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White Shark Media is serious about delivering reliable and efficient management service for businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses. White Shark Media has been in company since 2011, and the enterprise was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs with great expertise and a lot experience in both online and offline promotion and marketing. With low setup fees and free Adwords evaluation, White Shark Media works by following a basic principle that their client’s great results should also lead to their great outcomes and not before.


Pay per click (PPC)advertising is a proven advertising method, and it generates traffic quickly at affordable costs. But you need to know how to use it properly in order to get the results you desire.


The goal of the founders of White Shark Media was to dominate the developing Search Advertising and marketing arena in the United States and Latin America by rendering good quality service. What made them so great was the combination of a domestic and offshore presence with a dedicated and entirely bilingual staff. Everything the organization has learned over the years, they show to their valued clients. Their clients benefit from the firm’s proven concepts as opposed to utilizing trial and error or starting from scratch themselves.


The professionals at White Shark Media test, investigate and rigorously optimize every element of the campaign that they handle. They value their clients and take appropriate steps to make sure that everything is well executed to really help the client attain their goal and to become highly successful in their endeavor.


Any enterprise that wants to significantly improve their ROI, and attain measurable outcomes, lasting growth and predictable revenues needs to speak to the PPC campaign management team at White Shark Media. They have access to top notch resources and industry know-how, which enable them to render the best quality service possible. They are dedicated to ensuring that their clients understand what it takes to run profitable campaigns and how to track performance.


White Shark Media’s PPC specialists come highly recommended in the industry as a result of their top quality services and easily affordable price. They have produced top notch results for countless clients and a substantial amount of money of ad spend. White Shark Media has been providing services for several years, and can really help you succeed. Visit White Shark Media to learn more about their advertising solutions.

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Video marketing is crucial — and so is the way you do it!


Video marketing is probably one of the most sought after practices of any sort of business. It doesn’t even have to be what people generally prefer to as a ‘business’ to qualify as a candidate for proper advertising — especially when building clients is where the money is truly at. See, most business owners don’t realize that there is so much money in being able to collectively organize and inform the people currently involved in what you are doing. TalkFusion makes keeping up with them incredibly easy, and they’ll even pay you to bring people in to the network. There are thousands and thousands of people involved with the movement, and the CEO and Founder Bob Reina has been steadily moving the company forward since its launch.

It seems like he understands there is a direct need for business owners that are not digitally savvy to be able to thrive online. Their business could be getting traffic from people just passing through the area, living locally, or even globally. Without someone helping them communicate to customers, or without the tools to continue providing content and information to their current subscribers, businesses simply cannot thrive. Competition is obviously a very real thing, and saturation will cause businesses that can’t compete to possibly run out of business.

It’s exactly why the idea of TalkFusion is so brilliant. Being able to not only get paid by growing in the network in the first place, but then push your business and organization to new heights at the exact same time. The hassle of having to deal with different video call programs, organizing a video message every time you want convey something, it just gets old! YOU shouldn’t have to do it, there should be a convenient way! And now there is, TalkFusion will be operating in the same direction because of just how well it works, and just how loyal Bob Reina is to the direct marketing way of sales. The advertising platform not only backs that same way of thinking, but also unveils an entire new level of direct connection with your userbase.

Darius Fisher Teaches How to Handle Unfavorable Photo Leak

The internet may be the truest final frontier we face in our lifetimes. The information age has put everything out on display and our willingness to become part of a digital world has made it even more important that we fully understand the repercussion of each action we take on the internet. Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, has been making a living off of guiding people through their digital brand management. He took some time out of his day to discuss a few key tips to weathering the storm of unwanted photographs making their way to the internet.

Fisher, above all, suggests that victims of unfavorable photos surfacing online need to act as soon as possible. Minimizing the spread of the photograph is as important as keeping it off of the internet altogether. Proactive approaches can include contacting website admins and hosts and requesting a removal of the image from their services. If the host proves to be non compliant then Fisher suggests talking to an attorney in order to write up a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request. Getting legal counsel is almost always beneficial in these situations.

For individuals in companies the release of a bad photo can be devastating to their business. Fisher suggests that these individuals don’t shy away from addressing the photo. The first thing he suggests doing in these cases is to accept the responsibility of the photograph before explaining how you will handle things going forward. Talking with an online public relations expert, like those from Fisher’s company Status Labs, is also integral to this step. From there on out everything is focused on damage control and maintenance, which leads us to his final suggestion: learn.

Fisher suggests that folks learn from these situations so that they don’t allow them to happen again. Enhance your passwords, re-check the privacy settings on your various online accounts, and tighten the screws on any data you may have floating online.

Darius Fisher’s Innovations Receive Acclaim

Darius Fisher has been given a very nice honor from the publishers and editors of PRWeek. The magazine has chosen Fisher as one of the people on the Innovation 50 list. The list is a litany of those professional who have contributed to huge innovations in digital marketing. Digital marketing is much more than just advertising. Digital marketing is also about branding and perceptions. Sometimes, very harmful information about a person or a business ends up taking on a life of its own on the internet. A full-blown crisis can result. Darius Fisher’s company, Status Labs, offers a very innovative solution. Through a broad-based digital management campaign, the professionals at Status Labs go to work on fixing a reputation.

Darius Fisher is not a newbie to digital marketing and public relations. He worked as a copywriter and as a political consultant. Both of these professions require an understanding of branding, marketing psychology, and maintaining or fixing a reputation. Fisher noticed a niche was emerging. People suffered personal and professional disasters when embarrassing information was revealed about them. Worse than merely being revealed, the information ended up being indexed in the Google search engines.

Fisher spoke at the Impact 15 marketing convention and discussed the vital importance of always have a positive first page of Google. Negative information on that first page of the Google search engine results is going to lead to terrible perceptions about the subject. Businesses lose revenue and people lose friends when a name is tarnished in the results. Fisher very clearly states that the results in Google, Bing, and elsewhere are not going to change unless a comprehensive approach to fixing things is done.

In his role as president of Status Labs, Fisher has guided the firm into devising effective strategies to help fix search engine and social media disasters. Numerous marketing and public relations tactics have to be employed in order to arrive at a successful outcome. Fisher knows what types of tactics have the greatest chance of succeeding.

Status Labs seems to be succeeding. The number of clients calling on the service for help is growing and revenues are up. Maybe Fisher is slated for receiving more rewards in the near future. Find Fisher on his personal website for more information.