Michael Burwell and An Overview of His Career Until His Current Willis Towers Watson CFO Position

Leaders in the business industry always espouse the best ideas, advice, and wisdom to survive in the business. Truly, one of the great ideas made by Willis Towers Watson today is the fact that they hired Michael Burwell now as their Chief Financial Officer. Let’s get to know more about Michael Burwell below.



The Loyal PwC Service Man



It is said that the symbol of the high value of an employee is when he can help a company grow. Indeed, this is the case with Mike, especially when he offered all his expertise and skills for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) before working with Willis Watson.



His time there was instrumental in the growth of the company because of his outstanding performance and his level of expertise in the field of finance and treasury management.



In PwC, Michael Burwell worked as the head of the Transaction Services Packages, which is a position that he held for over 11 years. He did all the work that requires his auditing experience for all the clients of PwC. His stint there has shaped Burwell’s reputation and propelled him to taking leadership responsibilities at PwC’s central region.



It must also be noted that Michael Burwell also became U.S. Transaction Services Leader and was also appointed as a CFO for Global and U.S. Transformation. This role was such a fascinating experience for Mike because he was able to address the expedient challenges and expunge the toxic factors that hinder the growth of a company. Get Additional Information Here






We can also learn a lot from the success of Mike Burwell from the fact that he went to the Michigan State University, and it is the school that shaped his skills in Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance, CPA, Leadership and Portfolio Management. With such background, it is easy to understand why he’s considered a leader in organizational optimization, making sure that no amount of financial risk can threaten the legal foundation of the company.



Willis Towers Watson Position



To conclude: there’s no doubt that Michael Burwell is a perfect fit for Willis Towers Watson, and the company’s president himself is excited to make Mike work with him in the projects and company development that he’s set for him. We may also say here that the fact that Mike has prepared his entire life to learn the complexities of global advisory and reinsurance broking makes him a perfect replacement for the outgoing CFO, Roger Millay.


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Michael Burwell in the World of Finance

Michael Burwell has a long career history in the world of finance. For more than three decades, he has worked in finance and professional services. That long history has helped to establish him as an expert in the field.


Burwell is currently serving in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company. He joined the company in this role in October 2017. The company made the announcement of the new CFO in August 2017.


By the point that Michael Burwell took the CFO position, he had already established a strong professional reputation for himself. He had just spent two decades with another well-known name in the world of business.


Before joining Willis Towers Watson, he was employed by the multinational professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers where he enjoyed a long and varied employment. There, he held the the position of Global and US Transformation Leader. Before that, he served as the head of the company’s Global Automotive Shareholder Value Awards team, which was focused on vehicle manufacturers and other components associated with the automotive industry as it related to total shareholder return relative to the company’s Global Automotive Shareholder Value Index.


From February 2006 to October 2008, Burwell had been employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers as the company’s Head of Transaction Services Group. By that time, he had already worked for the company for a number of years. He had been a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1997.


During his long career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Burwell was responsible for a wide range of projects for both large multinationals as well as smaller companies. His work also involved evaluating the business models and projections of various private equity funds.


In addition to his work with PricewaterhouseCoopers and most recently Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company, Burwell has served as the Chairman of the Automotive Suppliers M&A Institute Conference. He has held this position for the past six years.


Burwell is also known for his activities as a speaker and writer as well. He frequently addresses automotive industry M&A and related topics. Go To This Page for more information.


Burwell’s educational background includes a B.A. in Business Administration, which was earned from Michigan State University. He also holds certification as a CPA.


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A Few Things Worth Knowing About Michael Burwell

Not many Certified Public Accountants are lucky to be endowed with experience in different management areas as Michael Burwell. He has a combined 31 years of experience most of which he gained while working at PWC. In the organization, he had been lucky to hold different senior leadership roles that included being the Head of Transaction Services in the United States, the Head of Global Transformation, Chief Financial Officer in the United States as well as being the Chief Operating Officer.


Towards the end of August 2017, he was appointed to become the new Willis Tower Watson’s Chief Financial Officer replacing the outgoing Roger Millay who was to retire two months later. With his not less than 11 years’ experience in matters related to audit, he was no doubt an asset that the company needed. Coupled with 12 years’ experience in advisory experience, Willis Towers Watson was poised to get a new brand of leadership different to what it is used to.


The first to send congratulatory messages was the company’s Chief Executive Officer, John Halley who said that Willis Towers Watson was looking forward to benefiting a great deal with Michael Burwell leadership. He also said that the company’s top management was excited because with Mike on board, there will better management that will end up leading and driving results to its clients.


He expressed confidence that Mike’s experience in finance, transformation and transactions is what the company needed to achieve long term growth and remain with solid integration capabilities. John also thanked the outgoing CFO for his tremendous contribution to the company. Find More Information Here.


On his part, Burwell said that he was confident that they would achieve a lot keeping in mind the fact that most of the management members were positive. He added that when everyone is open to trying out new things aimed at improving and adding capacity to what is there already, change will be felt much sooner.


Willis Towers Watson has a global presence in more than 140 countries and belongs to the crème de la crème of companies that offer a growth path in an otherwise risky situation. The company has employees numbering 40,000 with its roots dating back to 1982. With Burwell at the top management level, things are only starting to get better and soon, Willis Towers might need to expand even more. Michael Burwell is a perfect example of an individual who is committed to only working towards achievement who should be emulated by all.


