Equities First Holdings Scales the Heights of Providing Financial Solutions

Equities First Holdings is one of the high-ranking lending companies around the globe. This firm was instituted in 2002 and is headed by Al Christy Jr. Equities First Holdings leads in the provision of alternative lending solutions to high-net-worth individuals, individual investors, and business owners.

Services provided by Equities First Holdings
This company offers services such as allocation of working capital, alternative funds, and financial services. Equities First Holdings is committed to developing and providing products that supply liquidity at proper terms to clients through transparent and secure processes. One unique aspect about Equities First Holdings is its approach to non-purpose financing. This method has resulted in the company closing more than 625 transactions worth $1.4 billion. This firm also employs an efficient funding method, which, in turn, offers customers better financing terms at low cost. Equities First Holdings has operations in Sydney, Bangkok, Perth, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Beneficiaries of Equities First Holdings
Equities First Holdings has been lending money to customers for over a decade. This firm has the capability of providing alternative financing during the economic crisis. It has succeeded in the provision of these services due to the adoption of high-end capabilities in all their transaction. Equities First Holdings also pioneers offering fast working capital to customers who are assured of getting stock-based loans at all times. Equities First Holdings’ customers have access to quick cash at favorable interest rates even during harsh economic seasons. This firm has policies put in place that mitigate issues associated with market fluctuations. Individuals who work with Equities First Holdings can benefit from the company’s stability and partnerships with its stakeholders. Al Christy has endeavored to make this business a world-class economy. This enterprise prides itself in providing sufficient capital using a client’s stocks as collateral. Equities First Holdings is one of the leading and trusted companies in finance and read full article.

OSI Group:Making Fast Food Possible

The Needs Of The Fast Food Industry
The fast food industry is one of the largest industries in the world It serves billions of customers every year who delight in the burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, and countless delicacies that are essential to fast food. The basic needs of the fast food industry are difficult to meet and they aren’t met overnight.

OSI Group, a meat processor with more than 100 years of experience, is responsible for making much of this work.

Working On A Global Scale
OSI Group operates on a global scale in order to meet the needs of some of the largest fast food franchises. This isn’t something that can be done by simply shipping meat from America into other countries, so OSI Group employs the services of companies across the world with the expressed purpose of trying to cover various markets. In Scandinavia, OSI Group relies on Baho Foods to deliver meat to franchises in need in the northern European market. This model has allowed OSI Group to spread across the world and vastly increase the influence it has the fast food industry from China to London.

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The Numbers Add Up
Clearly OSI Group is a successful company. In fact, it is one of the 100 most successful privately owned companies with more than $6 billion in revenue. When you look at the origins of OSI Group in the suburbs of Chicago it really takes imagination to understand how a company managed to go so far over the years. It went from a family owned deli into one of the largest and most successful corporations around. OSI Group understands what people want in their fast food and delivers it. That has kept them in business and will continue to give them success in the future.

Check out Monster.com for more details about the company.

How Fabletic’s Is Reshaping The Apparel Industry With A Unique E-Commerce Strategy

Long are the days when quality and affordability determined a company’s market control in the apparel industry, and Fabletics seeks to maximize on this fact. Despite successfully starting out as an online subscription-based retail company, Fabletics is implementing a reverse e-commerce show rooming strategy by establishing physical stores. The fact that the company managed to organize a $250 million empire in three years shows the potential the active-wear industry contains and why it should be tapped both online and through local physical stores.

About the reversed showroom strategy
When popular brands like Apple and Warby Parker started out as online stores on Facebook, they realized that most of their site visitors went on to buy the products they advertised cheaply elsewhere. They, therefore, set up physical shops where their products could be readily available. Fabletics has borrowed and improved on the strategy.

Not only has the Kate Hudson’s start-up opening local stores in easily accessible regains by most of their customers, but Fabletics has also cut out on the competition by offering cheaper high-quality products. Additionally, the company has invested heavily in site visitor data collection that informs the company’s decision on where to set-up shop and the clothing articles to stock.

How data collection works
Sales are the key drivers of growth, and they are only realizable if the right products are availed to the right people at a convenient location. For this reason, their IG account uses member’s subscription data to determine the store locations. The company then uses the membership preferences, social media sentiments, and real-time sales activities for the locals in identifying the clothing items to stock in these stores.

