An In-Depth Profile of Sam Tabar and the FullCycle Energy Fund

 Article Update on 12/10/2016:
Sam Tabar has been given a new position as the Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel. You can read about Mr. Tabar’s role as CFO on iCrowdNewswire. Learn more about what he plans to do, and how Sam is the man of the hour to help Awearable become one of the biggest tech startups in the United States.

FullCycle Fund Company was founded in 2013 by Ibrahim AlHusseini, who is the Managing Partner. It was started to fund and own projects that develop a human relationship with waste. To achieve this, it recycles valuable fuel to power the world’s communities. The company’s mission is to capitalize in polluting fuels derived from the municipal solid waste and convert them to environmentally friendly fuels.


It provides capital for purchasing or construction of profitable power generation machines that meet financial, technical and operating procedures. The equipment converts traditional fuel to Municipal Solid Waste based on the synthesis of gas. FullCycle has also been able to establish its technology worldwide to minimize the costs of operating machines and emission of carbon.


The firm works in partnership with Synova Company that is responsible for the identification and implementation of projects. Through their patented OLGA design, both companies have executed gasification in their model. Furthermore, they have converted available waste to energy technology.


Sam Tabar’s Background


Apart from being an entrepreneur, Sam Tabar is an outstanding finance strategist. He is the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, a recent appointment. Also, he is also assigned to control the company’s funds. He has managed budget strategies for many financial institutions. More importantly, he worked as a Capital Strategy Manager in Merrill Lynch and provided introductions to institutional investors for fund managers. He also consulted on operations, which helped in building office teamwork.


Before joining the Bank of America, he served as Deputy Manager of Marketing for Sparx Group (PMA), the largest independent Fund in Asia Pacific. He managed all aspects of a universal marketing strategy. In addition to this, he is one of the earliest investors in the feminine hygiene industry, which empowers women worldwide. Moreover, he is a master’s degree holder of law from Columbia Law School and Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University.


The FullCycle Company believes that having Sam Tabar as its COO will help them achieve their goals. Through his broad experience and strategies, he has been able to meet the company’s goal. With the risks of drawing power machines from polluting traditional fuels, Sam Tabar, and the company are determined to enhance the efficiency of the firm. Add Sam for yourself on Facebook, or check out his Tweets about finance.

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