Executive Stephen Murray Was A Shining Star in The Business World

The financial industry has many people who are well known for either leading a company or providing outstanding performance. The professionals in the financial industry understand that success is often measured by financial numbers.

The numbers are easy to see, and the people producing the numbers are easy to find. It is hard for people to hide in the financial industry. Most companies depend on numbers to survive, so numbers are viewed constantly. This means that the professionals in the financial industry are judged on a regular basis.

This is true of all financial professionals, but it is especially true regarding executives. The role of executives in financial companies is stressful and very competitive. The competition comes from other financial companies and also from within the same company. All professionals want to be recognized as top performers and in the financial industry top performers are recognized, praised, and rewarded.

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One of the most respected executives in the financial industry recently passed away at the age of 52. His name was Stephen Murray. As the CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray guided the company to great success. In addition to being the CEO, Stephen Murray was also the founding partner. A savvy businessman who understood the financial industry from all angles, Stephen Murray made a name for himself through successfully doing his job. Whether as a young man starting in the financial industry or as the CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray produced successful results.

Many executives have a management team around them, and this management team does a lot to help the company on a daily basis. While Stephen Murray had a management team, the team was there to assist him. Stephen Murray was the defined leader. He made the decisions, and he ran the company as the CEO of CCMP Capital. His team followed his lead.

There are few executives in the financial industry like Stephen Murray. He was a person who understood business, but he also understood people. Stephen Murray created an atmosphere at CCMP Capital that made the company feel like a family. He was an executive who was demanding concerning work performance. However, he knew how to manage people.

Stephen Murray will leave a lasting memory on the company that he founded CCMP Capital, and the people who worked at the company. Mr. Murray accomplished a great deal in his professional career. While professional accomplishments are great, Stephen Murray will be remembered for more than establishing a financial firm or the other achievements recognized during his professional career. Stephen Murray will also be remembered as a family man and a caring man.

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John Goullet’s Life and Career Achievements

John Goullet at Info Technologies

John Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994. Previously, he worked as an IT consultant then switched to an IT staffing officer. With a broad background in IT staffing industry, Mr. Goullet founded Info Technologies to offer IT staffing solutions and services to Fortune 500 companies. While at Info Technologies, Mr. Goullet would focus on the corporate IT staffing industry as well as specific clients’ needs. Mr. Goullet would match his personal drive, leadership skills, and commitment to developing solutions and services to meet customer expectations. Under his tenure, Info Technologies grew to a global-scale organization, having featured twice as the fastest growing enterprises in the United States on the list of magazine’s Inc. 500. At one point, Info Technologies ranked eighth among the most promising startups in the nation.

John Goullet at DIVERSANT

DIVERSANT LLC ranks as the most prestigious African-American owned IT staffing firm in the United States. DIVERSANT LLC reflects its leadership’s commitment, professionalism, and personal drive in developing IT staffing solutions. While other IT staffing firms struggle, DIVERSANT LLC experiences growth even during the economic depression. In fact, as a market leader, DIVERSANT LLC has built an excellent reputation as a reliable and responsive IT staffing firm. As the Principal of DIVERSANT LLC, Mr. Goullet embarks on developing new mechanisms to finding solutions to diverse challenges in the ever-evolving IT marketplace. As an entrepreneur behind the success of a series of businesses, Mr. Goullet is instrumental to the success of DIVERSANT LLC.

John Goullet IdeaMensch

According to Mr. Goullet, business ideas are brought to light by paying attention to the labor markets. The idea to venture into the IT staffing industry came after realizing a shortage of IT professionals in the United States since only a few students graduate with IT skills. As such, John Goullet looks forward to developing a pipeline of IT skills required by the market.

John Goullet Wiki

Besides being an IT professional, Goullet is an entrepreneur behind the success of a series of highly valued ventures in the IT sector. Mr. Goullet’s career in the IT staffing industry started in 1994 as an IT consultant before switching to an IT staffing officer.

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The Life and the Successful Career of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was a New York-based private equity investor and a philanthropist. He was born in August 1962 and passed away in March 2015 at the age of 52. Murray was the CEO and the founding partner of CCMP Capital Advisors where he served until he resigned in 2015. Stephen Murray graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1984 from Boston College. He later pursued a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University in New York.


Stephen Murray’s Career Background

Stephen Murray began his career in 1984 as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After five years working with the company, he joined MH Equity Corporation, which comprised of the private equity and the finance unit of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturer Hanover in 1991 and later merged with MH Equity and Chase Manhattan Corporation. The three mergers formed Chase Capital Partners that later became JPMorgan in 2006. Stephen Murray later co-founded CCMP Capital, which is an extension of JP Morgan.

