Adam Milstein Talks About Anti-Antisemitism In Article

Adam Milstein publishes articles from time to time on Jewish News Syndicate, or JNS for short. His most recent article talked about radical alliances and their impact on anti-semitism around the world.

In the article, Adam Milstein mentioned that anti-Semitism has been present on both the radical left and right as well as within radical Muslim movements. He said that those three sources are beginning to share tactics and ideas on a more frequent basis, which has led to an increase of hate, racism and bigotry.

Adam Milstein gave a number of examples of alliances, such as rally events that took place in Chicago. The two rallies were the Chicago Dyke March and the SlutWalk Chicago. He mentioned that Zionists were derided when they tried to take part in the walk, while three people at the Dyke March were expelled due to displaying Stars of David on their flags.

Adam Milstein continued to say that a Palestinian terrorist who killed two students that were Jewish gave a speech. He accused the organizers of encouraging walkers to go to that speech. He pointed out that the speaker was also deported from America.

Anti-Semitism has also entered into the mainstream, according to what Adam Milstein wrote. He pointed out how Bernie Sanders campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, and how Corbyn worked with Paul Eisen. He said Eisen is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

Adam Milstein finished up by saying that radical groups are focused on destroying the historic homeland of Jewish people, which is Israel. He said wherever possible and whenever they can, radicals will do anything to reach their goal. This includes working alongside those working to stop hate and racism in America or boycotting the country via the BDS movement.

He concluded that the alliances that continue to grow and foster is a threat to Jewish people around the globe as well as those in America.

Michel Burwell’s Path To Success

In an article posted by, Michael Burwell answered a few questions about his life and career. Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson and is constantly looking for new ways to stay productive. He starts his day nice and early at 5am. In the morning he states that making his bed and taking the time to exercise allows him time to think about and organize all the tasks he wants to complete by the end of the day. Burwell also follows several technology companies, mentioning that technology helps people complete their tasks quickly. He admits that getting himself into the right mindset is how he is about to make more with less. This also allows him a chance to bring new ideas to life.


Willis Towers Watson, a broking and solutions firm, hired Michael Burwell in October 2017 after the previous Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay retired. The Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, has stated that he is excited to have Michael Burwell joining their leadership team. With his skills in managing, Haley is sure that Burwell will be producing outstanding results that will shape the future of the company. His strong focus on finance, transformation, and the clients themselves will cause Willis Towers Watson to grow and meet their full potential. In return, Michael Burwell mentioned that he is honored to be able to have the opportunity to be on Willis Towers Watson’s leading team and hopes that he will prove his commitment in the years to come.


Mike Burwell attended Michigan State University where he studied business administration and earned a bachelor’s degree in the same field. Before he was hired by Willis Towers Watson, Mike Burwell spent just over three decades at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, a financial services company. He began working with business advisory services, where he remained for eleven years before he was transferred to Detroit as an elected partner in 1997. In Detroit he was extremely successful. Seeing this success, he was transferred again to the Central branch and joined a leadership role there. In 2009 he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. It only took three more years for Mike Burwell to become the Vice Chairman of Global and U.S. Transformation. He found his time at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP to be a rewarding and educating experience.



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Michael Burwell’s Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Michael Burwell’s journey to the top of the corporate ladder has not been easy, but yet swift. Today, Burwell is not only the CFO owners of Willis Towers Watson but also a COO, the Head of Global Transformation, and the Head of Transaction Services for companies spread all over the United States.


Before his appointment as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell used to work for PwC, one of largest auditing companies in the world. For sure, Burwell has come a long way. With over three decades experience in matters finance and professional services, Burwell gets set to take Willis Towers Watson to a whole new level.


You cannot count out Burwell when it comes to matters regarding auditing and Transaction Services advisory. In reality, Michael Burwell has accumulated more than a decade of working experience in both fields. Therefore, the sun is certainly shining on Willis Towers Watson now that Burwell is the driver of its financial affairs.


Michael’s move to join Willis Towers Watson has got welcomed by many, including the current CEO of the organization, John Haley, who feels that there are great things in store for the corporation now that Burwell is a permanent member.


The team at Watson is confident about Michael’s appointment since Burwell gets reputed for being a straightforward guy. Secondly, Burwell has a background in leadership and management, two skills that will benefit Willis Towers Watson greatly.


