OneLogin’s Incredible Year

2017 was a great year for OneLogin. The cloud based identity and access management provider had many highlights from the past year. There are seven highlights in particular that stand out from the rest.

For starters, the company hired a new CEO. In August the company announced that founder Thomas Pedersen decided to step down as CEO and Brad Brooks would be his replacement. The change seems like a great idea considering Brooks has been leading global technology companies to success for a quarter of a century.

OneLogin also received a lot of praise for the way it treats its employees. Fortune Magazine ranked the tech company in its top 10 places to work in the Bay area. OneLogin is no stranger for being recognized as a great place for employees. It has received four awards on this subject in the past two years.

OneLogin had a good year on the product side as well. In April, it released Adaptive Authentication, a next generation multi-factor authentication functionality. Adaptive Auth made a huge impact on the industry in 2017. It was the topic of conversation at Gartner IAM 2017.

One of the companies main goals was the improvement of web access management. Though many organizations have embraced cloud technology they still have to rely on on-prem applications. Users are able to connect to the OneLogin Cloud Directory while also being able to access legacy applications. Hopefully every year will be as eventful as 2017 for the tech company.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a private San Francisco based cloud computing company founded in 2009. Brothers and business partners Thomas and Christian Pedersen are responsible for the founding of the company. The duo has built the company into an innovative leader in the industry.Security organizations around the world put their trust in OneLogin.

OneLogin and the Challenge of Securing Company Data

One can lose count of the security breaches that have occurred this year. Needless to say, the traditional approaches to data security have come up glaringly short. The security firm OneLogin has built a track record of success by combining the strengths of multiple approaches to data security.

What OneLogin has realized, and the rest of the security market is coming to understand, is that single modes of authentication are not sufficient for data and identity protection. Parsing the three major methods of identity verification sheds light on this challenge and points forward to solutions.

The most common method of authentication after the password is physical biometrics. Examples of this approach are facial recognition and fingerprints. While such physical attributes provide a unique identifier, they are not beyond manipulation and imitation. Physical biometrics also opens the door to personal data and the resultant regulations.

An up and coming approach to identification is behavioral biometrics. Utilizing behavioral characteristics for authentication is not as instant as utilizing physical attributes, but one’s behavioral patterns do provide a unique and consistent security reference. The caveat of being compliant with the handling of personal information also applies here.

Last but not least is password authentication. Given prolific headlines on password security breaches in recent years, an editorial on the risks of password-only security is not needed. Strong passwords do play a role in protecting company data and are not going to disappear anytime soon.

OneLogin has taken a deep dive into the above approaches to data security and enacted a custom blended solution for clients that does greatly minimize risk. As technology evolves and quantum processors break into the market, a mix of authentication methods will no doubt be a necessity for protecting company data and identity. Fortunately, improvements in technology will also enhance the options for IT security.

Facebook Messenger To Integrate PayPal In Chats To Help Users Send Money To One Another

Paying for items and services through facebook just got a whole lot easier, with the incorporation of PayPal’s new payment system. Recently, PayPal representatives announced that they would be partnering up with Facebook Messenger that allows users to send money to others on their friend list. This would allow for better peer to peer transactions, making the entire process of sending money to your buddies much easier. The method of sending money would be streamlined using a PayPal bot that also guides the user through the process.

The incorporation of PayPal into Messenger happened after the two companies entered into a deal last year allowing the integration of the service onto their site. Both the companies realized that this would be an extremely beneficial route for them to take, and will help integrate something that user’s of both the platforms have been asking for a long time.

Facebook does currently allow people living in the United States to send money to people on their friend’s list, but it is generally either through entering their debit or credit card details and can only be used within the United States. However, with the integration of PayPal into Facebook Messenger, even people outside the country will be able to send money to one another without many restrictions. The integrated system will be incredibly easy to use, and will just require the user to click on the PayPal icon in the Messenger to be on their way to sending money to one another.

This will also help Facebook and their Messenger as well. With the introduction of new big players who come up with messaging platforms of their own, the competition in this sector has become tougher than ever. The introduction of this new policy should give Facebook Messenger a significant boost over other players in the industry. The Messaging app already has millions of users, which is set to increase even more in the coming months because of PayPal.

However, there is always going to be that section of the customer base that is adverse to using this system for their payments. Even though PayPal by itself is considered to be one of the safest peers to peer money transfer sites, this integration has got a few customers skeptical and wondered if their accounts would be secure with the advent of this.

Is Your Former Employee a Friend of Foe

The truth is, most of us are familiar with the onboarding process when it comes to new hires, but what happens when that employee resigns or is relieved of his or her position? If you’re unfamiliar with Onelogin, it is a cloud-identity and access management provider that helps many organizations handle either of these scenarios. Onelogin acts as an intermediary, helping many organizations inactive or purge login credentials that belonged to a former employee. Why is this important? It can help organizations avoid a potential data breach and also protect sensitive client information.

