Talks All Things “Sharp Action”

Sports enthusiasts interested in placing bets on college football should ride the internet train to As a resource for college football odds, is among the best of the best. Information and news is also available at the site in huge amounts. A recent video covering the “sharp action” on college football championships is definitely eye-catching.

Teams do work really hard to win the big games and the big championships. Underdogs have been known to come from behind and win not only during the season, but also during the championship events. produced a new video with Johnny Avello. The manager from Wynn Las Vegas is a frequent guest on the site’s video and he has some interesting views on NCAAF odds.

His commentary on Washington is interesting. He mentioned he is confused about why Washington — which opened at 7 ended up moving to 7.5 — since the opposing team is Colorado.

Colorado only experienced two losses during the season and those losses came from two very formidable teams: USC and Michigan. Those who think it is easy to come up with college football odds really should check out this interview. The commentary from Avello reveals gamblers do need to research the teams they are considering wagering on before making any decisions about what type of bets to place. Odds do give an indication about the performance of a particular team in a particular game. Still, a little additional research is necessary when checking out NCAAF odds.

Any serious resource for crafting odds has to look at both a general picture and unique details about a particular matchup. Odds are not blanket predictions about who is going to win. Newbies to sportsbook wagering may confuse them as such. Both favorites and underdogs win and lose. They win and lose with and without the point spread. Because of the dynamic nature of game play, those putting down a wager do have to think seriously about what particular team they really want to put money on. Since is such a great site for sports odds, reading its various pages may be helpful to those hoping to gain a reliable perspective.

Interviews with major names in the sportsbook profession absolutely do assist with improving decision-making capabilities. The theories and thoughts put forth by these experts allows for maintaining a better understanding of where the oddsmakers are coming from.