As a businessman, Burwell has surely worked on his journey to the top. Atop of the skills mentioned earlier, Burwell has industry knowledge in tax, US GAAP, portfolio management, internal controls, and mergers & acquisitions.


The alumnus of the Michigan State University has surely built a legacy. His peers have gone ahead to define Burwell as a leader who is able to take on complex matters and convert them into results that are palatable to all consumers. It is by maintaining a strong focus on clients that Michael has been able to build one hell of a career.


Burwell, before taking charge of the Willis Towers Watson congratulated the former CFO, Roger, for his outstanding performance while at the corporation. Michael believes that Roger gets set for much greater things even as he exit the Willis Towers Watson, all thanks to his excellent track record. Go To This Page for more information.


It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Michael Burwell’s expertise in leadership and business administration is what has propelled his short career to greatness. Therefore, the world is lucky to have a man like Michael Burwell.


Shiraz Boghani: Leading The Way In Hospitality And Healthcare

Hospitality and philanthropy are industries that require a high calling. There are only a few people who have strived and succeeded in both fields of work, but Shiraz Boghani is one of them.


Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a hotelier and philanthropist who made a name for himself through his career on volunteerism spirit. Shiraz Boghani has created an impact in the UK for his achievements in the hotels and restaurant management, as well as his service for the Ismaili community. In 2016, Shiraz Boghani received the Hotelier of the Year Award in the Asian Business Awards. He bested many others with his achievements, for establishing one of the earliest set of limited service branded hotels.


At present, he is the chairperson of Splendid Hotels Group. The organization owns 20 hotels in the United Kingdom and is currently growing and innovating to provide more lodging facilities for tourists and locals.



More About Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is also an entrepreneur by nature. He also became the co-founder of Sussex Health Care, a known nursing home institution with several care homes around the West Sussex area. One of his roles in Sussex Health Care is to ensure high-quality service provided by the staff and professionals, overseeing the condition of the facilities, and managing other service-related manners for the nursing homes. Being the field of hospitality for many years, Shiraz Boghani prides himself on giving the best customer care both in the healthcare and hospitality industry. Visit This Page for more information.



Other Achievements of Shiraz Boghani

As previously mentioned, Shiraz Boghani won the Hotelier of the Year Award in 2016. This recognition reflects his dedication to his work, and his ability to provide quality service despite his many roles in both industries. At present, Shiraz Boghani was able to launch one of the biggest hotels in London, the Hilton London Bankside. The whole project is valued to be at around $121 million. Through his leadership, the Splendid Hospitality Group was also able to acquire Holiday Inn, the Grand Hotel & Spa, New Ellington and Conrad London St. James.



Shiraz Boghani’s Acts of Service

Shiraz Boghani didn’t only find satisfaction in his career achievements. One of his strongest desires is giving back to the community. He became a volunteer to serve the Ismaili community in the UK, and he holds one of the highest positions at the Aga Khan Foundation. Mr. Boghani is one of the key persons to promote projects that will help the said community. His acts of service shine as much as his stellar career life.



Sahm Adrangi and the report on QuinStreet Inc.

Sahm Adrangi and the report on QuinStreet Inc.

Sahm Adrangi is the co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer for Kerrisdale Capital, and he recently released a controversial report about QuinStreet Inc. QuinStreet is a marketing company that uses the internet as their platform, and it was alleged that the stocks of the company had quadrupled out of the blues. According to Sahm Adrangi, QuinStreet has been a publicly traded company for the past eight, and their track record has been a little worrying. Most investors pondered on the survival of the firm with the exponential revolution in online advertising.

The stocks of the company traded for less than half of the IPO price of the organization. Also, the reality of the matter is that most investors in the firm are in the dark concerning what businesses the firm is involved in. QuinStreet Inc maintains a stand that their sources originate from valuable advertiser clients. This is contrary to the findings that Kerrisdale Capital published through CIO Sahm Adrangi putting forward that the leads of the firm came from a fake site called Besides, had also created traffic to the site by paying users to click on the links for advertising.

It begs disturbing questions and leaves the reputation of the firm hanging on the ropes. Following research conducted that involved former employees of the firm and other participants in the business, it was concluded that QuinStreet has nothing unique to give it a competitive edge in the market. Reports indicated that their technology was not steadfast and their affiliate relationships seemed sour. The company has also been dreaded by a series of lawsuits, and the firm is yet to evolve at the rate of other participants in the industry hence ruining the morale of the workforce. The most stunning of all is that the pioneers and leading investors in QuinStreet such as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Investment Officer have started relinquishing their shares in the firm. Investors need to weigh their scales tactfully when it comes to QuinStreet Inc because there is a reason for this firm to be doubted.