Stephen Murray was a member of the board at Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, and Legacy Hospital Partners.


CCMP Capital

CCPM Capital is one of the leading private equity firms in the world. The company makes investments of $100 million to $500 million in every transaction in the healthcare, industrial, consumer, and energy sectors. Stephen Murray contributed significantly to the growth and success of the company for the years that he served as the Chief Executive Officer and President. In 2014, Mr. Murray led CCMP into raising $3.6 billion of funding, which earned him a position in the SEC filings.

Stephen Murray was a renowned dealmaker and investor at the private equity firm. He left the private equity firm two months before he passed away citing some health related reasons. His resignation and death came as a surprise to many at CCMP Capital who he worked with for 16 years. Greg Brenneman succeeded him as the President and the CEO of the firm.


Mr. Murray supported various non-profit organizations in the United States. The different charities that he took part in include Make a Wish Foundation in New York, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and Stamford Museum. Stephen Murray also supported various educational institutions in the country including Boston College as the chair of the board of trustees and Columbia Business School. He left behind his wife and four sons who reside in Stamford Connecticut.

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Scaling Up Your Company

Starting a small business from scratch requires a lot of hard work. Don Ressler was able to do that with a variety of companies, and we can learn a lot from his experience. Based out of California, he has a start up mindset that a lot of people are adopting. He had to be very creative when it came to funding for JustFab. This is a company that is a dream of his, and he has worked hard to get it where it is today. If you want to invest in your future, this is a great way to do so. Over time, he has been able to scale things in a way that are sustainable for the future. Ressler has always invested in growth, and he has asked for funding help when he needs it.

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From the time he was in school, Don Ressler was interested in started his own business. There are a lot of people who feel the same way, but few people are willing to put in the work to get there. Over the long term, starting up your own business is a lot of hard work. If you wan to succeed, you have to be willing to sacrifice in certain areas of your life. Don Ressler worked hard to get things scaled up with JustFab, and in just a few years it is one of the most successful companies in the industry. He was able to get there by the funding that he raised. He also has other companies like Intelligent Beuaty and Intermix.


One of the most important parts of having success as a small business is planning on Crunchbase. When he first started out, Don Ressler knew what his long term goals were. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to his thoughts on a variety of subjects. If you want to invest in your future business, having a solid plan is essential. When it came to JustFab, he wanted to make sure that he was thinking about the future with every decision that he made. That is why Don Ressler was so against borrowing a bunch of money to reach his goals. He knew that this would just eat into his cash flow and cause a lot of issues down the road. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in recent years.

More information on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabletics.


Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success

UPDATE: November 23, 2016

GrowthHackers.com is a great place for marketing professionals to share knowledge and ideas with each other. Imagine my excitement when I saw that Kenneth Goodgame made a profile on the site. This is amazing news, not only for other marketing professionals, but the entire industry! Give it a look today and see what kind of ideas and strategies you can get with Kenneth’s insider knowledge!

UPDATE: October 31, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame recently decided to get a change of scenery. He has relocated to the great state of Arizona. His immense experience in the marketing sector enabled him to gain traction and make this move. His prominence in the profit and loss management departments had also benefited him to form capable and quality teams in Arizona help him fulfill his responsibilities.

For more information visit the link below:


UPDATE: September 21, 2016

While he has primarily held positions that were related to merchandising, that isn’t to imply that Kenneth Goodgame lacks experience in other areas as well. In fact, he has also served on the board of a number of companies in a directorial or general manager capacity. This versatility has proven to be incredibly useful throughout Goodgame’s career, as it has allowed him to take hold of floundering companies and provide them with a clear path moving forward

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame is working his marketing magic. He has officially taken True Value to the next level! They just posted their quarterly earnings and the results are nothing short of amazing. Ken Goodgame is the man with the plan, and it’s definitely paying off.

Kenneth Goodgame has been the Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of the True Value Hardware Company since 2013. He received his education at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, studying Marketing and Finance. He is well known for building high performance teams and is an expert in profit/loss management. With True Value he is leading the company with his experience, product knowledge and customer-focused philosophy. His innovative programs are designed to create instant impact in the global marketplace as his product launching techniques have helped to make True Value Company an internationally recognized brand.

Before joining the True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame was the Global Materials Manager(GMM) for Ace Hardware where he drove record sales and designed a long-term growth plan. He developed new products and improved existing processes. His business experience is vast, starting with merchandise management positions with well-known companies, The Home Depot and Black and Decker. In 2002, he was offered the job of president of Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, where he designed innovative programs in infection reducing micro-fiber cleaning products still used in hospitals today. He also created and patented “wave break” technology in their mop bucket systems.

