Brixo Block Brings Lego to Life

Brixo action blocks are allowing people to create mechanized Lego cities. These tiny, high tech, Lego-sized blocks function to give creations like miniature Ferris Wheels a little more action. Now, they actually move!

The possibilities for creativity are nearly limitless. Kids, adults, and everyone in between are now able to use Brixo blocks to kick start their imagination.

The do-gooders and helpers of the world have a new range of materials to work with – we can expect people to use the tiny blocks to broaden even more horizons.

Only time will tell how people will use Brixo blocks to create something far more serious than fun – say – a mini rocket to the moon! Or, a working mini wheelchair for Lego’s first-ever mobility impaired character.

Many Lego products already include tools such as wheels and rods, and people have been using them to create amazing works of Lego mastery. Master builders who work with Lego can now add working equipment to the Lego White House – or whatever their minds can mechanize.

According to Brixo’s Kickstarter advertisement video, the blocks consist of connector blocks, action blocks, and trigger blocks. A small amount of electrical current runs through the blocks; simply arrange them properly, and watch the action blocks light or begin to move. The trigger blocks can even be programmed to respond to things such as sound and proximity.

Nerds and architects can pre-order the blocks on Boaz Almog’s Kickstarter page – which exceeded its contribution goal by $650,000! Clearly, the world is ready for a new generation of Lego building blocks.