3D Robotics Plans to Use Drones for Construction

3D Robotics Incorporated (3DR) has announced that it has raised $53 million. The raised the money in the Series D round of funding, which was led by Atlantic Bridge. According to www.techcrunch.com, other companies that partook in the fundraising include True Ventures, Mayfield, Foundry Group and Autodesk Fund.

3DR didn’t reveal the exact amount of capital it got from the funding round. It’s also difficult to estimate the new capital. The company aims to become a competitive software provider. So, they may have to raise a lot of money. Currently, they deal in drones and that’s where their main competition is.

In 2009, 3D Robotics began selling drone parts to people who wanted to make their own drones. After some time, the company launched the Solo, a consumer drone. But in 2016, 3DR stopped producing drones as they wanted to work on the manufacturing costs.

The company’s founder and CEO, Chris Anderson, decided to focus his time and resources on industrial drones. He believes that drones are part of the future farming and construction technology. Therefore, it would be great to establish 3DR in the commercial drone market.

The company’s flagship product is Site Scan, a software service that helps drone users to control on-board cameras and flights. The software also sends data from the camera to the cloud. You can find out more about Site Scan on www.3dr.com.

3DR Inc. plans to integrate BIM from Autodesk with Site Scan. The aim of this integration is to add modeling tools to the software. It will also help startups to get into the construction market. Autodesk has already invested in 3D Robotics.

The current version of Site Scan allows users to use Esri’s geographical information with their high-resolution images. Overlaying this information helps structural engineers, contractors and architects to detect potential problems that can cause delays in construction.

Although 3DR hasn’t revealed any information about their new funding, they expected to take the drone industry to a whole new level. According to the company’s recent statement, they plan to invest their capital in building and marketing Site Scan. Their target market includes professionals in the engineering and construction field.