George Soros Is A Victim of Recent Puppetry In The American Media

About George Soros
George Soros is an American-Hungarian political activist and business investor of Jewish origin. Soros is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Soros Fund Management. George Soros is also a philanthropist and an author. He has been commonly known as the “Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” He acquired the name as a result of his gains after the 1992 Black Wednesday currency crisis of the United Kingdom.

Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. He grew up in the war tone Hungary. George Soros Nazi spent his early teenage hood hiding from the local dictator surrogates and the Nazis. He survived the war and would later migrate to England where he studied at the London School of Economics. Soros was interested in financial markets and was employed on Wall Street. He became wealthy and is presently listed number thirty-five on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. He accumulated his wealth in legit ways as compared to others who make billions using unprincipled means. George Soros has vital support to many civil society campaigns in the Soviet Union as a political activist. Soros is considered among the most influential people who led to the end of Western European Communism.

Soros is currently supplying Burma with pro-democracy initiatives such as funding advocacy groups and the liberal policy institutes. He has also contributed to funds for the Presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and John Kerry. George Soros has supported other American progressive and liberal political parties. He has been particularly recognized through several International Institutions like the Budapest Central European University.

Glenn Beck of Fox News releases a Terrible Promo about Soros
George Soros fell under harsh criticism in a recent Fox News program by presented Glenn Beck. The Glenn Beck promo was grave. It portrayed George Soros as shadowy and evil manipulative figure. The promo pictured Soros as a greedy investor who manipulates the President, unions, the media, and other political parties to fuel his selfish ambitions. Glenn Beck also depicted Soros to have the ambition to wipe out the Republic of America and create an all-powerful universal situation under his control. Beck went ahead to claim that George Soros was the inside enemy of Israel. He argued that Soros was helping to send Jews to their camps of demise. He argued that Soros had assisted the Czech Republic Velvet Revolution, the Georgia Rose Revolution, and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Beck also asserted that Soros had planned Croatia, Yugoslavia, and Slovakia coups. Beck concluded that America was his next target.

The New Yorker feels otherwise
The criticism has been perceived differently by the New Yorker website. Connie Bruck, a publisher on the blog, sees Soros’ disparagement as lies. Connie Bruck refutes Glenn saying that the reporter never mentioned about the peaceful revolutions that Soros led against the post-Communist dictatorships in the Balkans. He further refutes Glen’s claims that Soros was planning major corn inflations to interfere with the American economy. He dismisses Glen as an entertainer under the control of his masters. The masters include the News Corporation and Fox News.

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There’s Only One George Soros And He’s Not A Manipulator

George Soros has been called many things during his lifetime. He is one of the most successful hedge fund investors on the planet, and he is a dedicated philanthropist. But when Glen Beck tried to paint Soros as a manipulator, and anti-Semitic, on one of his Fox News broadcasts a few years ago, he crossed the line of titles that should be listed behind the Soros name. Soros may have hidden the fact that he was Jewish when he was a boy in Hungary, but that was done to stay alive. The Nazis were in Hungary when George was a boy, and his father had fake ID’s and forged documents made, so the family could survive. Beck also painted Soros as a manipulator that uses his power and influence in countries that are not Democratic. That information is also a false representation of what George Soros does through his Open Society Foundation.

Beck and others say Soros wants to destroy the American Republic in order to satisfy his greed, but anyone that has followed George Soros knows Soros promotes Democracy. He doesn’t destroy it. Almost all of the information that Beck supplied about Soros was false. The only thing Beck got right was Soros is one of the wealthiest people on earth.

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Acquiring more than $32 billion isn’t easy, but Soros did it, and he continues to add more money to his bank account at the age of 86. George Soros retired from investing in 2015, but he returned this year to make a huge bet on the gold market. He also came back into the financial limelight to address issues like migration, the European Union, China’s economic issues, and the American election. Soros is a big Clinton supporter. He has given more than $8 million to help get Hillary and other Democrats elected in 2016.

In the investment world, George Soros has few peers. He got a job on Wall Street in 1956, and he made $1 billion in the 1970s when he predicted the British pound would have to be devalued when the Euro was introduced. The Soros hedge fund made $7 billion on that wager on Unlike hedge fund investors like Kyle Bass, Soros is known for giving sound investment and economic advice. George has no hidden agenda. He’s not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the health of the global economy or any other current issue that is causing concern around the world.

The news media have a tendency to make things look ugly when they aren’t, and reporters like Glenn Beck excel in that feat. Some reporters like to wallow in the dirt when there isn’t any, so they make things up and worry about what they said later. But George Soros is bigger than life. He is someone that the world should thank for his dedication to promoting peace. Soros accepts who is, and he doesn’t apologize for where he came from. Soros is proud to be an American. He fights to protect human rights and freedom around the world.

Billionaire George Soros Is Often The Target Of Unsubstantiated Allegations And Rumors

When a George Soros quote that said: “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups” traveled through the internet on social media websites, the people that know about Soros or have read about his philanthropic work knew that Soros is not capable of saying such a thing. One thing that Soros is passionate about is his love for democracy and the United States. Soros is a Hungarian-born billionaire that made his $32 billion fortune on his own. He didn’t inherit a penny, but he has given billions of dollars to worthy causes around the world. Soros also established the Open Society Foundation in 1979, and the purpose of that organization is to spread democracy and freedom of choice in countries around the world.

The quote about Soros bringing down the United States was something that wanted to confirm or deny. The fact that Soros would make a comment like that to a German newspaper in 2014 was highly suspicious. The website found no credible evidence that Soros said anything that resembled those words. The fake quote was backed up by a fake documentation. But George Soros is used to being misquoted. George is a person that does more for the world than most people know, and information about all of his work can be found on credible websites. The Open Society Foundation is a network of partners, foundations, and projects that believe in the government accountability, the freedom to choose, and to reinforce the fact that no one has a monopoly on the truth.

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The list of achievements that fall under the name George Soros is nothing short of amazing. In 1979, he started giving scholarships to black South Africans that were being abused by apartheid. In the 1980s, Soros provided Xerox machines to the Eastern Bloc countries, and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he founded Central European University. Central European University promotes critical thinking on His Open Society Foundations support lawyers and paralegals that represent thousands of people that are being held unlawfully and without the proper legal representation.

Soros manages one of the most successful hedge funds in the financial industry, but he spends most of his time focusing on his foundations on The one story that is true about Soros is he broke the Bank of England in the 1970s when he bet the pound sterling would have to be devalued. Soros made $1 billion in commissions and his hedge fund made $7 billion on that bet.