Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Adam Milstein Discusses anti-Semitism on JNS.Org

Adam Milstein, the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council and real estate figure, is an author on, also known as the “Jewish News Syndicate”. In his piece entitled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide”, he outlines how Muslims typify and stereotype Jews into a certain archetype that is based on unfounded facts and the hyper-Left wing sector of America which supports anti-Semitic ideals.

In his article, Milstein mentions the likes of Linda Sarsour: a political activist whose leadership presence and role has been made known at the feminists’ “Women’s March” in Washington, D.C. Linda Sarsour is praised as a leader of feminism, yet (Adam Milstein asserts) that she supports a controversial topic which is commonly known as “Sharia law”. Some of the core tenets of Sharia law include stoning women, executing homosexuals by various means, and also just generally trampling on various forms of women’s rights. So the hypocrisy, Adam Milstein is saying, is beyond the scope of what a rational person would consider to be logical. He goes on to state Muslims in America essentially get a free pass for their anti-Semitic views because they are typified in the media as being all the same, “as one block”, and that this is not just. That Jews are also typified as being “all powerful” and that all problems related with Jews are, in the eyes of Muslims, the fault of the Jews which stem directly from the “Elders of Zion.”


Adam Milstein goes on to explain how Sarsour supports Siraj Wajjah, the unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center explosion. He also cites many more examples throughout history where anti-Semitism has been prevalent, how it’s reach has been increasing, and how its existence (predominantly on university campuses) and undermining the greatness of America and the Jewish people.

The Osteo Relief Institute Great Works in the Health Sector

Osteoarthritis (OA) is defined as a degenerative disease of the joints. It can also be referred to as degenerative arthritis. In summary, it refers to all joint conditions that experience pain. There are over 100 types and the condition is affecting a sum of over 50 million Americans. It can affect both genders but is more common to women than men. It can also be considered as the primary source of disability in the world.

It mainly occurs when the cartilage, a strong-rubber material in the joints that covers both ends of every bone breaks down, causing swelling, pain, and problems when it comes to moving the joint. The cartilage acts as a smooth cushion between bones. When they break down, spurs are produced which end up floating around the joints. Spurs are growths that swell after the bones break down. Through inflammatory, enzymes and proteins develop and they further destroy the cartilage. Finally, it wears away making bones to rub against each other causing more joint injuries and severe pain (

The main causes of osteoarthritis are hereditary. Other sources include being overweight, previous injuries, and old age, especially people who are about 65 years. The disadvantage is that there is no cure to treat it, but there are ways to manage the pain and swelling. This can be achieved through medical treatments, therapy, daily exercise, and routine. Excessive pain and swelling may finally lead one to undergo surgery to execute its removal. The operations include joint fusions, repair, and replacements.

About Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute is based in New Jersey is one of the medical centers that provide patients with knee treatments like osteoarthritis without performing surgeries. Osteo Relief Institute is known for its latest technology that helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain and any joint disorder.

Osteo Relief Institute is known for its amazing services, and their prices are readily affordable to the patients. The experienced doctors and nurses in Osteo Relief Institute are well skilled, and the center is equipped with enough technology to deal with osteoarthritis. The center is renowned for quality services and most patients opt for their service.


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A Young Woman That Lived Thro

Yeonmi Park is a young woman that has seen many horrors in her short life, but she has been able to overcome them and she is putting all of her experiences in her autobiography. Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993. She was born in North Korea it was about hundred and 50 miles from the border with China. Life was very restricted in North Korea, but Park thought that that was the only way to live. When she was only nine years old she was invited to watch her best friend’s mother being shot for watching South Korea films and giving those DVDs out to friends. It was a horrible event, but it was something that was quite common in North Korea. North Korea is a very paranoid country, and they give the most harshest punishments for anything that can let lead people to forming their own opinions.

Parks has been well renowned as a very famous woman because she defected from North Korea along with her family. Parks wrote her all telling memoir called “In Order To Live.” This is an autobiography about her family’s fight to get out of North Korea, and later their reunification in China. At one time her family was part of the elite class in North Korea, but her father was later arrested and thrown into prison. After getting ill in prison he was released, and he immediately set into place a plan to get his family out of North Korea. Parks father decided to send her and her mother and her sister first North Korea, and in the shuffle her sister got lost, her mother got raped, and they barely made it through the journey.

Missionaries from China and Korea helped Parks and her mother to relocate to Mongolia and her journey finally ended in 2007. Parks later became a full-time activist when it comes to human rights in North Korea. She has spoken publicly about her life in North Korea in different countries and on many different forums. Parks is an avid activist of youngvoicesadvocates and for the Freedom Factory Corporation, and she and she also became a member of liberty in North Korea which is an organization that helps to rescue North Korean refugees. Parks has told her story on many different American radio shows, and also she is spoken at me different colleges. Parks has quickly risen as one of North Korea’s most popular defectors, because she is truly a champion in the fight for freedom and liberty in her country of birth and beyond.