The Osteo Relief Institute Great Works in the Health Sector

Osteoarthritis (OA) is defined as a degenerative disease of the joints. It can also be referred to as degenerative arthritis. In summary, it refers to all joint conditions that experience pain. There are over 100 types and the condition is affecting a sum of over 50 million Americans. It can affect both genders but is more common to women than men. It can also be considered as the primary source of disability in the world.

It mainly occurs when the cartilage, a strong-rubber material in the joints that covers both ends of every bone breaks down, causing swelling, pain, and problems when it comes to moving the joint. The cartilage acts as a smooth cushion between bones. When they break down, spurs are produced which end up floating around the joints. Spurs are growths that swell after the bones break down. Through inflammatory, enzymes and proteins develop and they further destroy the cartilage. Finally, it wears away making bones to rub against each other causing more joint injuries and severe pain (

The main causes of osteoarthritis are hereditary. Other sources include being overweight, previous injuries, and old age, especially people who are about 65 years. The disadvantage is that there is no cure to treat it, but there are ways to manage the pain and swelling. This can be achieved through medical treatments, therapy, daily exercise, and routine. Excessive pain and swelling may finally lead one to undergo surgery to execute its removal. The operations include joint fusions, repair, and replacements.

About Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute is based in New Jersey is one of the medical centers that provide patients with knee treatments like osteoarthritis without performing surgeries. Osteo Relief Institute is known for its latest technology that helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain and any joint disorder.

Osteo Relief Institute is known for its amazing services, and their prices are readily affordable to the patients. The experienced doctors and nurses in Osteo Relief Institute are well skilled, and the center is equipped with enough technology to deal with osteoarthritis. The center is renowned for quality services and most patients opt for their service.


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Susan McGalla As a High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– Pennsylvania’s newest source for local business news,, has just featured McGalla in a post. Follow the link below to read more.

UPDATE: April 5th, 2017Susan McGalla and the Steelers family are excited about the recent prospects: 20 in 20 days to be exact! Catch up on the latest by going to Yahoo Sports. Link at bottom of the page.

UPDATE: February 27th, 2017: Susan McGalla is proud to announce the newly name vice presidents to the Steelers family! Read more here:

UPDATE: As of August 25, 2016 McGalla has a new position as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club. See press coverage of McGalla’s work for the Steelers here:

Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

Want to dress like a Steeler? Team launches eCommerce fashion site



Many women have made it on top of their careers in various fields one can think of. However, a good number of them are still in the dark on the practical measures they can take to be successful. Today, unequal pay, inequality and lack of women in the boardroom have been a talk of the past even though there are still tiny talks about such drawbacks. Various steps have been taken by either the government or non-governmental organizations to curb such challenges. Despite this, some powerful women have proved that they are very efficient leaders, and they are fit to take up any challenge. Women are well-known to have a superb blend of personality that helps them undertake various roles. Such women are taking a stance in the corporate world as well as lead roles in companies or establishing and managing their own ventures.

The business world, for instance, has had very powerful women and others are still on the rise. The business sector was once known to be a no-go zone for women since men had populated it, but today, this has taken a significant turn and business women like Susan McGalla are making themselves known. Such women are also excellent role models and are willing to help other women get to the top of their careers. They exude innate skills that are essential factors in the management positions they hold. They are good at networking, a vital element in the corporate world and are easy to earn trust.

Susan McGalla ( is one of the successful business women who know what it takes to get up the ladder and maintain the position. For McGalla hard work, versatility, passion and confidence are inevitable traits to earning pleasing results in life. She understands that nothing comes on a silver platter, and it is up to the individual to identify their potential and powerful traits to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. She had it in mind that she was endowed with greatness, and it was only her who could unlock the chest that carried the priceless commodity.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC based in Pittsburgh as well as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers. She has extensive expertise in the retail and clothing sectors that have attracted notable personalities in the finance sector who need insight in matters dealing with marketing, talent management, product merchandising, branding and others. McGalla started working at Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994 and later joined American Eagle Outfitters. She stood to her principles on work ethics, and her hard work earned her the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer of the whole company. Prior to this, she was promoted to being the president and CMO for the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. She then left the company on her own terms to become a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries but Wet Seal pleaded to have her as its CEO. She became the company’s CEO in January 2011 and later left to become a consulting expert.



20 Prospects in 20 Days


Balancing work and family life: in the footsteps of Susan McGalla

***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– Susan has just been featured in a post on Philly Purge, the Pennsylvania’s newest and most trusted source for news and events in the area. Check out the link below for details on what they had to say.

