Strategies to Entrepreneurial Success in Panama

In the recent past, Panama has grown to be one of the best places in Central America to achieve entrepreneurial success. Panama’s growth to a hotbed of achievement has been brought about by its over-reliance on the banking sector that has led to the death of other types of industries and consequently the rise of a myriad of business opportunities on The many opportunities present in Panama should however not get people thinking that entrepreneurial success is achieved by relocating there. Intelligent tactics need to be employed to succeed and below are eight rules that will help youngsters turn into business gurus like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa while in Panama.

1. Be the first in the game: With your skill set and experience in mind, you should go for a niche that has not been exploited yet. Always focus to be uncompromising and revolutionary.

2. Master the art of mobility: You should strive to build a business that can make you money without you having to be physically present. Labor is cheap in Panama, thus you can opt to train a few individuals.

3. Seek out the perfect match: This simply means that you need to find yourself a good business partner or partners. The merging of brains and resources will assist your businesses grow much faster.

4. Believe in yourself: This especially applies to those that did not top their classes. Having confidence in yourself will help you trust your ideas consequently enabling you to develop them into a business.

5. Avoid all shortcuts: Succeeding will require you to work hard. It is a necessity to research well about the niche that you select. Set goals and objectives to keep you motivated.

6. Minimize costs: You will require every coin that you have to expand and grow your business. You can minimize costs by living with your business partner and sharing costs.

7. Plan to fail: You should be ready to make mistakes. This will help you absorb the shock well and live to fight another day. Preparedness also helps you avoid lawsuits or competitors taking advantage of your slip up.

8. Be a student of the game: It is vital you ensure that you continue to learn your industry. This can be achieved by finding a mentor to hold your hand like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

A great example of an individual who has succeeded in Panama is Sr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. He hails from Venezuela and currently holds positions of director and treasurer in five companies in Panama. Sr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a significant member of the Panama business community who strives to help businesses grow to improve the economic conditions and mentors young persons.

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Why More People are Hiring VTA Publications

Because of the fact that investing can be more than just a little difficult and cause you to lose a lot of money in the process, it is often a good idea for you to work with an investment professional like Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt works for the company known as VTA Publications and he has worked with them for a long time and been one of the top investors in the area. Working with a professional in the investment banking industry is a great way to get the most money out of your investments that is at all possible.

VTA Publications is one of the best companies out there in terms of investment banking. You will find that working with professional investment bankers allows you to get the best outcome possible in terms of investing your money in different types of funds and accounts. Many people attempt to invest their own money by themselves and this can be a problem if you are not choosing the right outlets to put your money. This is why it pays to hire a company like VTA Publications and work with them throughout the entire investing process.

One of the great things about working with the VTA Publications company is that they are one of the top investment firms in the nation and their owner known as Jim Hunt is a great option for anyone who needs help with this type of thing. Investment-banking can be made a lot easier when working with a great company and knowing that the professionals you are hiring know the ins and outs of this business. Make sure to contact Jim Hunt or his company known as VTA Publications so that you can learn more about the different options available to you and what you should expect when investing your money in different types of funds and accounts. He will be able to take you on as a client and begin to work with you on different investments that you are looking to make in order to earn money long-term or quickly for your very own benefit.  Be sure to follow Jim on Twitter, and read more about VTA on their website.

A New Way For Connecting Parents and Teachers

For a long time now parents and teachers have only been able to communicate at the quarterly parent/teacher conference or by notes sent back and forth and the occasional phone call. Teachers just do not have the time to speak to every parent on a one-to-one basis on the telephone throughout the day. ClassDojo is changing all of this. This is an app used by approximately two-thirds of schools across the United States now as a way for parents and teachers to communicate and connect during the day regarding the child’s education.

Teachers are able to send photos and videos to the parents as the child is working on projects or doing reports and even just in their own learning atmosphere listening to instruction. Teachers and parents are able to privately text message each other about the child which provides more a connection between them and enhances the child’s learning experience. No longer does the parent have to wait until the child comes home from school to learn about the things the child has done during the day. The child also is able to showcase their work through taking photos and adding them to their own personal digital portfolio for the parent to see.

ClassDojo is a ground-up change that is changing the ways schools and parents interact in a positive way. It is a creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as it allows parents to view inside the classroom without having to be there. This spills over into the home life of the child as the parent is able to know more about what the child has done during the day at school and things they can help the child with as opposed to feeling in the dark about the learning process.

Having the ClassDojo available for parents and teachers to use creates a communication platform like never before. Teachers and administration personnel are able to add upcoming events to the calendar on this app so that parents can always stay on top of things and never miss out on an event.

