will be as eventful as 2017 for the tech company.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a private San Francisco based cloud computing company founded in 2009. Brothers and business partners Thomas and Christian Pedersen are responsible for the founding of the company. The duo has built the company into an innovative leader in the industry.Security organizations around the world put their trust in OneLogin.

A Look At How MB2 Dental Solutions Partners With Dentists

Based out of Carrolton, Texas, MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental practice management company. They partner with dentists to perform everything that is required to run a business while ensuring that the dentists retain 100% clinical autonomy. They have affiliated office in six states and more than 85 affiliated dental practices.

At MB2 Dental Solutions they offer a full suite of services to their affiliated locations. This includes recruiting, human resources, accounting and finance, IT, marketing, and more. This allows the dentists to spend a lot more time seeing patients and less time spent running their own small business. The dentists are also able to tap into this company’s network which provides them with opportunities to learn. They are able to stay on top of new technology entering the industry and pursue mentoring opportunities as well.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a privately held company that was founded in 2007. It was announced in October 2017 that a private equity firm had made a big investment in this company. Sentinel Capital Partners chose to invest in MB2 Dental Solutions because of its unique ownership model where they and the affiliated dentists pursue a joint venture business model. Both the company and the affiliated dentists take on the risks and rewards of owning a dental practice.

Paul Murphy is a partner at Sentinel Capital Partners. In a statement about his company investing in MB2 Dental Solutions he said that he loved the company’s motto of “patients come before profits”. He said that it was due to this that they could attract such highly qualified dentists. He also said that they have a very efficient business model that results in a lot of success. He looked forward to working with the team at this company, and learn more about MB2 Dental Solutions.

The team at MB2 Dental Solutions is also philanthropic. When Hurricane Harvey caused widespread destruction in the Houston area they jumped in to help people out who had lost everything. They started raising money and accepting goods for donating such as food, clothing, bedding, and other things people were in dire need of. They set a goal of raising $100,000 which they met. The money and goods were given to people in the hardest hit areas which were Houston, Victoria, and Beaumont.


Obtain Financial Freedom With Agora Financial

If you are looking for a way to gain financial freedom, there is a way that is better, cheaper, and more beneficial than hiring an actual broker. Brokers are very money hungry. Their main objective is to get you to invest in any type of investment that they throw your way just so that they can receive commission off of your investment. Brokers are also not the best way to go because lots of brokers are dependent sponsored people. This means that they are being paid to promote certain companies that may not be the best option for you.

The best way to go is by starting to read some of Agora Financial’s articles. Agora Financial is a well known financial publishing company. The company is one of the best financial companies out as of now. Agora Financial is an independent company and their main objective is to obtain wealth for all of their readers. Agora Financial gives their readers many options and ways to read content. Their content can be seen in novels, newspapers, emails, ebooks, and many other types of reading materials. Agora Financial is very affordable. With Agora, you can read as much or as little as you would like in order to read your goals.

Agora Financial spends millions of dollars each year so that they can obtain accurate fresh information for all of their readers. Unlike most publishing companies, the staff members of Agora Financial does not surf the web to find investments. Instead, they travels overseas and throughout the United State to find the best investment. Some of Agora Financial staff members consists of a former banker for the presidents and an ivy league university graduate. If you are looking to save money for the future or financial freedom, give Agora Financial a try!

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Former Florida Correctional Officer Leads Campaign to Eliminate Illegal Cell Phones from Prisons

Securus Technologies is ranked as the industry leader when it comes to products, services, and solutions designed to enhance the operation of correctional institutions. Included among the solutions offered by Securus Technologies are services and products designed to improve institutional security. These solutions also work to enhance public safety as well.


One of the effective, important solutions created by Securus Technologies is its Wireless Containment System. The Wireless Containment System from Securus Technologies is designed to identify and eliminate illegal mobile phones from correctional institutions.


The reality is that illegal mobile devices within the walls of correctional facilities is a major problem in this day and age. As part of its own effort to bring its Wireless Containment System to prisons and jails across North America, Securus Technologies conducted its own analysis of the extent of the problem of cell phones in correctional facilities.


This analysis revealed that during a one year period of time, Securus Technologies intercepted an astounding 1.7 million illegal communications by inmates in correctional facilities. What makes this data even more alarming is that these 1.7 interceptions occurred at only eight correctional facilities. In other words, this analysis by Securus Technologies really only speaks to what is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to illegal mobile devices being used in prisons and jails in the United States.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas. The company is the largest provider of a broad spectrum of services, products, and solutions for correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies in the United States.


The research undertaken by Securus Technologies comes into sharp focus when a person considered the case of Robert Johnson. Johnson was a highly respected, hard working correctional officer in the state of Florida. One day at work, Johnson discovered a box containing contraband that was intended for the inmate population. The efforts of Johnson kept about $50,000 of illegal contraband out of the hands of offenders.


What Johnson was not aware of at the time was that the inmate who was trying to get the contraband into the facility already had an illegal cell phone in his possession. With the illicit mobile phone, the inmate contacted a fellow gang member, a man who was not incarcerated.


The inmate ordered a hit on Johnson. After issuing the order, the fellow gang member broke into Johnson’s house early one morning. He shot the correctional officer multiple times, nearly killing him.


Since the incident, Johnson has made bringing attention to the serious problem of illegal cell phones inside correctional institutions his mission in life. He speaks across the country on this very serious problem. His person story is really making people focus on the need to eradicate illegal mobile devices from correctional facilities.



Some time back, many people in the United States held that architecture was a lowly course that didn’t deserve to be taught in institutions. It was treated as a side course that only those who did not have another option could study to support themselves and their families. Today, with the help of the American Institute of Architects, the perception towards the course has been changed, and people now treat the course with the respect that it deserves. The change in perception is partially the reason why many people are opting to study the course with the hope of coming up with spectacular designs that will stand for decades and be admired by generations.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is headed by Robert Ivy, works hard to teach the society how to come up with fabulous architectural designs as well as how the community can attain support from the government. The organisation has been partnering with different individuals and agencies to redevelop the field of architecture, thereby, creating a positive image of the industry. The firm’s headquarters are located in Washington DC, USA, and this is where the organisation plans its moves of remodelling the architectural profession.

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After its founding in 1857, AIA came up with goals that focused on changing the architectural industry for the better. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, it has succeeded to do so over the years making it the leading force of change in the industry. Currently, the number of architectural professionals who are members of the agency add up to 90,000. Unlike before, more people are interested in joining the architectural profession, and this interest has seen more people enrol in the organisation.

Robert Ivy has been serving as the organization’s CEO and Executive Vice President since 2011 when he was given the position. He is an educated man and has had a lot of experience while working for different establishments. He has worked at the Architectural Records as editor-in-chief and at the McGraw Hill Construction Media, where he served as the company’s Editorial Director and Vice President. Prior to his career, he studied at the Sewanee University, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and later in Tulane University, where he got master’s degree in architecture. View Robert Ivy’s profile at Tulane School of Architecture

With the knowledge and experience that he has, Robert put together some great content in a book that is entitled- Fay Jones: Architect. In this book, architects are able to learn the secrets of becoming better professionals. The National Library of North America categorised the book among the best works of architecture. He continues to attain various accolades every passing year. In 1998, he won the Management Excellence in McGraw Hill Award and later won the Crain Award in 2009. He was also recognized as the Master Architect by the National Architecture Fraternity. Robert will be forever remembered for his great contributions to the construction industry.

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