Gregory Aziz; The King Of Steel Car

Born on the 30th of April, 1949 in London, Ontario, Gregory James Aziz attended Ridley College, later majoring in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Currently residing as the President and Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, located locally in Hamilton, Ontario, Greg James Aziz leads one of the most prominent companies specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. In addition, Aziz, with his wife Irene, currently act as sponsors of Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



The Road To The Rails

Greg Aziz didn’t start out in the railroad business, in fact, he had originally joined Affiliated Foods in 1971, his family’s wholesale food company. Over the course of sixteen years, the company grew significantly, becoming an international importer of fresh produce from the Americas as well as Europe, and a distributor to the Eastern Canadian and United States markets.


After Affiliated Foods, Aziz worked on a number of investment banking opportunities, eventually arranging for the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994, which was, at the time, owned by Dofasco.



Bringing National Steel Car Into The Spotlight

Once National Steel Car had been acquired, Gregory James Aziz set out with a goal to bring the now floundering Canadian railroad company back to its former glory, and, if possible, to surpass it. With a strong emphasis on firm engineering capabilities, exceptional team-building, as well as the significant investment of capital, by 1999, National Steel Car had greatly expanded its manufacturing capabilities as well as increasing the number of employees significantly.


Today, National Steel Car is one of the largest railroad companies, leading the industry in freight car innovation due to its strong emphasis on quality in manufacturing as well as engineering. Each year the company builds thousands of brand new freight cars, leading the industry in North America, and putting National Steel Car back in the limelight after its stagnancy under Dofasco. Due to the company’s penchant for high-quality freight car engineering and manufacturing, they have become the only company in the field to have been certified ISO 9001:2008, and have held the certification for the past eighteen years over several recertifications. In addition, since 1996, the company has been honored with the TTX SECO highest quality award consistently. Learn More on this Page.


On top of their excellent craftsmanship and numerous awards and certifications, above all, National Steel Car values its commitment to the Hamilton community. With thousands of employees from the Hamilton area, and an annual Christmas party as well as food drives for the local food banks, as well as significant contributions towards the sponsorship of the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way and numerous other local organizations and charities, National Steel Car shows unparalleled dedication to its local community.


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Gregory James Aziz Commits to Helping Railway Businesses

There is a lot of business in the rail industry and Gregory James Aziz knew this when he first became the CEO of National Steel Car. He tried his best to help people out with the issues that they have and he worked his way to the top so that he could show people what they would be able to get out of the different parts of their businesses and out of the different railway opportunities that they had. Since Gregory James Aziz knew a lot about what he was doing and what would be good for the rail industry, he was confident that the business would grow under his direction and that it would be something that people could take advantage of.

Even though GregoryJ Aziz knew what he was doing, he had a lot of work to do as the CEO. He also wanted to make sure that the company was profitable even though he did not see that as the number one goal. Instead, he saw the help that he was providing to other businesses as the biggest part of the company, but it was something that he knew he had to work at so that he could make National Steel Car better than what it was.

Even when Greg James Aziz was first starting with the company, he was trying his best to help people and to show them what they could get out of the freight industry. While he was not directly in the industry, he gave them the things that they were looking for and did what he could to show them what they could get from the different things. Since then, he has been able to show people what he can get from the industry and how businesses will be able to see the differences in the things that make them unique. Read More.

National Steel Car continues to help people and provides freight solutions all around North America. It is a Canadian company, but they are able to provide the freight cars to different industries in both the United States and Canada. The company has worked hard for these things and has been able to show others what their goals are so that they can help them out with the issues that they are having and with the freight car needs that they have in different situations for their own businesses in the industry.

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An award for a Giant

Time and experience can mean all the difference in the business world. A key element that is always needed is heart. The irony is that heart is what it takes to be a Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Health Advisors. Troy McQuagge has put in long hours and many years of work to earn that title and bring the company to a higher level.

Troy McQuagge received his education from the University of Central Florida which has laid the foundation for his success. His success would span over three decades in the health insurance field. Troy McQuagge joined U.S. Health Advisors in 2010 with the idea of rebuilding in mind. His main focus was the captive distribution agency. The restructure put in place and success lead Mr. McQuagge to be elected Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Health Group in 2014. Under his leadership the company has had great growth and profitability in the health insurance market. This is a highly competitive marketplace dealing with individual health insurance which is no easy task.

Troy McQuagge respect as a leader of the company comes from his longevity and experience. Since his time there Mr. McQuagge has worn many different hats of leadership. He has also been an asset to other insurance companies as well leaving a track record of excellence. Troy McQuagge was named Chief Executive Officer of the year for 2016 by One Planet. The One Planet award is a global premier award horning business professionals in every industry worldwide. Mr. McQuagge was indeed honored to receive such an award. He humbly stated the award belong s to the entire company for their commitment for their service to customers and healthcare. The company has focused on providing innovative coverage for the clients with affordability and great customer service.