Michael Burwell’s New Journey With Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson recently made the decision to bring Michael Burwell on board as the new CFO. Burwell is coming in as a replacement for previous CFO Roger Millay. Millay retired in the fall of 2017, welcoming in a new era of his life. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, hailing from PwC. Burwell is no stranger to leadership, having held numerous senior roles including, COO and CFO for the United States, and acting as the Head of Global Transformation. With more than 10 years of audit experience and 12 years of experience with Transactions.


Burwell’s experience is vast, spanning to other areas of transactions on the back end. One of the most fascinating areas of Burwell’s work was spent in the pre-merger stage, as well as taking clients to the next level by giving them a valuation. The CEO, John Haley has spoken out about the excitement around Burwell’s joining the team. He says that the company is at a new place in it’s history, moving forward with growth and the transition came at the right time. Most importantly, they are confident that with Burwell’s skills and knowledge, that they will be able to excel within their marketplace. Go To This Page for more information.


Naturally, Burwell is equally excited about his coming on board with the firm. Burwell stated in a recent article that he was proud to be a part of the firm. Coming to a long-standing firm such as Willis Watson Towers was an honor for him. Their history speaks of their dedication to excellence in their advisory as a global firm, turning risk into growth for their clients.


Michael Burwell’s mantra has always been, “Be a good listener”. His longest time with a company so far has been with Price Waterhouse, where he spent 31 years advising. Shortly thereafter, Burwell was invited to come on board with PwC in Detroit, Michigan where he would be asked to take over the leadership of their central U.S. transactions. He earned his bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Michigan State University, and his title is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Burwell was named as the Alumnus of the Year for Michigan State University in 2010.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

Staying 20 Into Your 60’s

The coolest thing about starting your own business is that you can finally show the world what you’re all about and make people smile in the way that you always wanted to. This is precisely what Jeunesse’s founders Wendy and Randy wound up doing when they joined together on September 9, 2009 to unify their vision of turning back the years for men and women all over the world. Their commitment to functional products backed by common science and a sound philosophy has generated a reverent following in their wake.

Jeunesse has also earned itself a spot on a registry of the 500 quickest developing sales firms in the world, and this serves as a testament to the power of their products. As a company that emphasizes the untapped potential of the human body, their Youth Enhancement System is an all-natural answer to the age-old question of why the body can’t seem to repair its own ailments as the years stack up. As it turns out, the answer was always a simple one: We never provided the right resources.

Enhancing Youth, Nine Steps at a Time

The Youth Enhancement System is broken down into nine separate approaches to wellness that are further divided into specialized product line-ups each forming a specific regimen designed to handle age-related damage in a highly targeted manner. Because every part of the system’s setup is formulated to simply equip the body with an armamentarium and allows nature to do the rest, it’s incorrect to say that Jeunesse’s offerings can cure or treat any illness. You’re still recommended to review your conditions with a medical professional.

The nine categories of youth-enhancing products include solutions for free radical breakdown, excessive immune suppression, chronic inability to balance muscle and fat make-up, morning sleepies and mid-day lethargy. There are products that also tackle issues of restless sleep, common skin flaws and persistent brain fog. The products are cited in testimonies to work with great effect on a day-to-day basis, and thanks to the completely natural formulas that make them up, there’s minimal risk involved with trying them out.

How Willis Towers Watson Used Michael Burwell As A CFO Replacement

Willis Towers Watson lost their CFO because he retired. He was a great CFO and Willis Towers Watson knew it would be somewhat difficult to find the best replacement. They knew there were things they were looking for in a CFO and that’s what led to them trying to make the best search possible. They felt good about the work they did, and they always tried to give people a chance at a better life. They knew there were things they could do and knew there were opportunities people had to be successful. It was their way of making sure they could do things right.


As long as Michael Burwell was working, he knew the right way to try things on his own. He also knew it would take a lot of hard work to get to the point where he was at. For Michael Burwell, the point of doing these things was giving everyone a chance at a better future. It was also his way of making sure people knew what they were doing and knew there were things that would allow them to grow with the business opportunities they had. Michael Burwell knew things would get better and knew things would always show people how they could do everything right.


