AirPods Finder Is A Thing of The Past

AirPods have been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of success for Apple. They have been lauded for their wireless functionality and ability to detect audio input. However, many of complained of poor sound quality and their ability to stay in place.

AirPods are another great invention by Apple that offer a way for us to untether ourselves. It removes the cumbersome mic and headphone cable that many of us are used to. The microphone input for the AirPods is definitely an improvement compared to the cable method.

They also hold an impressive charge for such a small size. The labeling states they will last up to five hours when fully charged. This makes them a great choice for taking out on a job or a quick bike ride.

However, the small size of AirPods makes them subject to one massive design flaw. That flaw is how easily you can misplace one or both of the earbuds. Thankfully, an app was developed to solve this problem.

The app, Finder for AirPods, was released as an option to track down your wayward buds. Unfortunately, it looks like the app’s success was very short lived. Apple has already removed it from the app store in less than two weeks.

Apple has not commented on their reasoning for removing the app yet. It may be due to the app’s unreliable method of locating AirPods. It used their Bluetooth signal to help gauge if you were getting further or closer to them.

While this method was not perfect, it did at least offer an option besides buying another set. Hopefully, Apple will comment on their decision to remove the app soon. Until then, it’s probably best to keep your AirPods in a secure location. If they are lost, your recovery options are just as limited now as they were at product launch thanks to Apple’s decision.

Apple Air Pods to be Released in Time for Christmas (Finally!)

With Christmas just days away, the highly sought after Apple AirPods will hit stores just in time to make a fabulous stocking stuffer. The AirPods, which are being touted as Apple’s answer to the BeatsX, are available for online ordering now with a ship date of December 21st. This announcement comes just in time for that last minute holiday gift rush.


The AirPods were announced in September along with the new, highly antipated iPhone 7, which is Apple’s first phone that does not feature a headphone jack. The reason for the delay in the release of the AirPods is unclear and sources from Apple are declining to comment. There is some speculation that issues could range from sound quality to battery life. Speculation from the Wall Street Journal includes the issue of the 2 independent sound signals that the pods receive from the device they are paired with.


One of the major features of the new AirPods is the enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. The addition of the new Apple W1 chip is reported to eliminate some of the traditional issues that other Bluetooth headsets have, along with optimum battery life management and a sound system that can filter out background while listening to music or talking to Siri.


The five hour battery life of the new AirPods is another feature that makes them highly desirable. This is a longer battery life than other competitors, plus the wireless carrying case holds an additional 24 hours of charging power. If the AirPods start to lose battery life, then all it takes is a fifteen minute stint in the carrying case for an additional three hours of listening.


Something that sets the Apple AirPods apart from the other Bluetooth headsets before them is the fact that both pods are set up to receive sound. In other Bluetooth sets, the sound is only transmitted to one of the ear buds and wired across to the other. Since the AirPods are completely wireless, additional technology and development had to happen for the sound transmission.


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