Amazon Enters Music Streaming World

Some consumers have referenced Amazon as the cyber store that has everything. For a company that was originally only designed to sell books, Amazon has grown in a cyber store giant. It has become the online store that sells everything that people could imagine, and it sells these items at great prices. That may be the reason that so many people are interested in checking out the new unlimited streaming service that Amazon is able to provide.


This is something that people should have expected with Amazon. This is a company that has rode the wave of technology to the limits. This is a cyber store that has streaming services in place already for Amazon-based television shows. There is a level of commitment to getting customers the best quality service and products, and the streaming service appears to be the next service that more customers desire. Amazon is providing unlimited music streaming. That may be the reason that people are getting prepared to make the switch from the streaming company that they are with.


Technology has really allowed people to do a lot more than they ever thought that they could do with their music collections. Now that consumers have access to unlimited data plans they can roam the Internet and stream all of the music that they want to stream. In years past, it was evident that this was not possible because streaming was causing a lot of high phone bills. People were downloading music and listening to music offline. The Internet has come a long way though. There are websites that have unlimited cloud storage, and there are data plans that are also unlimited. This gives music lovers chances to do far more streaming than they ever thought that they could do before.


This is why Amazon has tapped into the hot music streaming market. This is just the right time to capitalize on this franchise. It is like Amazon Jeff Bezos analyzes the market, sees the growth potential for a certain concept and locks in on the idea. Music streaming is not anything new to the technology world, but there have been issues in the past. The 4G networks of today, however, have made it possible for music lovers to stream continuously.

Amazon Enters the Amazing Realm of Drone Delivery

The future is finally here and with comes extra-fast deliver of Amazon orders. In the United Kingdom, Amazon entered a brave new phase of operations. The legendary online seller has now completed its first delivery via a drone. Things are absolutely in the development stage as only two — yes, two — shoppers are approved for drone delivery. Consider them very lucky shoppers since they have been approved just as the holiday season arrives.


Plans are to slowly expand the delivery to select Amazon Prime members who live near the local Cambridge fulfillment center. Eventually, the goal is to quickly facilitate drone delivery to hundreds of customers in the Cambridge area. That is the short-term goal. Amazon’s long-range plans are sure to include global drone delivery no matter where someone lives. How this is going to work out logistically remains to be seen. Drone delivery is limited to how far a drone can fly from where the order is stored.


Both figuratively and literally, the sky is wide open regarding the future of drone deliveries. Drones can fly out of the Amazon warehouse any time a crew is working on facilitating orders. This could mean Sunday delivery or even delivery at any hour of the day or evening. Amazon won’t be limited to the post office or private couriers. Deliveries to the same neighborhood could even be made at different times during the same day.


To say this would boost the fortunes of Amazon would be one of the greatest understatements ever uttered about online retail sales. Customers enjoy convenience. The ability to receive something very quickly after hitting the “purchase with one-click” button is preferable to Prime members. Paying extra shipping means little to customers who want their order right away. Drone delivery could speed the whole process up immensely.


The quicker the customers get their order, the quicker they are more likely to buy something else. Amazon and third-party sellers both benefit immensely in a deal like this. No real surprises should exist as to why Amazon is putting so much effort into developing modern drone delivery services.


Drone delivery is going to become the future of online retail sales. Amazon is getting itself ahead of the game by launching a beta program. Look for more retail companies to follow.



Amazon Must Repay Millions for In-App Purchases

Judge John Coughenour out of Seattle has ordered that online retail giant Amazon refund parents for purchases that their children made in app on Android and Kindle devices without their knowledge. The Judge ordered Amazon to start refunding parents over a 12 month period that will start January of next year.


The move is aligned with legal action that has already been taking by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). However, the FTC asked for $25.6 million to be refunded and the Judge stated that this amount was too large. He did not exactly side with Amazon either however rejecting their offer to refund customers via gift cards.


Amazon is just one of many platforms that offered the option for users to pay extra for content within music and gaming apps on their mobile devices. Parents did not like the new add-ons complaining that it was way too easy for children to buy extra content without their parents knowing. They also argued in the case of toddlers and other young children that it was too simple to make accidental purchases while using the apps.


In 2014 the FTC decided to take action to combat the fact that in-app charges did not require any type of password confirmations in kids’ games. It cited the example of an app in which the free acorns exchange screen looked the same as a screen in which kids purchased coins with real money. Therefore, children could easily make purchases without realizing they were spending real money.


Starting in 2014 Amazon started noting in its app store which apps had add-on purchases within the apps and also changed the confirmation process. Additionally, parents can now use the parental control options to disable purchases from being made within the app completely.


Amazon is not the only mobile device operator to be affected by the FTC lawsuit as Apple also has to pay customers over $30 million and Google is due to pay its customers another $19 million.



More tech updates coming to retailers

Many have wondered whether or not brick and mortar stores will be able to keep up the competition with e-commerce websites, and in the near future, their concerns may be answered in a way that many may not have expected. Certain technological developments are expected to help retailers make more lucrative use out of their physical facilities and human staff. If these developments pan out in the retailers’ favor, then it just might help them level the playing field with e-commerce websites like Ebay and Amazon.

The key advantage that brick and mortar establishments have always been able to leverage over the e-commerce giants is the interactivity between customers, salespeople and merchandise. Despite the convenience of being able to buy with a click, there are still many who appreciate the human element of in-store help; conversational commerce has been brought into play in the hopes of eliminating the need to choose.

Conversational commerce is an endeavor to give online customers the same privilege of a salesperson’s direct assistance that they would have when physically in the store, and it’s already made a strong impact in China.

In some Chinese retailers, the customer can use an application called WeChat to directly speak to the staff. While digitally browsing the store, the sales associate asks if the customer would like to know about any special promotions or new merchandise. Customers who are interested in getting more information may then simply trade contacts with the salesperson and continue getting personalized help.

Dozens of U.S. retailers have begun tasking their staff with running chat messages applications to provide assistance and brand-relevant advice to customers who patronize the store virtually. Time will tell just to what degree this trend could possibly reshape the public perception of brick-and-mortar shopping versus online catalog browsing.

New Amazon Fashion Line


Amazon is one of the most popular shopping sites online. It is visited by millions daily looking to buy just about anything that you could imagine. Amazon has earned amazing profits over the last decade. Now, they are branching out to other areas. Recently, news was released that the e-commerce giant is launching their own private fashion line. The fact is that Amazon did not make a big deal about the launching like a fashion designer would with their new seasonal collection. They simply started adding the clothing line to their site under various brand names.

JustFab on Project Runway

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer that carries a wide variety of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim. Paid VIP JustFab customers receive a multitude of advantages. They receive enormous discounts and points toward receiving free loyalty items. Getting started with JustFab is super easy. Simply take the short quiz that is provided. The quiz is important because it will let the site know your personal taste. Therefore, they are able to provide a list of items that fit your taste.

After taking the quiz, members receive a boutique that is customized to fit their unique taste in clothing and accessories. Clearly, it is close to having your own personal shopper select clothing. Start shopping and saving money almost instantly with purchases made at JustFab.

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