Luiz Carlos Trabuco Fosters Leadership Transitions As Brandao De Mello Steps Down

After years of probing the eventuality of change and how elusive it is, experts, especially in the industry of banking, agree that organizations must embrace change or perish eventually. In this case, that change entails reshuffling in critical areas of the organization. Yet, one of the biggest and challenging aspects in at all is implementing the transition process. For that reason, when Brandao de Mello announced his resignation in late 2017, the employees of Banco Bradesco were somewhat apprehensive. However, since it was time for him depart, the employees had to embrace change and learn how to live with the eventuality of always having a new leader at some point in their lives.

Background Information on Leadership

For more than twenty-five years, Brandao de Mello served at Banco Bradesco. As the chairman, he was in charge of making most of the decisions. Nevertheless, when he turned 91 years old, he felt the need to allow someone else to provide excellent services for his clients. For that reason, a vacuum was left in the bank. Since he had no immediate replacement, he elected one of the most admired leaders to serve for a few months until when the panel for election was ready to select a leader to serve permanently. Luiz Carlos Trabuco oversaw critical operations following his vast experience while first serving as a junior advocate for Banco Bradesco alongside working with his clients to develop diversified portfolios for the bank.

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Service Delivery

From Brandao de Mello’s legacy, allegiance and persistence are the two key lessons that crop out from his commitment to serving Banco Bradesco. Moreover, having joined the bank when he was sixteen, it has been one busy and dedicated road of garnering vast experiences to elevate the service delivery portfolio of the organization. Besides, he was also the longest-serving leader of his kind. Therefore, it was the right time to let go and perhaps allow the leadership reigns take a new dimension.

Carlos Takes Over

As he stepped down, Brandao de Mello was categorical about his plans. For instance, he insisted that Banco Bradesco must only recruit from the already serving leaders. Therefore, he first elected Luiz Carlos Trabuco to step in for the short-while in which the board of directors was still struggling to find a new replacement according to Of course, Trabuco’s election was pegged on the fact that he vastly understands the banking system. Besides, he has been making significant decisions in the organization.

The Overall Replacement

In a few days, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was already serving as Brandao’s replacement at the moment as chairman. Therefore, just like he impressed the board of directors in the past when he joined the organization as a child, he upheld the leadership reigns of Brandao de Mello. From his perspective, the culture inseminated by Brando de Mello had to be passed to the next generation of leaders. Perhaps, that is why when it was time to elect who would permanently take over Carlos as a president was active in the entire election process. Octavio de Lazari became the newly elected president.

The Outline of Leadership

Octavio’s election was primarily pegged on his ability to coordinate technical banking operations. Moreover, it was discussed that he was the best fit for the banking institution because of his vast experience, technical and finance expertise. Over and above that, it was clear that Octavio, just like Luiz Carlos Trabuco, joined Banco Bradesco over four decades ago. Consequently, as he takes over, he is expected to match Brandao’s leadership reigns.


Shafik Sachedina Guides Ismailis Through Excellent Leadership Skills

Ismailis are part of the Muslim community. Generally known to be originating from the Shia branch in the Islam community, Ismailis live in more than 25 different countries. Most importantly, they are spread across South Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe, just to mention a few regions. In matters of faith, the Ismailis affirm what Muslims affirm in terms of truth and honesty.

Background Data

As a community that spreads across different continents, Ismailis rely on their spiritual leaders to unite them through various programs. One such leader is Shafik Sachedina. Dr. Sachedina has been in charge of Institute of Ismaili Studies. He is an inspiring figure whose works and contributions to the growth of this community cannot be understated in any way. In many aspects, Sachedina has played an essential role in uniting Ismailis across different institutions. Aside from that, he has been a role model to different young professionals who aspire to be great doctors, entrepreneurs, business and spiritual leaders. Here is more about Sachedina’s roles, experiences, and career.

Leadership Roles

Sachedina is a very instrumental member of the famous Aga Khan. He is also a contributor to Sussex Healthcare. This facility was founded to cater for the older people. With Sachedina in charge, this mission has often been easy to achieve as he is not only experienced in matters of leadership but also well versed in the healthcare sector.

Team Building

Moreover, Sachedina is a team player and a role model. That explains why at the Ismaili Institute, he fosters peaceful correlations aimed at maintaining cultural relations within the society. In addition, Sachedina helps his people to grasp a more profound understanding of their culture as well as historical orientation. Besides, he has also been an exemplary leader in coordinating their activities through different programs.

Additional Information

Aside from working for Sussex Healthcare as a major contributor and the Ismaili Community, Sachedina has an outstanding career in dental surgery. By profession, he is a certified dental surgeon. Moreover, he is an alumnus of the prestigious London University. In his years in school, Sachedina focused on his education and graduated with honors.


Furthermore, Sachedina is a renowned philanthropist whose works extend to giving back to his community. Besides that, he has been able to work with various charity organizations with the same purpose; to support the afflicted in the community. Sachedina continues to excel in his career and experiences.

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Glen Wakeman is a Mentor Worth Emulation

As the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman brings his capital market, leadership development, and strategic planning capabilities to help transform businesses. Glen Wakeman has traveled to various countries during his career and this has helped him grow his skills and build on his experience in business development and growth. He studied at The University of Scranton and The University of Chicago for his Bachelor Degree and his Master’s Degree respectively ( He worked for various companies including GE Capital. He has led various business into positive growth curves. He has also managed assets worth billions of dollars.

Glen’s main focus in his area of work is mentoring start-ups and helping them enter into new markets, mergers and acquisitions, assisting with the downsizing of companies and also integrations among others. At LaunchPad Holdings, small businesses are given a platform where they are given an opportunity to plan their businesses. Since a lot of companies struggle with coming up with business plans, this platform at LaunchPad Holdings enables them to plan accordingly.

Glen Wakeman also takes his time to blog about current affairs that are impacting business globally, markets that are emerging, the transformation of businesses, leadership skills and finances, how one can raise capital for their business and how to come up with good business strategies. Glen Wakeman is a known enthusiast on matters relating to innovation, growth and development. He uses a five-step plan to assist in the growth of businesses. These five steps are human capital, execution, leadership, management of risk and governance. Over the years he has used this step by step plan and it has worked in improving the performance of various businesses.

Over the years, Glen Wakeman has found himself living in six different countries. Through this, he has been able to apply his step by step plan to guide his teams to business growth. He was recognized by the Board of Directors at GE as an exemplary role model for his leadership skills. His passion to drive businesses into a success led him to come up with a structured platform for young businesses.