Bob Reina Technology Opportunities – UPDATE

UPDATE 11-28: A Look At The Generosity Of Bob Reina When It Comes To Pets

Bob Reina, the founder of video-marketing company Talk Fusion, is a huge fan of pets. He says, though, he has drawn the line about adopting any more stray animals than he already had. The way he said that, though, meant you knew he would adopt more. He says that he has two full-time housekeepers that he needs to keep up with all the pet messes and hair due to his have a total of 11 cats and dogs in his home.

In his home, Bob Reina has three basset hounds which he named Blue Bell, Presley, and Stormy. He also owns another breed of dog, named Bindi, which had lost a leg when an alligator bit it off (Reina lives in Southern Florida). He also has another dog named Sport which is a Labrador mix. He also has five cats that he either rescued from a shelter or found as a stray. The cat’s names are Chance, Madison, Scrappy, Mystery, and Lucky.

Over the years Bob Reina has also donated over a million dollars to a number of animal charities. Among the largest of these was $250,000 which he gave to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2011. The check he wrote was presented at this organization’s annual gala. Later that same year he wrote another check for $750,000. This check enabled the Humane Society to build a new vet services clinic. The clinic is low-cost and helps people with pets afford medical services for their animals including annual checkups, diagnostic testing, and shots. They also provide low-cost spay and neuter services in order to help keep the animal population down.

Bob Reina is also known for paying for other family’s vet bills when they can’t afford them. The chief executive officer of BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Darryl Straw, has said that he’s seen Reina pick up the check for people facing difficult choices at his vet clinic group.


The technology industry is growing at a rapid pace. With all of the growth and new technology in the market, many companies have a great opportunity to add value to customers in the years ahead. Bob Reina is an expert in the field, and he has great experience to draw on when giving speeches.

He recently gave a speech at Talk Fusion. This is a conference for leaders within the technology industry. At the conference, he addressed ways in which he believes that technology is going to change the future.

Early Life

Bob Reina has a lot of experience working in the technology industry. He started off working for a small business where he gained valuable experience. However, he quickly learned that he wanted to concentrate on technology in his career.

He worked hard to take classes at night to learn as much as possible on a subject. Bob Reina is the type of person who has a great work ethic on things he is passionate about. He was eventually able to build a great experience and knowledge base.

Future Changes

In many industries, technology is going to greatly disrupt the future. Some people are worried that artificial intelligence is going to take away jobs from humans. However, Bob Reina encourages people to look at the positives. Although it is true that some people will lose their jobs, more jobs will also be created in the process.

Bob Reina is excited about all of the options that will be available to customers and companies in the coming years. Now is the time to start preparing for the changes. Learn more:


Bob Reina Talks Early Days of Talk Fusion (UPDATED)

(UPDATE) Bob Reina: The Key To Happiness

When it comes to happiness, this is something that literally people cannot put a price tag on at the end of the day. Someone is either happy or they are miserable in their lives. People can say there is an in-between, but I tend to believe it is one way or the other in life. The people that are unhappy, it is because they have listened to other people instead of listening to themselves. Sometimes they didn’t have the self-esteem to fight for themselves or go after what they really, truly wanted. Bob Reina is here for those people and he will fight for them.


Talk Fusion, the video communications company, has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have it all when it comes to video and then some. They don’t leave anything to chance. They want their customers to have everything they need and more to grow their business and see it flourish. They know it is going to be very profitable for them and more than that; it is going to give them a new lease on life. They are going to see things in ways they never thought possible.


When they use all of these video tools, they can create a business that is uniquely their own. No one can tell them how to run it and no one can tell them what is right and wrong. That is up to them. They have to listen to their customers, of course, but the good news is they can get themselves out there and finally be seen and be heard. They are not just a nameless voice in the crowd. Bob Reina, the former police officer, is incredibly empathetic toward people and it is why he has endeared himself to so many people in life.


He started Talk Fusion because he saw a big void in the world, and he wanted to fill it for people out there. He did not want them to feel like they had to want for anything. Everything was right there for them and right for the taking without any limits

Bob Reina is a network marketing professional who has made a name for himself with his work at Talk Fusion. In 2016 we saw Talk Fusion land several huge industry awards including the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their Video Chat application. As 2017 draws nearer more and more people are becoming familiar with Reina’s work. Let’s take a moment to explore the career and concepts of one of the most impacting entrepreneurs on the internet today.