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Michael Burwell And His Management Prowess

On late August 2017, professional insurance and broking specialist Willis Towers Watson named Michael Burwell as the new global advisory Chief Financial Officer who was to replace Roger Millay who was to go into retirement two months later. With not less than 31 years of experience, Willis was confident that Michael would be in a position to push the company forward to achieve even more.


Prior to getting named for the position, Michael Burwell had previously worked in different companies including PWC where he gained a wealth of experience. He held senior leadership roles including being the Chief Operating Officer, the Head of Global Transmission as well as the Chief Financial Officer who was in-charge of the United States. At one point, he also held the Head of Transaction Services position in-charge of the United States.


Willis Towers Watson is lucky to have Michael since he has not less than 11 years audit experience and not less than 12 years in matters related to Transaction Services advisory experience. In the latter, he has worked in different positions including and not limited to working on pre-merger cases that require valuation and due diligence.


Willis Tower Watson’s Chief Executive Officer said that they were happy to have Burwell as part of the leadership team at that point when the company was going through very serious evolution. He added that Mike knows and understands perfectly well all matters related to offering proper leadership that is poised to yield results in a company of such magnitude and status. He expressed he is confident, that Michael Burwell is the most suited individual for the position citing his expertise in transactions, finance and transformation. He said that with such a leader, the company would easily achieve its full potential.


Accepting the nomination, Burwell said that he was humbled to be considered for the position adding that he was impressed with the commitment and strength of leadership that was with the rest of the team. He said he was optimistic and looking forward towards contributing to the overall success of the company. Go To This Page for more information.


Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University. He is now in-charge for Willis Towers Watson’s leadership mantle. It is among the leading broking and advisory solutions companies and it plays a very big role in helping clients from different parts of the globe turn risk into a growth path. The company has more than 40,000 employees and operates in more than 140 countries.



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Brian Bonar Well-Known Leader in the Financial World

Brian Bonar is well-known in the financial world. As you can tell from his involvement in different companies, he is a much sought out individual.

But the success he has achieved came with a lot of work. In his early years, he utilized his technical knowledge at QMS, managing over 100 people. Then at Adaptec, he put on a different hat, and worked as a sales manager. As you begin to peel his work history back from his early beginnings you can see that each position that he held pushed his expertise and knowledge to a greater level.

After holding different positions in different companies he formed his own company, called Bezier Systems.

However, his creative mind and drive didn’t allow him to remain satisfied with just being the owner of his own company. Instead, he moved forward with new opportunities and challenges.

His previous positions included: Chairman and Secretary of Warning Management Services,

Chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc., Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Bezler System, Manager Worldwide Sales of Adaptec, Inc.,Vice President Sales and Marketing of Rastek Corp, Executive Director-Engineering of QMS, Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. President, CEO, member of the Board of Directors, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Co-President, and The Amanda Company, Inc.

As of 2016, Brian Bonar is employed at Dalrada Financial Corp, Chairman and CEO.

The Dalrada Financial Corporation specializes in services that benefit the staffing needs of PEO companies. To note, until November 2016, he was Chairman, President, CEO, CFO and Secretary of Trucept Inc.

Trucept Inc offers administrative staffing and aftermarket services to clients in the following areas: payroll processing, human resources support, safety programs, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, and risk management.

According to Crunchbase, after being with Trucept Inc since 2011, Brian Bonar announced his retirement on November 9, 2016. His educational background includes:Bachelor’s Degree from Strathclyde, MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, England UK. He holds honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom.

Financier and Entrepreneur Brian Bonar

To succeed in the world of finance investment one needs more than just being hardworking you also need to have proper skills and experience in the banking sector to be able to lead a company in the right direction leading to the path of success. It is essential for an investment manager to spice up their personality traits ion the financial sector that will be of a greater help on how they will manage a company.

The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation Brian Bonar have shown his best traits in the management of the financial institution. Brian has a vast experience as well as skills in the financial sector and has the exclusive responsibility of supervising the ongoing activities of the organization. Another fundamental responsibility of Brain Bonar is the handling of the benefits of an employee and the employer as well as aftermarket goods.

Brian Bonar is a go-getter and a very devoted individual who always sees he has accomplished his goals. His experience and skills give him an opportunity to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporations which is a leading company in the color management software and services organization for digital imaging hardware.

Mr. Brian has been able to take the company to a higher level where he has transformed the organization from a developing company to a marketing company. Brian Bonar’s leadership in Imaging Technologies Corporation has enabled the organization to offer specific administrative products and services.

Brian’s Bonar high-quality leadership traits have also seen him serve in other institutions including Trucept where he was the Director, Secretary and the Treasure; he also served as the Chief Executive Officer of CFO. Other leadership positions than Brian held include SERVING AS THE Vice President of the sales and marketing department in Rastek Corporation, the Executive Director of Engineering for QMS a company that specializes in color as well as monochrome printing equipment.

His working experience cannot be complete without mentioning his long ser5vises of 17 years working with IBM Limited a company based in the United Kingdom.

Brian Bona r graduated from James Watt Technical College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. He is among the highly distinguished professional personalities and recently he was recognized in the Cambridge’s Who’s Who as the Finance Executive of the year. Brian is also associated with the American Finance Association.

Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Dalrada Corporations. Dalrada Corporation provides a variety of employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket goods. The company supplies their customer with staff program meant to improve business efficiency. The services offered by Dalrada Corporations include risk management insurance, staff advantage, financial services, promotional as well as business administration services.