White Shark Media and Enthusiastic Businesses

White Shark Media, Inc. is a renowned company that’s headquartered in Miami, Florida. Its two other branches are in Aars, Denmark and Atlanta, Georgia. Businesses that need professional digital marketing expertise routinely get in contact with the team at White Shark Media. The staff at this firm consists of some of the planet’s most devoted and skilled SEM (search engine marketing) and PPC (pay per click) aficionados.

White Shark Media’s executive leadership department includes friendly faces such as CEO Gary Garth, COO Sonia Schwabsky, PPC director Derek Hooker and sales operation manager Karen Lacayo. The staff at White Shark Media has many diverse responsibilities. The company regularly looks for professionals who can fulfill positions that involve everything from demand generation and marketing to regional sales and beyond.

Businesses that work with the White Shark Media team can receive significant online marketing assistance and guidance. That’s because the employees at this company have extensive expertise in a vast array of different sectors. They know a lot about local AdWords management, logo design, local listings management, AdWords evaluations, PPC management and local SEM management.

They also have a lot of insight regarding both the dental and legal realms. That’s because they regularly work with clients from both of those industries. Although White Shark Media has significant experience with dental and legal clients, the firm is in no way restricted to those fields.

White Shark Media aims to assist businesses that are from small to medium in size. The agency provides these types of businesses with in-depth and customized digital marketing strategies. People often recognize White Shark Media as being among the North American continent’s most rapidly expanding digital organizations.

The company has only been in existence since 2011. It has become quite a force in that rather brief span of time. White Shark three founders are all native to Denmark, a beautiful nation located in the northwestern region of Europe in Scandinavia.

Businesses that are passionate about online success may want to contact White Shark Media. This firm aids businesses that want to attain websites and social media accounts that have more impact.

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