Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues to Support SENS

Jason Hope SENS FoundationUPDATED March 30th, 2017 – Jason Hope continues to support biomedical research on disease prevention. Read more here.

Over the past decade, one of the growing predictions related to the future of humanity and technology is the Internet of Things. The Internet Things theory essentially believes that in the coming years more and more everyday products will be built with wireless connectivity. This will result in the sharing of more data than ever before, which could benefit society in a number of different ways.

Evidence of the Internet of Things being a realistic prediction is growing rapidly. In the past few years many personal objects have continued to be developed in a fashion that allows internet connectivity and data sharing. Some of the products that are not commonly connected include Smart televisions, home appliances, and watches. Many expect that in the coming years more clothing, personal objects, and other devices will be connected.

One entrepreneur and philanthropist that has been very vocal amount the Internet of Things Movement is Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason Hope is an investor and entrepreneur that have dedicated his career and personal capital towards investing in new and growing companies that are focused on tech advancements. Hope has continued to write on his blog that he believes that investing in startups will be the best way for an investor to allocate their capital, as it will yield the highest return on investment.

While Hope is planning to use the Internet of Things movement to invest in companies and hopefully earn a strong return on investment, he has also donated a considerable amount of money to a variety of charitable organizations that will work to advance mankind, as well as students looking for grants to help pay for college. In recent years, Jason Hope has been a frequent and significant contributor to the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is a charitable cause that is raising money to research nanotechnology and other advancements that could be beneficial to the medical industry. Ultimately, the SENS Foundation hopes that this technology could be use to eradicate a number of different ailments that have affected millions of people.

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Human Rights Champion Thor Halvorssen Fights the Good Fight

For many former leaders of countries, it is hoped that their succeeding generations will be prosperous and respected in their homelands. Thor Halvorssen is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela – Cristóbal Mendoza. In fact, Halvorssen is not the only accomplished member of the family. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was a Venezuelan Ambassador for ant-narcotic affairs. He also was appointed as a special international investigator of a Venezuelan Senate Commission. Halvorssen’s grandfather, Oystein Halvorssen, served Norway’s King as a consul and was a representative for Venezuelan companies within Norway. Given the success and respected service for not only Venezuela but also the world, one would reasonably assume that Mendoza would indeed be proud of the young, up-and-coming Thor Halvorssen.

Given that Halvorssen holds Bachelors and Maters degrees in Political Science and History from Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, it is no surprise that he is very active in government and legal affairs. More specifically, Halvorssen has made it a point to focus on topics such as slavery, human trafficking and combating unjust dictators.

Even though he is Venezuelan by birth, Halvorssen has made a significant impact not only in his home country but also internationally. In 1999, he was appointed as the chief executive officer of the American civil liberties organization FIRE – Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. In that same year, he led a campaign to encourage U.S. – based Lucent Technologies to adopt a company policy that would require the country of China to certify that none of the company’s products being manufactured within its borders were being done so using slave labor.

Perhaps one of his most well-known contributions to society is his work with the Human Rights Foundation. During the time Halvorssen was helping to lead the foundation, it became world-renowned for its support of high-profile activists of democracy. He was a staunch advocate for longtime Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo. So regarded were his efforts on behalf of Xiaobo, that Halvorssen was asked to be Xiaobo’s special guest during the 2010 Nobel Prize ceremony in which Xiaobo was awarded in absentia.

Dictatorships, human trafficking and many other human rights violations are still, unfortunately, a part of people’s lives in the world. However, with visionaries such as Thor Halvorssen, the fight for what is dignified and just is alive and well.