The innovative data centered method of sales has enabled the company maintain a grip on their subscribers and attract even more subscriptions at the local stores. Kate Hudson, the Fabletics co-founder argues that as much as a half of local customers who turn up for an offline purchase end up subscribing to the company’s sales online shopping experience to enjoy the discounts.

Kate is scheduled to address Recode’s third Code Commerce Event happening this December alongside prominent entrepreneurial minds in the country such as Apple Pay chief Jennifer Bailey and Jack Dorsey. At the event, Kate is expected to shed more light into Fabletic’s unprecedented growth and future prospects.

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The Handy Path to Better Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived and that means better weather. The shining of the sun through a home’s windows illuminates an interior and may shed light on an inconvenient fact. The home is in dire need of a spring cleaning. Straightening out an interior could include a massive and thorough cleaning of every room. The walls and ceilings positively must be cleaned as well. And those carpets do need some work.

The quagmire for the homeowner is he or she may not be all that skilled with cleaning tasks. The lack of home cleaning skills is what led to things sliding so much during the winter.

Handy has an app to aid those whose residence or office could use a nice spring cleaning. The Handy app allows users to sign up, search for home services freelancers, schedule work, and make payments. The Handy app and company were founded by entrepreneurs who met at Harvard business school. Recognizing a need in the market, these entrepreneurs founded the company and app.

Handy now is worth upwards of a half-a-billion dollars. Revenues of $1 million per week are booked through the app. Handy is growing on national and international basis. All of this is achieved as the entity’s competitors falter.

Skilled freelancers contribute to this success. People who are not able to perform thorough spring cleaning definitely want a solidly skilled freelancer to handle all the duties. The freelancer positively must be someone with great skills. A home, apartment, or office that has been somewhat neglected during the winter months probably require a careful hand to put things back to normal. Professional skills and tools are required. Only top freelancers can meet these requirements. Handy’s extensive screening process ensures only the very best freelancers are listed.

Customers may be delaying cleaning work due to budget troubles. Booking through an app makes it a lot easier to find a deal. With the right price, the job can get done without delay.

Spring cleaning provides a new and more welcoming look, which may extend into the summer. Book a cleaning crew today and get that work done.

Keep A Clean House For Your Family With Handy

A modern day parent often has many things to do each day. Each day, they must make sure that their kids are in school, the house is cleaned and they have paid their bills. In many cases, people also need to be able to earn a living by going to a full time job that requires their full attention. At the end of the day, they may have little time or ability to make sure their house is as clean as it needs to be. For a parent, this can be particularly difficult as children can be quite messy and easily cause a great deal of mess in any given house.

A parent may not have the time to always stay on top of their child’s needs as well making sure that their house remains clean and in order. This is why it often makes sens for them to hire a cleaning service to come to their house and set things right. Working with an app such as Handy can be an excellent way for anyone to find a company that can come over to their house and get them the cleaning services they need to be able to make sure that their house is as they want it to be. A skilled cleaning company can be easily found via Itunes Handy as Handy staffers have spent many hours investigating each and every single company hired that can be accessed by the app. Using this app means the parent can simply turn around and work with it to find a company that will fully suit their needs at all times.

Any parent will quickly find that they can work with the company directly to help them figure out their cleaning needs and then find a company that will be able to meet them. Many parents need to have their houses cleaned at least once a week. Children leave items on the floor and even write on the walls. In a single day, a child can easily turn any room from clean to extremely cluttered. A parent will need to stay on top of the house to make sure that it is cleaned up and that such clutter does not pile up. The right kind of cleaning company will be able to come to the house as often as necessary to provide the kind of cleaning services that parents need to have.

Using Handy means that the parent can easily pick out a cleaning company that is right for their specific needs. Someone with a newborn baby will have different cleaning needs than someone with an older child. A person who has many children will have different cleaning needs than someone who has only a single child. Many cleaning companies are aware of such facts and will work with the parent to help them make sure that such cleaning being done takes such factors into account during the cleaning process. This can be ideal for both the cleaning company and their client.