Computers today are 96% Cheaper and 1000 times better than they were in 1994

In just a few decades, computer technology has experienced vast advancement, such that you can spend $200 today for a common laptop that have the performance standards that are definitely better that the notebooks that circulated the market in the year 1994, that costed more than $5000. Good news is, you will get the laptop with more speed, thousands of times of more memory, improved performance and disk storage space that the notebooks were in the middle 90s.

Currently for instance, Best Buy, one of the largest supplier of consumer electronics advertise a Dell Inspiron 23.8" integrated computer for only $650. This is exclusive of the printer. The package have 1400 more disk space, (about 1TB compared to 720 MB of traditional models) and 2000 times more memory (8GB compared to 4GB of traditional models) compared to 1994 Compaq model.

Similarly, a desktop comprising the CPU, monitor, printer and the keyboard was sold for $1998 at Best Buy in 1994. American Enterprise Institute reports that the same package would cost about $700 in today dollars.

Even though we’ve heard all the time from Bernie Sanders and other progressives that the economic gain over the last 20 years have only gone to the top by 1%, at least that can afford a laptop computer whether it cost $200 or $1000 in today dollars. The best thing is that it’s the low-income American who actually benefits most from the technological advancements.