Parents, teachers and students now have a new way to feel connected and this only makes everyone involved feel more confident that information is given properly and that all are available throughout the day to share this information. It is no wonder that Class Dojo is on the rise and will be in more and more schools to come.

Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame is working his marketing magic. He has officially taken True Value to the next level! They just posted their quarterly earnings and the results are nothing short of amazing. Ken Goodgame is the man with the plan, and it’s definitely paying off.

Kenneth Goodgame has been the Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of the True Value Hardware Company since 2013. He received his education at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, studying Marketing and Finance. He is well known for building high performance teams and is an expert in profit/loss management. With True Value he is leading the company with his experience, product knowledge and customer-focused philosophy. His innovative programs are designed to create instant impact in the global marketplace as his product launching techniques have helped to make True Value Company an internationally recognized brand.

Before joining the True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame was the Global Materials Manager(GMM) for Ace Hardware where he drove record sales and designed a long-term growth plan. He developed new products and improved existing processes. His business experience is vast, starting with merchandise management positions with well-known companies, The Home Depot and Black and Decker. In 2002, he was offered the job of president of Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, where he designed innovative programs in infection reducing micro-fiber cleaning products still used in hospitals today. He also created and patented “wave break” technology in their mop bucket systems.

Although Goodgame is best known for his leadership in the areas of product creation and brand recognition, his creativity in packaging, sales and promotional planning have proved to be just as important. He also has the leadership ability to take many ideas and consolidate them into a focused, unified vision. This empowers his colleagues, since they all know they are making significant contributions to the productivity of the company. His long term vision for the companies he has worked with, helped to establish and sustain their place in the market and solidified his place as a true innovator and leader in the retail world.

Kenneth Goodgame is a leader that any company would be proud to have on their team. True Value Company is certainly on their way to continued success with Mr. Goodgame leading the way.

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Keith and Keely Mann Create New Scholarship Opportunity in New York

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Keith Mann recently announced the winners of his 2016 scholarship partnership with Uncommon Schools. John Magby, one recipient, said “Mr. Mann has made a huge impact on my life. Without him I wouldn’t be able to attend college this fall. I can’t thank him enough”. Tears welled in his eyes as he gave this statement at last night’s ceremony. Keith Mann continues to give back to the community!

Education is an essential in the United States today. In the country we live in it is imperative that one not only gets an education but never stops learning. Education has become everything. If you don’t have an education it may hinder your opportunity to obtain your dream job. While many don’t feel that the focus should be put so heavily on education there are also many who still see it’s value and importance. Two of those people are Keith and Keely Mann.

Keith and Keely Mann have long been advocates of education. Keith founded Dynamic Search Partners. It is a executive search firm that works with firms across the world in places such as the United States, Europe and Asia. It boasts of having over 200 clients.

Recently, Keith Mann entered into a partnership with Uncommon Schools to launch their first ever scholarship. This scholarship is targeted at graduating seniors.Each applicant is asked to write an essay about how obtaining this scholarship will not only help them reach their educational goals but also their professional goals. Students must be a student at Brooklyn, New York’s Uncommon School.

It is an exciting opportunity for students to not only win some extra cash to pursue a degree but it is also an opportunity for Kieth and Keely to identify future business leaders in their community. winners of this unique scholarship opportunity will be announced in March 2016 and students are encouraged to submit their essays and other applicable items as soon as possible.

Dallas Based Highland Capital Management and Its Co-Founder James Dondero

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

James Dondero and Linda Owen have teamed up to supply philanthropic needs to the greater Dallas Area.Highland contributes more than $3 million annually to charitable organizations through The Dallas Foundation. Read the entire BusinessWire report here.

Highland Capital Management is a special kind of investment firm which uses traditional means of raising capital and alternative capital management methods. Dealing in Alternative Investment meant that Highland Capital would not major mainly in selling of stocks and bonds but will out source Capital from other sectors. The firm which runs its operations from Dallas Texas has offices in London, Singapore and a sister office in New York. From these offices the investment firm has been effectively running its operations throughout the world. Being an alternative asset management firm it has an impressive portfolio of investors who have approached it to advise on various sectors of the economy such as the performance of precious metals and how the market will look like in the future. Dealing in alternative asset management means that the firm also deals with alternative credit management. This is a field in investment management where a company manages the credit level of other companies. Highland Capital Management is 3 years running the recipients of the Lipper Fund Awards. Its capital generating endeavors using credit as a means of financing has seen the firm increase its management portfolio to $ 13 billion.