Although Goodgame is best known for his leadership in the areas of product creation and brand recognition, his creativity in packaging, sales and promotional planning have proved to be just as important. He also has the leadership ability to take many ideas and consolidate them into a focused, unified vision. This empowers his colleagues, since they all know they are making significant contributions to the productivity of the company. His long term vision for the companies he has worked with, helped to establish and sustain their place in the market and solidified his place as a true innovator and leader in the retail world.

Kenneth Goodgame is a leader that any company would be proud to have on their team. True Value Company is certainly on their way to continued success with Mr. Goodgame leading the way.

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Stephen Murray’s Legacy

Stephen Murray ran one of the largest companies in the world, CCMP Capital. This company was a management agency on LinkedIn that managed a large number of multi-million dollar organizations. Not only was Stephen Murray the CEO of this company, but he actually helped to found it.

Stephen Murray began his career right after he got his undergraduate degree. He was initially employed as an intern with the company. At the time, it was called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This was a bank holding company that managed a number of well known financial institutions. After his internship and completion of his master’s in business administration, Murray became one of their employees.

The company changed a lot over the course of time and changed names, but he remained employed with this same organization. During his career, he began to gain notoriety. In 2006, he began to work with other employees to create CCMP Capital. Shortly after the creation of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray became it’s chief executive officer. In this position, he helped CCMP Capital to manage a wide variety of companies ranging from hospitals to bargain outlets.

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In addition to being a successful CEO, Murray also gave to a number of well known philanthropic organizations. Two of these organizations were the Make-A-Wish Foundation and an organization that provides food to the needy. In addition to philanthropic organizations, he also donated to the Stamford Museum and his two alma matters of Columbia University and Boston College.

Unfortunately, Stephen Murray is no longer with us. He passed away a bit over a year ago during April of 2015. However, he had continued to serve an integral role in CCMP Capital on wsj.com up until around one month prior to his death. Many people with the company and outside of the company have fond memories of him. While it was difficult for the company to go on without him, CCMP Capital is still a thriving company. It can be expected that the company he worked to create will go on for many years to come.

Todd Lubar Achievements in the Real Estate Community

Todd Lubar is a successful serial entrepreneur in the world. Lubar decided to venture into the Real Estate industry in the year 1995. After working in this department for a while, Todd realized that his experience in business and his great desire to help other people would help him succeed and at the same time finance his career.

His first major decision in the business was a loan originator with a company known as Crestar Mortgage Corporation. This was an excellent idea for the businessman because he was able to learn the concept of Mortgage banking. Later on, this knowledge helped him in his career. Todd Lubar has spent most of his career developing unique relationships with different real estate agents, financing planners, CPA’s and insurance agents who are known to form a substantial base as a source of referral business.

After four years, Todd Lubar took an important step in his journey to advance his knowledge by acquiring an equity position. He gained the position with an organization known as the Legacy Financial Group. This was a significant milestone for the business because Todd got an opportunity to expand lending capabilities. He was now able to broke loans to the outside investors and at the same time give loans as a Direct Mortgage bank.

In the year 2002, Todd Lubar realized that it was time to take his Real Estate focus to a better level. He decided to open a company known as Legendary Properties. The company served consumers as a residential development firm. This proved to be a significant milestone to the businessman because there was rapid rehabilitation, the progression of purchasing, profiting and selling on more than two hundred transactions.

Starting Legendary Properties gave the merchant an opportunity to develop unique relationships with different professionals who are experienced in all building trades. This aspect made hi produce high-quality products and in a short duration of time. Todd also managed to establish several relations with some of the major banking companies in the country. He was also able to set credit lines that went as high as twenty million dollars. The businessman continues to do well in his business up to date.

JMH Development finishes a major property in South Beach

Miami is a beautiful city that attracts millions of beautiful people every year. The city has wonderful beaches, bars, and people. Because the city is constantly attracting new and bright people, there is a constant demand for new developments. To keep the city exciting top real estate developers are constantly working with their partners to change life for the better. JMH Development is one of the top real estate developers in the city, and they are constantly working to change Miami for the better.


Recently, JMH Development opened a huge new hotel in South Beach. This new hotel includes 235 rooms and is the ideal building for trendy Miami Beach. Jason Halpern is a major leader at JMH Development, and he is extremely confident in the deal. JMH Development worked on the hotel in partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures. The development reused an old property, the old Motel Ankara, and it also added an eight-story tower. Plaza Construction handled the construction and the company hired ADD, Inc as the architect for the project. The project went extremely smoothly, and Aloft South Beach opened in 2015.


