Brexit Was Big Mistake Says CEO Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the pioneering sustainable materials company CEO that has issued a warning of serious economic woes he says precipitate from ‘Brexit.’ This is the media label for the historic decision, decided by popular vote, for the United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU). Maluf is a well-educated South American visionary who has leveraged his MBA and Finance education, and other advanced business training, into better predictions in the area of the world’s market economies.


While the ostensible reason for the vote for Brexit has been given to the large amount of the British economy being expended in providing the biggest support for the EU, Flavio Maluf believes there is actually a different cause. No other European country has paid nearly as much in support of the EU as the UK’s € 11 billion Euros in payments in 2014. That is over $12 billion USD. But, Flavio Maluf says it was British inflation that quickly led to an exit from the EU.


Flavio Maluf sees this as a very short-sighted solution that will turn into a big problem for all countries involved in the EU, at least. It seems likely that the ripples Brexit caused for the European market will spread out and affect most of the trading partner countries with the EU. He is quick to point out that his native South American country, Brazil, is not a major trading partner with the UK. In fact, he points out his country does less than 2% of their total export business with the UK. He Founded Eucatex, his sustainable-sourced building construction materials and also some product for product manufacturing. Both Maluf and his company practice sustainable processes and promote the same for the burgeoning Eco-friendly world that is growing up and taking responsibility for our one planet, at last.  Read more about Flavio on LinkedIn.