**UPDATE** April 13th, 2017According to, the Steelers’ top candidates for the 2017 season are prime for a winning team. Read more below about these rising stars.

Susan P. McGalla (May 31, 1964) is a renowned Businesswoman and executive consultant from East Liverpool, Ohio who has reached the apex of professional success while maintaining a perfect balance between her work and family life. She is mostly known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc, and director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. She is an Alma Mater from Mount Union College and currently serving as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting.

This is truly an amazing achievement for a businesswoman like Susan who is equally successful in her personal life as well. She is happily married with Stephen McGalla and manages time for both her professional and personal life at the same without any compromise. In her recent article on titled “Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips from Susan McGalla,” she has shared her secrets on how she managed to do so.

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Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign
Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips From Susan McGalla

According to Susan, the very first thing that people should do in balancing their professional and personal life is to utilize their downtime with fun and relaxing activities that will freshen up the mind and soul. So, everyone should prioritize utilizing their downtime as a priority rather than sitting idle. Secondly, Susan McGalla suggests that we should let go our draining activities that have no point or accomplishes nothing. By saying goodbye to those useless activities, we will get more time to enjoy our life and do something meaningful. We should also get some exclusive time for ourselves to seek serenity and tranquility. This could be anything such as some quiet time or a few hours of personal pampering.

Susan also advocates for physical activities that can create a sense of control among the busy mothers. A workout in the gym or a jogging session in the neighborhood park will be truly rejuvenating for people who are jam-packed and hectic everyday schedule. Her fifth tip is to review all of our little tasks to make them more efficient such purchasing things online rather than spending hours in traffic on the way to shops. However, according to her, if we want to make the perfect balance in our life, we should first admit to ourselves that we are not perfect and a little bit of slack won’t hurt. Once we realize this, we will be stress-free and able to see life in an easy way. In the same way, we should also let go our constant feeling of guilt as well.

Susan also suggests that we should avoid technology i.e. PC, smartphones for a while that always keeps us occupied with our professional life. At that time, the working mothers can mediate such a deep breathing or yoga that will help to focus more. We should also try to review our daily life and try to simplify and streamline it. Last but not the least, she suggests that we should manage our mornings more efficiently to skip the start of a bad day. So, we should take care of basic things in advance may be in the night to start a great day.

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How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership

Many Different Tools For Improving Relationships Provided By Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is someone who takes her marriage counseling very seriously. Therefore, she is willing and able to provide a lot of different tools and secrets to marriage success. She is wiling and able to teach couples how to communicate in ways that make relationships stronger. She also suggests activities that couples can do together. One thing that is not good for marriage relationships is complacency. For one thing, issues can arise from anywhere which could cause a relationship to fall apart. Many couples are not equipped to handle all of their issues on their own. This is why marriage counseling with Patty Rocklage is a great choice.

Among the things that Patty Rocklage can recommend for couples is reading books that have a lot of information about relationships. Patti can also relate some of her experience to her clients so that they can take her example and learn from it. Patty shows that she has a lot of creativity when it comes to solving issues in relationships. She also is good at showing people how they could prevent issues from occurring in relationships so that they can grow together. However, one thing that couples need to know is that the challenges is what helps people grow together.

Patty has also shown that she is willing and able to learn from people. She is also willing to listen to her couples so that she can come up with something that is tailored for their specific situations. One of the issues that couples can faced with marriage counselors is that they leave them with canned responses that do very little if anything for them. As a result, their marriages do not become any stronger. Patty Rocklage has a lot of experience and insight that helps her listen to her couples and learn from them.

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The Valuable Advice of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is someone that knows how to provide important advice. She is someone that has managed to become a very valuable voice for all of those that are trying to make the most of their time in the executive world.

McGalla is someone that has managed to rise in ranks because she had a vision from the very start. She knew early in her career that it would take a college degree to become a resource in the marketing world. There were too many glass ceilings for females that want to excel in business. Susan McGalla realized that she had a higher purpose than lower level grunt work on Bloomberg. She wanted to rise to CEO status and she knew that higher education was going to make that possible.

Today McGalla is one of the top executives in the business world, and people are still talking about all that she has been able to do in marketing. Her branding experience in the clothing industry is quite impressive. She has managed to become a leader that has studied her craft well. She even started her own company at one time. McGalla has decades of experience in the world of building brands, and she managed to get a lot of people interested in what she is saying.