Troy McQuagge leadership, skill and experience have gained the notoriety and respect of his company employees and the industry he works in. The ride is not over yet, the future is still strong and as it grows, U.S, Health Group will grow with it. His commitment to having this company provide what is needed as far as healthcare insurance is refreshing to see in this day and age.

The Prestigious Awards And Career Of Troy McQuagge

Updated for 10/4/2017:  Troy has been awarded another massive honor, according to Alive Newspaper.  Troy McQuagge continues to be aleader for US Health, and continues to define what it means to be an innovator in a field that’s got so much longstanding competition.

The CEO of the USHEALTH Group has received One Planet’s Gold Winner Award. Troy McQuagge received this coveted award for his excellence and professionalism in business. The award covers industries from all over the world and the nominations include numerous categories.


Troy McQuagge began his service to USHEALTH in 2010 and began to turn the company around. He started by rebuilding the captive distribution agency and saw immediate success. His work led to his promotion to the CEO and President of the USHEALTH Group in the year 2014. During his time with the company Troy McQuagge’s success has been unprecedented. Despite the competitive nature of the health insurance field he has led the company to outstanding growth, success and profits. The recognition he received from the receipt of the One Planet Award left him feeling honored. He believes the employees of the USHEALTH Group deserved the award as much as he did due to their effort. He called the award a testament to the company’s commitment towards making healthcare affordable for their customers while still providing coverage this will grow with their needs and remain innovative.


The One Planet Awards are given in recognition for true excellence in professionalism and business. The categories are a reflection of the different components a business must perfect in order to succeed. The USHEALTH Group is headquartered in Texas and is an insurance holding company with the highest standards. They pride themselves on providing the best possible health coverage to small businesses and the self employed.


Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and a corporate executive. Originally from Florida, his education was received at the University of Central Florida. He lives in Coppell, Texas and works for USHEALTH Advisors. He has worked in numerous positions all related to sales for more than 30 years. He initiated his career in the sale of health insurance and in 1983 he began working for Allstate Insurance. After many years of working for Allstate he made the move to the UICI Health Market in 1995.


Troy McQuagge did not join USHEALTH Advisors until 2010. At this time he became both the CEO and President of the company. His responsibilities included the management of the profits for health insurance sales. Most of the people he targeted were less than 65 years of age and constituted an extremely wide range of individuals. Troy McQuagge has remained USHEALTH Group’s CEO and President.

David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group have a new real estate Application

David osio was accompanied by the Davos Real Estate Group Executive Officers Gerard Bausili and Pablo Gonzalez in a meeting to launch the new real estate application. According to the company, this was one of the newest tools available or investors to get an education on whatever they want to invest in the company. As a matter of fact, this is one of the highest earning campaigns which will see to it that they determine the course of the investment policies laid for them in preliminary events. As a matter of fact, the company has also decided to launch the application to enable the investors to make an informed decision about whatever they want in investment and returns as profit.


It came to their realization that knowledge was power. People need knowledge. Unlike in the past, people needed to pay so much to attain knowledge in the United States and other parts of the world concerning the real estate investment plans. For this reason, we can all determine the cause of the investment practitioners’ advice to make the world a better place for all of us in a negative manner. In the recent past, we have seen the world of information transform to things which the past had nothing to account. The rise o mobile application and smartphone has revolutionized the technology world and its strategic capabilities in the sense of management and capability.


According to the company, the Davos CAP Calculator mobile application has the capability to issue the utmost recapitalization capability which has all information needed for investors to learn about the various investment strategies and real estate investments. For this reason, they can also work to determine the type which is best for them and their families. I you choose an investment opportunity with the company, you are allowed to contact the Davos Real Estate Group for further information on how you can work to determine their investment styles in the medical practitioner’s advice. You will also get an investment return on whatever choice you make in the real estate application.


According to the executive officer of the company, they said that the future applications would have more capabilities than this recent application. In the future, you will have the capability to speak to a real estate agent and create an appointment to meet with them and decide on how to commence your investment strategy. For this reason, you will be enabled with a feature of style in any activity laid in your hands.


Stephen Murray Leaves A Good Example

As with everything, there is a beginning and an ending. Among the endings that have occurred is Stephen Murray’s ownership of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital has seen a lot of prosperous times with the use of Stephen Murray. Murray has brought forth a lot of ideas that have helped the company not only succeed, but also grow in its success. People have learned a lot from Stephen Murray. For one thing, he has shown a lot of wisdom when it came to the decisions that he has made. He knew when it was a good idea to move forward, and he also knew when to cut losses.

Read more: Former CCMP CEO Stephen Murray Dies at 52

Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital has left the company in order to deal with some health issues. One thing that could interfere with any career is if someone is face with a health issue or an injury. While people can do a lot to take care of themselves, the truth is that there are a lot of things that are out of the person’s control when it comes to health. There are a lot of illnesses that can suddenly occur in which one does not see coming until it is too late. Stephen Murray himself has given in to his struggles.

