Weirdest and Hilarious Congress Wikipedia Edits Ever Made

Several years ago, Ed Summers made it possible to track the changes made to a Wikipedia page by anyone using a congressional computer through Twitter. He did this by creating a Twitter account with the handle @congressedits that acts as a repository of the sometimes worrying, hilarious and the strange. Summers took advantage of the public tracking of Wikipedia pages to create a script that alerted someone, through Twitter, whenever anyone in a congressional office opts to edit a Wikipedia page.

Through the Twitter account, it has been noted that most of the changes are usually logistical. For example, if a senator is reelected, then the page is edited to reflect that. However, as noted by the New York Times, some edits are from resume-padders. @congressedits has led to the birth of many other similar accounts worldwide. They all have the same goal, which is to increase transparency in the governments.

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