The late 20th century was an interesting period for investment firms and their founders. This was the age that saw firms concentrate on public offering and sales as a means of generating capital. James Dondero being a seasoned investor and manager saw an opportunity in alternative investment. He planned Highland Capital Management in such a way that it could do the normal investment while at the same time seeking investors in alternative areas such as bank loan management services. He is a bold and courageous person who transformed his ideas and thoughts into reality. The problem with many investment firms is that they are afraid to venture into new areas.

Highland Capital Management is a result of Dondero’s hard work and know how in credit and equity markets. He has been in this field for a period of more than 30 years; his greatest asset is his ability adapt to various situations and scenarios. As the world economic focus shifted and concentrated on credit he changed his tactics and adapted to the new shift. Apart from Highland Capital Management he oversees and manages several institutions and their boards. He is a philanthropist and academician having learnt from the University of Virginia and the Mclntire School of Commerce.

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Sam Tabar A Legal Expert And Capital Strategist

Update: August 25th
Sam Tabar has made some pretty major career moves in the past few months. Including his appointment as the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund. Sam has also been made the CFO of Awearable Apparel. Both companies cite his expertise in financial matters, in both the legal and business world, as the major reason for his appointment.

Sam Tabar is an outstanding senior attorney and capital strategist based in New York, who has a wealth of experience in fund-raising, business development and legal affairs. He is skilled in the following areas; management, civil and commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, legal research, corporate law, legal writing as well as due diligence. He graduated from Oxford University with Honors in Bachelor of Arts and proceeded to Columbia University for a law degree. While in Columbia, he was associate editor of Columbia Business Law Review. Upon completing his law degree, he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP, New York as an associate in September 2001.

His major roles at Skadden included; dealing with regulation and compliance, private placement and employment, counseling clients on hedge fund formation and structure and dealing with investment management agreements and side letters. In September 2004, Tabar left Skadden and joined SPARX Group/PMA Investment Advisors, in Hong Kong where he rose the ranks to become managing director and co-head of business development. His major roles at SPARX were managing all global marketing as well as dealing with investor relations for a hedge fund worth 2 billion USD. His achievements at SPARX include providing a personal Rolodex of more than 2000 potential investors and an additional 400 introductions. He also managed to raise assets of about 1.2 billion USD. His close working relationship with the founding partners and CEO enabled this notable achievement. Another major achievement at SPARX was creating and implementing a marketing plan for high family offices and high net worth clients as well.

After a celebrated career at SPARX, Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Hong Kong/New York in February 2010.Here he was the director and head of Capital Strategy for Asia-Pacific Region. His duties here were to provide counsel to hedge fund investors and to connect the investors with useful networks such as with foundations, endowments, and pensions. Another of his duties was to help in managing capital allocations cycle between investors and those managing their funds. Tabar’s notable achievement at Bank of America was to build a Rolodex of more than 1250 investors. Tabar’s excellent foresight enabled the company to avoid many poorly managed funds. In September 2012, Tabar joined Adanac LLC, BVI as the director. Here he invested in properties and start-ups. One of his investments is THINX a startup company that supports women in America and Africa. THINX provides sanitary solutions for women in developing countries specializing in underwear designed for mensuration and incontinence.

Buying one fashionable undergarment provides a reusable sanitary pad for a woman in Africa. The success of the company was attributed to a kick starter campaign and crowd-funding for sources. Another is Verboten. Later in 2013, he joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, New York as a senior associate. Here he dealt with hedge funds mainly providing counsel on how to form hedge funds, their structure as well as regulation, compliance, side letters and forming investment agreements. In March 2014, he left the firm. Tabar is fluent in English and French and has a functional knowledge of Japanese. He is currently the chief operating officer at Full cycle fund where he is involved legal affairs, raising capital and dealing with tax related issues. His hobbies include ballroom dancing and rowing, as well as music.  He also makes his own amateur videos and posts them on Vimeo, usually of different aspects of nature.  Sam can also be found on Twitter as well.

Fuschsia: Google May be Up to Something New

It seems that Google is up to something new. Hackers and experts have found that the company is building an entirely new operating system. Interestingly, the new operating system is not based on Android, Linux Kernel or similar platforms. As such, industry analysts are speculating that the new operating system can be for a number of things. As for now, the unofficial name is Fuschsia.

According to the source, Android Police, that revealed the existence of the new operating system, the purpose may be to secure computing resources from traditional low-powered software that Android and Kernel cannot handle. Despite the fact that so-called Fuschsia is in an early development stage, analysts from Android Police are speculating that it will serve to bridge the gap between modern and standard computing systems. Doing so, will allow Google to integrate both old and new technologies. While viewing its documentation, Android Police also claimed that the new operating system is not restricted to certain computing devices. Instead, the development will definitely make it feasible to design it for mobile devices, embedded devices and desktop computers.