If you get the chance to talk to a successful entrepreneur you want to always go back and see how they felt when their enterprise was first beginning. Even the most successful entrepreneur struggled at times. Reina says, “When I first started out in network marketing, there were times when my phone bill was bigger than my commission check.” Reina admits that things were hard before he found his calling with Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, a video marketing and communication solutions company, has given Reina the momentum he needs in order to climb the industry as one of the most successful marketing professionals around. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has been running for over a decade now and Bob Reina has been there every step of the way in order to see it to fruition. Reina says, “Once I’ve seen the potential of a product or an opportunity, there’s not much that can deter me.” For Talk Fusion, Reina saw early on that there was an opening in the market for a company that exclusively helped to prepare businesses to engage with their clients via videos. Reina believes in the power of video and he believed in it at a time when no other company was offering the solutions that he would soon develop. Reina says, “I knew we had something great from the beginning, it was just a matter of getting the word out there.”


Finally, Bob Reina’s success can ultimately be attributed to his tireless nature and his commitment toward creating something special. Reina says, “Success arrived pretty rapidly for us because we created the right product at the right time.

Bob Reina: Nothing Fazes Him

If someone is going to be in charge of a company, they need to be unflappable and they can’t let things faze them. There are going to be highs and there are going to be lows. However, with Talk Fusion, there are a lot of highs. On the rare occasion, they have a low, and it is very rare, they learn from it and it does not happen again. They use it as a learning experience and a teaching tool. It is why Bob Reina is the perfect man to lead Talk Fusion. After all, he is the founder and CEO of the company, so he knows what he is talking about and he knows what he is doing with the company.


He takes a great deal of pride in the company, as he should, because it is a special company. It is a company that had a 2016 to remember because it won two awards. One of the awards was a big deal and that was the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. If there are two things that Bob Reina loves, it is communication and it is solutions. He wants both of those to work together, hand in hand.


Communication seems easy on the surface level. All people need to do is speak. However, for many people out there, they don’t know how to communicate properly or how to get the words out in a way that makes sense to other people. They might have grown up in a house where communication did not happen all that often. With Talk Fusion, people start up their own company, which is a solution. It is a solution because it is an upgrade over their old job where they were very, very unhappy. Learn more:


As the leader of their own company, they start to learn how to communicate with their fellow employees and they get comfortable with it and they become quite skilled at it. Bob Reina loves to know that his mission to change lives is on schedule. It is because he strongly believes in doing things that matter.

Bob Reina: The Solution

In today’s world, people are looking for answers and they are looking for solutions. They are not simply looking to hear the same old, same old. They want more out of life and they want to know that things are going to turn the corner for them. There is someone out there in the world that has given him or her hope and has given him or her faith in life once again. That person is the owner and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. It is remarkable to note that he is a former police officer and now he runs an award-winning video company. In fact, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was their second award in 2016. Learn more:


It is not really about the awards, though, for Bob Reina. The awards are nice and he is very proud of them, make no mistake about it. However, he sees things from a big picture perspective. He sees the chance to do something special with this product and allow people to have a better quality of life. It is what many people strive for, but they come up empty. Those days are long gone. Now, they can get the most out of their lives and people around them are going to see a drastic change in them. They are going to see how happy they are, how motivated they are, and how they have an extra bounce in their step.


This was the vision Bob Reina had when he opened the doors, according to an article. Another article pointed out how he is always on the lookout for the next big thing. That is saying something because they have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have a lot to offer to someone that is up and coming with their business.


He has helped bring life back into people, and that is a great accomplishment and a great achievement. He should be holding his head up high, but he gives credit to the team at Talk Fusion, as it is truly a team effort. Everyone plays a big role.


Bob Reina: He Makes Time

One thing that is said a lot in the world today is “I’m so busy! I have no time!” If something is really important and something really matters, people will do something about it and they will make time. Bob Reina always has time as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He also always has time in the most important avenue, which is charity work. This is the same Bob Reina that made a whopping donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He wants to be part of the solution as opposed to being part of the problem. Bob Reina is the type of person that is always looking for solutions to the problems that are happening in the world.


He knows one of the worst things that someone could do is ignore the problem, act like it doesn’t exist, and simply pretend that everything is fine and dandy. That is not living in reality. Bob Reina is all about living in reality and he is all about taking control of what he can control. He can control things by starting up a video company like Talk Fusion, which is the very best in video, voice, and data. They have two awards from 2016 to back it up with one of them being the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


When people have solutions, they worry less, they are not as anxious, and they can finally relax and enjoy everything life has to offer. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it is meant to be special. For a lot of people, it is something they once had but they lost it. Bob Reina wants people to regain that magic feeling. He knows that once they have it, they won’t lose it again. When they start up their own stay-at-home business, they will have the most valuable thing in the world, which is time.


When people have time, they are in firm control of their destiny and nothing stands in the way of their happiness. They won’t allow it and they refuse to settle.