When it comes to an employee severing ties with an organization, the parting of ways is not always amicable; in some cases, former employees have chosen to exploit their past employers or share that employer’s information with competitors. Sadly, far too many employers neglect this aspect of attrition when an employee leaves their organization. In fact, studies have shown that upwards of 58 percent of former employees still have access to the organization’s network, and 24 percent of these organizations have experienced a data breach as a result.

How can Onelogin protect your business? The truth is, most employers can purge a former employee’s access information themselves, but the process of doing so can involve numerous steps and could be quite taxing on an already inundated human resources department. By employing a company like Onelogin, you can be assured that the following has been completed:

 Generating a checklist for the organization’s IT department, to manually remove former employees from company applications.

 Sending an application event query to the SIEM system (security information and event management), which ensures that former employees are not trying access company data.

 Syncing all HR directories

Granted, no one wants to think that a former employee would want to steal company information, but it does happen. In fact, it has happened so often than the European Union will be implementing a General Data Protection Regulation that will force organizations to purge access information held by former employees, or be subject to a fine; this new law is slated to go into effect in 2018.

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The Free Trial of Talk Fusion

Last spring, video marketing solutions giant, Talk Fusion, launched a 30-day free trial period offer of its services. Talk Fusion boasts top quality services that are available in nine languages in more than 140 countries. It employs independent representatives in each of these countries. The month-long free trial is to highlight its all-in-one Marketing Solution site instantly and completely risk free. The prospective customers will learn first hand that Talk Fusion really is the best in video marketing in the world. Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is confidant most of these prospective customers will opt to become actual paying customers.

Individuals, businesses, and charities can all sign up for the Talk Fusion 30-day free offer at After signing up, free trial users will have complete access to Talk Fusion’s many services, including Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and the award-winning Video Chat. All of this will be available to the users effective immediately after sign-up. In addition, Talk Fusion has even installed a virtual library for Free Trial users so they can get the full experience of what they have to offer.

There are also lots of video product tutorials, step-by-step guides, and tip sheets. Talk Fusion even includes a lot of tip sheets specific to businesses to help them use their services to drive business forward. Talk Fusion has been committed to perfecting its considerable since beginning in 2007. At the same time, they have been fully committed to the highest of ethical business practices. Their firm goal is to affect real and positive change throughout the world. For more information visit or

You can find the full article at

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A New Way For Connecting Parents and Teachers

For a long time now parents and teachers have only been able to communicate at the quarterly parent/teacher conference or by notes sent back and forth and the occasional phone call. Teachers just do not have the time to speak to every parent on a one-to-one basis on the telephone throughout the day. ClassDojo is changing all of this. This is an app used by approximately two-thirds of schools across the United States now as a way for parents and teachers to communicate and connect during the day regarding the child’s education.

Teachers are able to send photos and videos to the parents as the child is working on projects or doing reports and even just in their own learning atmosphere listening to instruction. Teachers and parents are able to privately text message each other about the child which provides more a connection between them and enhances the child’s learning experience. No longer does the parent have to wait until the child comes home from school to learn about the things the child has done during the day. The child also is able to showcase their work through taking photos and adding them to their own personal digital portfolio for the parent to see.

ClassDojo is a ground-up change that is changing the ways schools and parents interact in a positive way. It is a creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as it allows parents to view inside the classroom without having to be there. This spills over into the home life of the child as the parent is able to know more about what the child has done during the day at school and things they can help the child with as opposed to feeling in the dark about the learning process.

Having the ClassDojo available for parents and teachers to use creates a communication platform like never before. Teachers and administration personnel are able to add upcoming events to the calendar on this app so that parents can always stay on top of things and never miss out on an event.

Parents, teachers and students now have a new way to feel connected and this only makes everyone involved feel more confident that information is given properly and that all are available throughout the day to share this information. It is no wonder that Class Dojo is on the rise and will be in more and more schools to come.

Talk Fusion Improves Their Video Chat Products

Talk Fusion wins its second award of the year for their Video Chat product. This time, they have won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award honors those video communication companies that have drastically improved their video, voice, and data communications over the past year. By winning this award, it shows consumers that they are the best-of-the-best and knows all the hard work it takes to get to this point.

Nobody is happier or more proud than Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO Bob Reina. He strongly believes that his products are a way of giving back to the community. When it comes to making these products better, Bob has a talented IT team backing him up to improve these products to be the best on the market. By constantly working hard, he believes he will be able to reach more and more people around the world by communicating faster and more efficiently.

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution. Their video communication products include Video Newsletters, Video Chat, Video Conferencing, and Video Email. What is great about these communication products is that they are user-friendly and are compatible on all smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. Nowadays everyone has one or all of these products. You can use these products to spread the word about your business or upcoming event. If you are having a grand opening, you can send out a welcome video to potential customers. If you are having an upcoming pet adoption event, you can spread the word to others. You can even conduct business meetings with these video products. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to these products.

