France Announces Plans To Support Research And Development Of Artificial Intelligence

The rapid pace of advancing technology continues to grow unabated. It comes as no surprise by the recent announcement from French Pres. Emmanuel Macron that the nation was planning to invest €1.5 billion into the research and development of artificial intelligence between the years 2019 and 2022. This is part of the nation’s new AI development strategy based out of the College de France research Institute.
The French president placed significant emphasis on the desire of France not to be left behind by other nations such as the United States and China who are the current leaders in artificial intelligence. He also hopes to help regulate the industry with additional security measures.
These new proposals were announced with the goal of attracting AI researchers to the country from technology giants such as Samsung, Fujitsu, Google, and Microsoft. Several of these companies are already developing new AI research centers in France.
American company Microsoft opened an AI training center in Paris France earlier this month as a result of a $30 million investment in artificial intelligence research and development. The training center currently has 24 students who will have access to a free seventh-month long course. Training centers such as these are hoped to help bring a balance to the expected loss of jobs due to artificial intelligence in the coming years.
There have already been many predictions of the complete extinction of several professions by as early as 2030 due to artificial intelligence.
The three-year strategy has four areas of focus. These areas are defense, health, transport, and environment. As part of the leading promoters for the research and development strategy Cedric Villani has held many interviews with experts on artificial intelligence and has contributed much to the design of the new strategy. As part of the result of his research, he has initiated the doubling of young researchers pay and increasing the number of students who are studying artificial intelligence research and development by a factor of three over the course of the next three years.
French president gathered together over a dozen experts from the artificial intelligence industry in order to discuss the best way to accommodate the changes that will be made possible by advanced artificial intelligence and ensure that these changes are beneficial to humans.

Baidu and Xiaomi partner to venture into the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese company, Baidu, which resembles Google, has partnered with Xiaomi, which follows in the footsteps of Apple to incorporate two trends in the technological world. The two patterns are the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Xiaomi announced the alliance that brings together successful Chinese firms at their developer conference in Beijing. Baidu is the third most valuable public technology company in China affirming its strong presence in the Chinese market and indeed the world. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is among the top-most private companies globally.

Baidu has a market capitalization of $86 billion and has deep interest globally in the Artificial Intelligence while Xiaomi has become a critical player in the Chinese market and has even spread to countries like India with their pocket-friendly smartphones. These phones and smart-devices work pretty as well as other devices which cost a lot.

The two firms are announcing their partnership and alliance for the first time, but their collaboration seems to have been in place for some time now. DuerOS, which is Baidu’s operating system for conversations is available in various hardware belonging to Xiaomi.

Though not much is clear about the deal as at now, the two corporations have alluded that plans were underway to explore vast opportunities in voice recognition, artificial intelligence, deep learning. Their partnership could also extend to other emerging areas like the internet of things, robotics, VR, and self-driving cars which Baidu is currently venturing in. Xiaomi could join the prospects in the coming future.

Baidu has invested so much to launch a partnership approach with other players in the hardware market to enable its products including the DuerOS to consumers. What’s more, Baidu does not charge a fee for the software. The alliance with Xiaomi is also targeting product marketing, and reports indicate that Baidu works with more than a hundred other businesses in the smart devices sector.