Beneful Makes The Best Premium Dog Foods

My favorite thing about waking up in the morning is taking care of my dog before I go to work. I have long hours in the office every day, so I’m always looking forward to seeing my dog when I get home. He’s always waiting at the door, wagging his tail. I’m glad he’s around because he keeps my spirits up. That’s why I pay special attention to his needs by always getting him what he wants to eat. I watch what food he likes and what food he finds difficult to eat because he can’t tell me what he likes. I wanted to share some of the information I found while researching on Facebook for different brands of dog foods on the market in hopes that it will help someone else with their search to find the perfect dog food for their dog.

The Findings From My Research

I have done a lot of research on different brands of dog foods. My dog has tried all kinds of things. I recently found an article that speaks about the different premium brands of dog food. It was nice to get some insider information about the practices that these giant companies use to make sure that they are putting good ingredients into the dog foods that they make. My dog eats the best food I can find, which is Beneful Dog Food. It is made by Purina. There are many different kinds of Beneful in the aisle of the dog food store, so we always have some new smells and tastes to experiment with in his bowl. I took him to the pet store the other day. We picked out some new blends of Beneful Chopped Blends. It looks like he prefers the kind that has chicken and the kind the has salmon. I have to admit that when I open the Chopped Blends it does smell good to me. It looks like something I would see a person eat for dinner! I’d like to share the article I found from the Daily Herald. You can check it out for yourself:

Beneful Dog Food Varieties Make Great Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are coming around, and we all know what that means. We set up our tree last night, and we hung the lights with care. We decorated our living room with tinsel and slashes of green and red everywhere. My wife bought poinsettias that we placed on the dining room table. We hung stockings on the mantel piece. I have one, and so does my wife. We hung one for our baby girl who is turning one this April. I also hung a stocking for our dog, Rex. He loves the holidays, he loves playing in the snow, and he loves the treats we get him. We don’t usually exchange gifts, apart from what is in our stockings. I am filling my wife’s stocking with cotton balls this year, and I’m giving her jewelry after she opens that joke gift. I love to play around with her. I haven’t bought her jewelry yet, but I did pick up something for Rex’s stocking. I bought Beneful Dog Treats for him. They are the Baked Delights kind of dog treats, and he loves them. They are called Hugs, and they are made with cheese and beef. He loves all of the Beneful Dog Treats. We have gotten him other varieties in the past. I try to get him the ones that are good for his teeth because we want the furry guy to be around for a long time. I like him to have fresher breath, also, and I don’t feel like taking the time to brush his teeth, so I usually pick up Beneful Dog Treats at the local purinastore for him. I usually get him the Health Smile Dental Ridges for a small or medium sized dog because he’s a large pug. He snarls them down in a matter of minutes, and his teeth looked great the last time I checked twitter. He usually eats Beneful Dry Dog Food, so we try to keep him on the same brand for his treats. We’ll often buy the Original Dog Food that is made with real chicken. We’ve tried the beef kind, also, and he likes them both. I pick up whichever kind I see first at the pet store, but it is often the chicken kind. Sometimes we will mix in some of Beneful Chopped Blends, which makes the food look so appetizing that I am tempted to try!