Whatever you decide to use these products for, you will see a vast improvement in your day-to-day business operations. Talk Fusion stands by its word that you will see an increase in customer service and sales. If you are not completely sure whether Talk Fusion’s products will work for you, try out their 30-day free trial where you will have full access to everything. It does not hurt to try something out before purchasing it.


Kindle’s New Feature Makes it Much More Like Paper Books

For those readers who find that they do not like Kindle books because of their lack of realistic book-like qualities, a new update will likely change things. The new update is called “page flip” and is being introduced to both Kindle e-readers as well as the Kindle app that is available to phones and other mobile devices.

“Page flip” will change the way that readers use Amazon’s reading service. In the current system, users can flip through the pages, but they are not able to easily return to highlighted pages or see more than one page at a time. Therefore, Kindle has been difficult for those who want to return to previous places and highlights for reference.

The new update, however, will make that problem a thing of the past. the new “page flip” will allow users to save their current page if they wish to go back to explore earlier highlights or look forward to future pages. The user can simply hit the “Back to” button to return to the lat reading page. Users will also be able to view multiple pages on the same screen. The view of these multiple pages is an exact image of the pages, so readers will be able to view their highlights easily.

While the new features do not seem to be technically difficult, they are close to features that are popular with other ebook companies such as Google Books. Amazon is not only attempting to make their books as realistic as possible, but they are also attempting to incorporate other popular features into their Kindle program. Kindle has never offered a feature like this before, and their competitors have not had this type of jump back button before.

Readers will likely enjoy the feature as it makes the book easier to casually flip through. Updates like this continually bring ebooks closer to the original thing.

How Technology is Making Uber Safer

For some commuters, Uber is the best thing that’s ever happened to them. If you don’t drive often, it’s easy to understand why someone might want to avoid a car payment. However, rideshare companies are not regulated the way taxi companies are and these concerns have prompted the company to make some changes. Since Uber is an app-based service, the driver’s and passenger’s phones are central to their safety efforts.

Drivers in 11 different cities will soon get to test some new safety features that revolve around what Uber refers to as the “four D’s.” These include driving while drunk, drugged, drowsy or distracted.

First of all, every ride is tracked from start to finish. This is accomplished via sensors on the phone that provide GPS, acceleration and gyroscopic data. Not only does this data make it harder for a driver to get lost, but it will also be used to remind him to put his phone back in the mount if movement is detected.

If a driver has been driving too long, a reminder will be sent to the driver to get some sleep. As of early 2016, Uber drivers are not allowed to use the app for more than 12 hours at a time. Previously, some drivers were known to work for more than 16 hours.

Daily reports provide drivers with information that can help them improve their driving, such as data showing excessive braking or acceleration patterns. The app even includes a speed display to make sure they know how fast they’re going at any given time.

Uber has also released new data to show what their impact has been on drunk driving. In many cities, they have become the leading transportation alternative for people who have had too much to drink. Studies show that drunk driving has declined significantly in cities where the company now operates.

Although this is a pilot program, the company’s goal is to make these features available in every city where they operate. When combined with other popular features such as their ratings system for both riders and drivers, Uber hopes to create a safer experience for everyone on the road. Thanks to modern technology, they’re setting a standard that was unheard of just a few short years ago.

Education Tech: ClassDojo

Education tech has rendered the parents-teacher meeting obsolete. This technology has created a community of educators, parents and students where they build specific positive behavior on students in school. ClassDojo is one of the education tech companies that provide these benefits.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo, which is based in San Francisco CA, in 2011. This was formed to enable millions of teachers, students, and parents to collabrate to see the success of their kids’ lives.

The ClassDojo app provides features that both teacher and parents use either at school are at home. Teachers use this app to plan daily activities and share photos and videos with the kid’s parents showing their participation in recent activities.

The year round and even during school day communication of the ClassDojo community enables parents to know what their children experience in school, the activities they engage themselves and how they behave themselves while in school.

According to the company’s report, this app is used in 2/3 United States schools and over 180 other countries. In the US, 85,000 schools use this app actively inclusive of chartered, private and public schools.

ClassDojo is the easiest way for teachers to encourage students, and share their best moments with parents. When the company was founded in 2011, other edtech companies digitized their curriculum, grade books, and testing platforms but ClassDojo was free and easy to use application compared to them.

Just like other businesses, they do face competition from other education tech companies like Kickboard, FreshGrade, Nearpod, Remind and many others that provide online community for parents, teachers and students.

From the time this company was created in 2011 up to date, the San Francisco-based start-up has raised $31 million in venture funding. It even further moved from the education tech accelerator, Imagine K12 and now it is a part of Y Combinator.

In series B round of venture funding, ClassDojo has raised $21 million. General Catalyst led the series B round of the company. Other investors that are behind the company include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignaFire. The company closed the round in 2015 and are using the capital to grow their team.

General Catalyst Managing Director Hemant Taneja says that the company does not have any plans for monetization. The company motivation is what the parents and teachers need this is what drives the company.

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