Murray has died a month later. This has turned out to be a loss that was felt deeply by the staff of the firm. There has been a lot of efforts made to not only follow on the success that Stephen Murray has brought to the company. They are also looking for ways to build on the success of Stephen Murray. One thing that is certain is that he will be remembered for the ideas that he has brought forth to his staff. CCMP Capital continues to move forward with their plans when it comes to business and investments.



The Valuable Advice of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is someone that knows how to provide important advice. She is someone that has managed to become a very valuable voice for all of those that are trying to make the most of their time in the executive world.

McGalla is someone that has managed to rise in ranks because she had a vision from the very start. She knew early in her career that it would take a college degree to become a resource in the marketing world. There were too many glass ceilings for females that want to excel in business. Susan McGalla realized that she had a higher purpose than lower level grunt work on Bloomberg. She wanted to rise to CEO status and she knew that higher education was going to make that possible.

Today McGalla is one of the top executives in the business world, and people are still talking about all that she has been able to do in marketing. Her branding experience in the clothing industry is quite impressive. She has managed to become a leader that has studied her craft well. She even started her own company at one time. McGalla has decades of experience in the world of building brands, and she managed to get a lot of people interested in what she is saying.

Even now McGalla still believes that education is the key to better opportunities in the business world. That is what she is telling the nation of women that are looking for a chance to compete with others in the marketing world on She knows that this is the stepping stone to success so she urges many people to take the plunge and get started early. Once education is gained in the profession a person has to pick a career and get good at what they are doing.

Susan McGalla was with American Eagle for 14 years. She didn’t elevate from one position to the next by failing to know her job. To the contrary, she did her job with excellence and found the favor that it took to get promoted to the next level. That is what females today must do. They have to work hard to elevate from where they started. They cannot get comfortable and complacent in one job. They also cannot waste their time trying to build a career in marketing if they don’t know the fundamentals. Education is everything in the marketing world.

CCMP CEO Stephen Murray Leaves Legacy

CCMP is a company that is dedicated to helping people who need the great type of private lender equity that can only be found in a company that works to protect its capital as well as its clients on WSJ. There are many things that CCMP has done that have allowed it to become number one but providing clients with the best service possible is one thing that they always do no matter what type of clients they are working to service or who they are servicing at the time that they are working with them.

When it comes to clients, CCMP has many different ones. They work mostly with private businesses but they also work with larger corporations or even publicly owned entities. Stephen Murray, the late CEO of the company, made sure that he always catered to the private businesses because he knew that this was where the capital was going to come from when he was working with other businesses. This is something that he saw as the most important part of the business. He always made sure that he did the most to make sure that the private businesses were taken care of first and foremost among the other types of people who worked with CCMP.

While Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was fond of private businesses, he also worked to make sure that the company’s relationship with public businesses was successful. He always made contacts and he made sure that he was on the board of many different places so that he would be able to look at different things and the way that things were done when it came to CCMP. He knew that the equity on on that he had put into the business would only help the private equity firm become better and have stronger relationships with the business.

Stephen Murray left the business, though. He knew that something was going on but it came as a shock to many people that he was leaving because he truly liked working with CCMP. He wanted to make sure that he was going to be alright and that the company would be prepared for it. While he did state that Stephen Murray left CCMP for health reasons, nobody could have been prepared for what was going to come next. Stephen Murray was dead within a month of leaving the company and many people simply presumed that it was a result of the health problems that he referenced.

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White Shark Media and Enthusiastic Businesses

White Shark Media, Inc. is a renowned company that’s headquartered in Miami, Florida. Its two other branches are in Aars, Denmark and Atlanta, Georgia. Businesses that need professional digital marketing expertise routinely get in contact with the team at White Shark Media. The staff at this firm consists of some of the planet’s most devoted and skilled SEM (search engine marketing) and PPC (pay per click) aficionados.

White Shark Media’s executive leadership department includes friendly faces such as CEO Gary Garth, COO Sonia Schwabsky, PPC director Derek Hooker and sales operation manager Karen Lacayo. The staff at White Shark Media has many diverse responsibilities. The company regularly looks for professionals who can fulfill positions that involve everything from demand generation and marketing to regional sales and beyond.

Businesses that work with the White Shark Media team can receive significant online marketing assistance and guidance. That’s because the employees at this company have extensive expertise in a vast array of different sectors. They know a lot about local AdWords management, logo design, local listings management, AdWords evaluations, PPC management and local SEM management.

They also have a lot of insight regarding both the dental and legal realms. That’s because they regularly work with clients from both of those industries. Although White Shark Media has significant experience with dental and legal clients, the firm is in no way restricted to those fields.

White Shark Media aims to assist businesses that are from small to medium in size. The agency provides these types of businesses with in-depth and customized digital marketing strategies. People often recognize White Shark Media as being among the North American continent’s most rapidly expanding digital organizations.

The company has only been in existence since 2011. It has become quite a force in that rather brief span of time. White Shark three founders are all native to Denmark, a beautiful nation located in the northwestern region of Europe in Scandinavia.

Businesses that are passionate about online success may want to contact White Shark Media. This firm aids businesses that want to attain websites and social media accounts that have more impact.

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