Burwell is a CPA and a Michigan State University alumnus, who graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration. He also believes in longevity and applying maximum effort towards any role that he is tasked with. Michael Burwell keeps working hard. He is a CPA and knows there are things he can do as a CPA. He plans on giving everyone a chance at a better future. It doesn’t matter to Michael Burwell whether he is working with individuals or large companies. He gives everyone the same attention they need to handle their finances the right way. Michael Burwell spent a long time perfecting the techniques he uses to give everyone the options they can take advantage of. If he knows how to help them, he can give them financial freedom. There are things that will help him grow.


Now that he’s working as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson, he’s still using the skills he learned as a CPA. He has to maintain that attitude to help the company thrive. If he knows how to give them what they’re looking for, he’ll always have a chance to keep Willis Towers Watson as successful as possible. He also has to give people a chance to try things on their own. For Michael Burwell, the point of growing the company is giving them the things they need no matter what.   Go To This Page for more information.


Stream Energy’s Philanthropy to Heighten with the Launch of Stream Cares

In the interest of philanthropic causes, Stream Energy launched Stream Cares. The newly launched initiative will oversee the firm’s activities related to giving back to society, which has been part of the Dallas-based firm since its inception in 2005.

Looking back, Stream Energy has indeed made considerable strides in alleviating human suffering in Texas. The firm which started out a retail electricity company has never turned its back on the less fortunate or communities affected by disasters. Stream Energy’s responses during and after Hurricane Harvey and its philanthropic gestures towards the homeless and Dallas-area veterans are cases in point. What’s more, the company collaborates with like-minded organizations—such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army—to create favorable synergies in attending to charitable causes.

Hurricane Harvey hit the Greater Houston in 2017, displacing thousands of residents and causing destructions running into hundreds of millions. Stream Energy immediately swung into action, aiding in healing and rebuilding the affected areas. The company, apart from contributing $25,000 to the American Red Cross, helped the organization to receive donations from well-wishers. The most notable gesture from the company, however, was directed to its clients in the affected areas; Stream Energy extended deadlines for payment of recent invoices.

As the number of homeless people continues to soar, Stream’s steadfast resolve is to contribute whatever little in its possession to brighten the lives of the homeless. The company in collaboration with Hope Supply Co. sponsors Splash for Hope. The program in its simplest form delivers a fun experience to the homeless children. The children are taken to local water parks, where they enjoy fun activities. They also are accorded monetary assistance and basic supplies.

Stream’s sphere of philanthropy extends to Dallas-area veterans and their children. Once in a while, the company, through its Operations Once in a Lifetime, treats the less fortunate veterans and their children to exclusive meals. Stream Energy even caters to their transportation costs. The company is interested in being involved in charitable causes beyond writing checks to donate money.

Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Adam Milstein Discusses anti-Semitism on JNS.Org

Adam Milstein, the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council and real estate figure, is an author on, also known as the “Jewish News Syndicate”. In his piece entitled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide”, he outlines how Muslims typify and stereotype Jews into a certain archetype that is based on unfounded facts and the hyper-Left wing sector of America which supports anti-Semitic ideals.

In his article, Milstein mentions the likes of Linda Sarsour: a political activist whose leadership presence and role has been made known at the feminists’ “Women’s March” in Washington, D.C. Linda Sarsour is praised as a leader of feminism, yet (Adam Milstein asserts) that she supports a controversial topic which is commonly known as “Sharia law”. Some of the core tenets of Sharia law include stoning women, executing homosexuals by various means, and also just generally trampling on various forms of women’s rights. So the hypocrisy, Adam Milstein is saying, is beyond the scope of what a rational person would consider to be logical. He goes on to state Muslims in America essentially get a free pass for their anti-Semitic views because they are typified in the media as being all the same, “as one block”, and that this is not just. That Jews are also typified as being “all powerful” and that all problems related with Jews are, in the eyes of Muslims, the fault of the Jews which stem directly from the “Elders of Zion.”


Adam Milstein goes on to explain how Sarsour supports Siraj Wajjah, the unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center explosion. He also cites many more examples throughout history where anti-Semitism has been prevalent, how it’s reach has been increasing, and how its existence (predominantly on university campuses) and undermining the greatness of America and the Jewish people.