Still, there are contrasting views from Hackers News, who see the development as an answer to handle low latency rendering in operating systems. Because existing systems are not well-equipped for 3D environments you can walk around inside, therefore the platform is designed to serve as a predictable GUI that can handle future 3D capabilities of modern devices.

Yet another possibility explored by technical experts is the use of Fuschsia for bridging the gap and replace the existing operating systems of Google. For instance, Google uses Android and Chrome OS for mobile and laptops; however, Fuschsia will provide features to both these system. Regarding the two Google platforms, it seems that Google would want to replace the existing structure of platforms with their newer version.

Amid the debate, it is also well-known that Google does not publicly talks about its products that are in the development stage. If the product is not community-sourced, it is likely that Google will like to keep it a secret. In the past, many such commercial projects were never started by Google. On the other hand, it is also true that a number of similar developments were instrumental to the success of Google. At this time, the only thing that the community can do is to speculate and find more documentation.

Products That Promise You Wengie-Like Skin

UPDATE: August 25th, 2016
Wengie has just added several brand new videos to her Youtube channel. She is now including videos about cats, several DIY projects, and more! Follow the links below to view.


Often times, a beauty routine is all about the products. However, most people do not have the time nor money to shop for these elaborate items, so they must suffer in silence with less than perfect skin. Well, Australian beauty blogger, Wengie, refuses to let her followers window shop through her videos, and creates informational tutorials describing not only the best, organic skincare products to use, but the most cost-effective ones as well.

Let’s talk stellar skincare products

Erborian Herbal Energy Lotion 30%:


Your skin is a living organ, and needs a little nudge here and there. This lotion leaves skin feeling soft, healthily moist, and bright enough to make it through the day energetically. Makeup is great, but this product brightens your skin naturally, making that foundation a seemingly tedious part of your routine.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Facial Oil:Your skin can be too oily, but it can never be too moisturized nor too full of nutrients. Wengie loves the way that this classic, natural product smells, and absolutely loves the vibrancy, elasticity, and moisture that it adds to her already perfect skin.

SkinFood Pomegranate Sleeping Mask:Skincare takes dedication and hard work…even when you are asleep. Antioxidants in a diet are good enough for your skin, but what if you apply the same nutrients directly on your skin? That is the madness behind this scented face mask, and Wengie enjoys using them on her face a few times a week. Peel if off in the morning and cleanse as usual.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula YE Effector Serum:Serums are powerful blends that serve a specific purpose. Some lighten complexions, others shrink pores, and some dry up excess oil. This particular serum leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and refreshed.


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Lovaganza 2020: Celebrating Culture, Promoting Unity

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

In an effort to join together as one nation, Lovaganza 2020 will take place from May to September in the year 2020. However, plans are already in the works for this bohemian adventure celebration. It will concurrently showcase all cultures from the world to pay respect to each heritage. This production will be groundbreaking, and many are anxiously awaiting this extravaganza. There will be attractions, demonstrations, and tons of other bedazzling entertainment. It will have a “Cinerama feel with the wistfulness of the World’s Fairs of a former era.”

The event will occur in eight different “flagship” locations. Some of the locations where these celebrations will take place are in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. The theme for the celebrations is “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” The celebration was originally supposed to be in 2015, but it has been pushed back to 2020. The production company wanted to use the emerging technologies to push the entertainment factor to a whole new level. Unfortunately, to set a precedence for the technological advances they intend to use, it required more time. For four months there will be celebrations from one end of the globe to another. At the end, there will be a ceremony of Hands Across the World. It will be an unprecedented event that will link the cultures with unity.

In 2017, a preceding traveling show will hit the roadways to promote the 2020 event. The powers that be will pass out cinematic glasses that are 3D. There will be no charge for these glasses or any information packages handed out. They will help to explain their missions and goals for this project. After the distribution of promotion materials, three major motion pictures will be released that will ramp up the crowds for 2020. These movies will be shown in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions with 3D technology, but will also be available in other theaters too. The footage for these movies has already begun shooting in the US, Spain, and also France. As far as Africa, India, and the rest of the world, they will begin shooting at a later date. These productions will use the groundbreaking Immerscope screens. This will allow viewers to have a cinematic experience that is both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.

Some see this as a similar feat to the “We Are the World” celebration that was done in 1980. In a time when the world needs unity and peace, Lovaganza steps up and attempts to take on this momentous task.


UPDATE 8/25/26: Check out these illustrations of the Lovaganza 2020 Park as it will look when it is built in Santa Clarita, California. Courtesy of Javier Martinez, | Follow on Twitter @Lovaganza_ | Like on Facebook