José Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Co-CEO and founder of Mullen Lowe, José Borghi, leads the one of the most famed promotional organizations in the Brazilian commercial marketing industry. José is a virtuoso author of vastly successful Brazilian promotional publications  as well. José’s advertising marketing aspirations arose during the time that he was attending high school. This was when José was, for the most part, insecure about the work that he would eventually enter into. However, at that juncture, capability and providence came together, steering his course. José’s sister approached him one day and invited him to come with her to Castro Neves Theater. There was an event showcasing there that she felt José would enjoy. On exhibition there at the theater were prizes earned by the presenters from the Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination. The awards on display were in the form of golden lions. Those statuettes spellbound José, and his course in life from that instant became apparent. José would make an effort to receive a lion award for himself, by endeavoring to flourish into an exceptionally artistic promoter.

In 1989, he began his professional studies by attending the notable Standart Ogilvy group. Mr. Borghi was highly successful during his time with the group. José’s confidence grew, and prompted him to build his own firm with his business partner, Erh Ray. Together, they fashioned the enterprise known as BorghiErh. While collaborating on this new endeavor, the two men experienced great success. In 2006, the business garnered the attention of the firm, Lowe. The business’s name was soon updated to Borghi Lowe.

The business has turned out to be celebrated domestically as well as internationally. They eventually merged with Mullen and updated the business’s name once more, to be Mullen Lowe Brazil. José now enjoys his success alongside co-CEO André Gomes.

Those Unwanted Ads May Be Doing More Than Just Annoying You

You go on the web to your favorite shopping site to search for a desired item, when out of nowhere, out pops a “hot deals” ad from the side of your screen, along with several other unsolicited ads for items similar to your search. We’ve all experienced them, don’t know how or where they come from and want them to stop.

These annoying and potentially dangerous ads are called ad injectors, which is a term for software that is used to co-opt the users browsing habits so targeted ads can be displayed. Google, along with the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara performed a study and found these ad injectors are everywhere and watching your search behaviors. The software used in these ad injectors is considered malicious, as they steal account and search information then convey this ill-gotten information to a third party for further tracking.

With these ads being injected everywhere, people are beginning to notice and complain about them. Out of all the complaints received by Chrome, those regarding ad injectors far outnumbered all others. Google is working to remove the ad injectors from Chrome and wants the industry to be aware of the problem and to discuss solutions to put an end to it.

Lenovo, the Chinese multinational computer technology company is named as the defendant in a class-action lawsuit brought against them this past February for pre-loading adware on their laptops. In a recent update, Anastasia date mentioned that thousands of companies that produce these programs are making money each time someone clicks on the injected ads.