DIY Co. teams up with Cartoon Network to help educate children

Recently, education tech startup DIY Co. has teamed up with Cartoon Network in an ongoing effort to enhance children’s education. DIY Co.’s ambitious project is a website called JAM, which received $4 million in venture funding through the combined efforts of Spark capital and Learn Capital.

The various educational courses are intended to be used by children up to the age of 14 years old. Currently, the various course topics range from culinary techniques to machine invention. One of the courses that has received the highest amount of attention is the animation course, for which DIY fostered a partnership with Cartoon Network.

The animation course is completely cost-free, though other courses are offered for a down payment of around $99. There is generally a weeklong free trial just to begin, though once the down payment has been made, the course is available for up to a year. All of the courses available on JAM have been designed by specialized instructors who have been chosen by the education platform’s managers.

Currently, the startup is funded largely through the revenue from its users signing up for its courses. Cofounder Zach Klein has publicly pledged to ensure that all of the applications and websites that DIY manages will be free of advertising and refrain from selling any confidential user data. In the future, investors anticipate that DIY will continue developing more courses in order to gauge family feedback. The performance of JAM is expected to be a strong factor in the public’s attitude towards a mobile-focused approach to children’s education outside of the classroom.