Even now McGalla still believes that education is the key to better opportunities in the business world. That is what she is telling the nation of women that are looking for a chance to compete with others in the marketing world on She knows that this is the stepping stone to success so she urges many people to take the plunge and get started early. Once education is gained in the profession a person has to pick a career and get good at what they are doing.

Susan McGalla was with American Eagle for 14 years. She didn’t elevate from one position to the next by failing to know her job. To the contrary, she did her job with excellence and found the favor that it took to get promoted to the next level. That is what females today must do. They have to work hard to elevate from where they started. They cannot get comfortable and complacent in one job. They also cannot waste their time trying to build a career in marketing if they don’t know the fundamentals. Education is everything in the marketing world.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime’s Social Media Success


UPDATE – August 26th, 2016

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime has a new lip collection! Check out how she wears the new color, RUSTIC:


Social media is transforming the lives of people everywhere on every level. It is changing the way we communicate in our social lives, but it is also having an impact on the way we do business. For business owners who use social media effectively, this is all good news in many ways.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is one company that is harnessing the power of social media to help promote its line, and it is doing it by using the interactive element of the Internet to really engage customers with the company and with its makeup products. Doe Deere is the CEO and creator of Lime Crime, and she has been brilliant at using social media to get her customers very involved in this bold makeup line.

Deere is a Russian emigre who grew up in New York City but who now runs her firm out of design-oriented Los Angeles. Deere loves color and she isn’t shy about using it her makeup.

Lime Crime uses wild, brilliant colors in unique ways, offering lipsticks in gorgeous shades of red, pink and purple, and even in blue, orange, yellow and green. Deere has created a Lime Crime Instagram account that encourages users to send in their own Lime Crime makeup designs, and the effect has been astoundingly successful. Lime Crime now has over 2 million followers on its Instagram account, which is a huge amount for any kind of company or brand.

Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008, and since then she has used social media to reach customers and engage them fully in the company’s philosophy. It’s Deere’s feeling that women should be able to make a bold statement about themselves in their use of makeup, and Lime Crime is there to help them manifest that.

One look at the company’s Instagram page makes it clear that Lime Crime’s customers love the brand’s products. The page is a riot of color, with beautiful photos of women showing off their own makeup designs, using Lime Crime color. Wow! This is what it means to really use social media’s power.

So power to Doe Deere for figuring out how to use this new media, and showing the other, older brands how it is really done.

Having Fun With Lime Crime

Although some women might wish to look beautiful and captivating, others desire a relatively natural appearance. They nevertheless use make-up to get it done, but the strategy is to possess a finished look with out looking like they’re wearing makeup products. Implemented correctly a girl might have on cover-up, eye liner and lipstick with out anyone realizing it.

I purchased make-up the majority of my life and definitely understand the self-confidence it tends to make me feel. I am aware that I’m appealing but make-up just enhances all my facial features. In addition makeup products enable me to express what I feel without needing to use words. I discovered a very unique makeup collection which has something specific that a great many brand names within the beauty industry don’t offer.

The name of this particular make-up collection is Lime Crime. It was created by a former model known as Doe Deere. She’s a resourceful and modern business woman. Doe a cosmetics and fashion lover is mindful that females would like something amazing and exclusive in regards to their beauty products.

Doe Deere moved to the US from Russia to put into practice her creativeness and vibrant imagination. Also acknowledged as the Unicorn Queen she decided to make a fantasy make-up series. Doe is engaged in all the areas of her business and is constantly contemplating new innovative shades.

Liquid liners are simply as original in color as just about everything within this selection of make-up. For the diva glam female Deere provides glitter for the eyes called Zodiac Glitter which comes in the twelve signs of the zodiac. Lip glosses that pact a punch with glitter inside the shine and a disco glassy finish.

Many females truly enjoy showing off their creativity with makeup products. It is so much fun getting dress up and created a makeup look to match your outfit. Perhaps for the exclusive date or perhaps a long anticipated trip make-up provides class and sparkle to your look.

I value all the details that are available in the online store like beauty tips and also the most trendy makeup looks. Also hair innovations is one thing you will see when exploring the Lime Crime store. The hair color line is not your regular choice of hair colors like brunette and blonde. Instead you may have shades like purple, green, lime and orange to pick from for hair.

If you are considering a change of look begin with your make-up. Makeup products is a tool which has infinite ways of using it. Mixing shades and discovering what really works and what you truly love should be the aim. From hair to make-up it’s about experimenting with new colors and just having fun.