Since opening in 2015, Aloft South Beach re-branded itself as Gate Hotel. The Gate hotel is a major improvement for hotel goers in South Beach. The hotel offers the nicest possible facilities, and they also offer huge rooms. The average room is 360 square feet, much larger than competing hotel rooms. Gate hotel also offers visitors access to prime waterfront property. The property has access to both Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, and it is only a block away from Miami Beach. The hotel is sure to be a great success.


JMH Development is extremely proud of this project. The company is a leading full-service real estate development company that is changing the marketplace. Jason Halpern founded the company several years ago. Halpern has years of experience in the field and comes from a talented real estate family. Jason has built a great reputation in the real estate field because he is willing to build relationships with people throughout every city. He expects JMH Development to keep growing for years to come.


Making it in the REAL Estate Industry- Boraie Development LLC

Being an entrepreneur like Omar Boraie is one thing and having a successful enterprise is another thing altogether. Real estate business has been growing tremendously in the recent years with investors in the industry getting a high yield in profit. Establishing a real estate company is not an easy task as a huge amount of capital is needed.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company that offers a broad range of services in the construction industry. The company was founded by Omar Boraie an Egyptian immigrant who relocated to New Brunswick 40 years ago. Omar is a Ph.D. holder in Chemistry. The company is responsible for providing services such as real estate development, sales, and marketing, as well as property management.

The real estate company constructed a two-tower building in 1985 at 120 Albany Street just to the spring street corner. The founder of the organization describes them the construction of the building as a scramble. Boraie mentioned the intervention of the large pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson as a big step that enabled them to construct the building. The Boraie Development LLC of Omar Boraie is proud of what they have been doing, and today they can excitedly stand in the hallway of 120 Albany streets where their headquarters is located and show the number of buildings they have constructed and the ones in progress.

Currently, the Boraie Development LLC on njspotlight.com is putting up a building that will be a New York-style apartment tower at One Spring Street downtown. They have described the apartments to super-high-end and mentioned that there is nothing else that can compete with the apartments in New Jersey. The company has hired a competitive team of architect and are targeting the who is who in the society as their customers.

Boraie Development LLC does not only engage in the construction business but it also a property management firm. They know how important is to manage resources and they have this as their inclusive policy. The organization understands the importance of managing property as it enables them generate extra value to their asset over time. They are responsible for renovating their properties often as well as retaining them with incomparable details. Boraie property management services include maintenance, accounting, administration, leasing, customer service as well as marketing.

Omar Boraie is enthusiastic and devoted to engage their vision, reliability and capital to every project they undertake. The company has been in existence for 30 years and have gained experience in the real estate industry making them the most pursued after company in New Jersey. Their aim is to develop projects that attract tenants, residents and financial partners who see the benefit of their long term proprietorship commitment.

8 Tips For Finding A Rental In Panama

1. Buy below market values

Ensure your purchasing the property at a price to make a profit. After all, the income earned by tenants must be greater than the costs incurred by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is best to consult a broker who has knowledge of the costs of real estate in Panama, plus you can conduct your own market research.

2. Choose the right neighborhood

Panama City has broad market condominium. Most condos to rent are aimed at those seeking accommodation a short period of time. The market for long-term rentals still exists on dateas.com, but is not as common. For tenants looking for something long term, study neighborhoods midrange.

3. Be aware of the laws of Panama rental

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the relevant rules relating to rental real estate in Panama.

4. Make sure there services available

If you are interested in renting your property to quality tenants, then you must ensure access to public and private services. For example: a place to park can be a big problem in certain neighborhoods in Panama City. Many of the newest condominiums also offer pool, gym, private parking, social areas, and security 24 hours a day.

5. Inspect the quality of construction

In Panama, the quality of buildings can vary greatly. It is important to review the history of the developer says Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is recommended to seek the services of a licensed housing inspector to help you identify any potential maintenance problems. Many dangers lurk in real estate.

6. Managing rental property

If you do not live or plan to live full time in Panama, consider rental property administration like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Absent Homeowners run into problems that could have been prevented if they had been living near the property.

7. Something big is not always better

When considering buying a rental property, be sure to analyze the market. Something big is not always better. Consider the number of rooms it has, restrooms, kitchen appliances, if you rent furnished or not, and what kind of services provided.

8. Public services can increase

The cost of public services may vary significantly from one tenant to another. Therefore, you should insist that your tenant place these services in their name and pay them directly. Thus, if costs increase, or tenants fail to pay, you are not responsible.

Sobre Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
A Venezuela original who is a professional executive within five major companies of Panama. Sr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa plays a vital role in the Panamá business community. He helps businesses to grow, mentor young adults, and Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa strives to improve the economic conditions.