Inside the Working Life of an Apple Store Employee

When new employees are hired to work at an Apple Store, they should be proud to learn that they have been selected for their educational level and their ability to think creatively. On top of standard job benefits, they also get discounts on Apple products and even on shares of the company, which are traded on the NASDAQ.

Unfortunately, working at the Apple Store also means signing a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from speaking out about their job experience. According to a May news report published on Business Insider, Apple is so sensitive about its curated image that it even forbids workers from taking selfies wearing the iconic blue t-shirt of the Apple Store.

According to the Business Insider report, Apple Store employees in the United Kingdom who work part-time shifts find it very difficult to secure full-time employment; moreover, management positions are difficult to get.

Apple Store employees in the UK are paid less than $12 per hour, which is less than the new minimum wage in some U.S. jurisdictions. This is ironic when considering the high cost of the Apple products these employees are hired to sell.

The Business Insider report, which quotes a former employee who spoke anonymously due to the aforementioned confidentiality agreement, also explained that there is a sort of cult-like reverence for the late Steve Jobs at the Apple Store, and that the company does not pay sales commissions because it claims that workers simply have to educate customers on the products, which allegedly sell themselves.