Amazon Enters the Amazing Realm of Drone Delivery

The future is finally here and with comes extra-fast deliver of Amazon orders. In the United Kingdom, Amazon entered a brave new phase of operations. The legendary online seller has now completed its first delivery via a drone. Things are absolutely in the development stage as only two — yes, two — shoppers are approved for drone delivery. Consider them very lucky shoppers since they have been approved just as the holiday season arrives.


Plans are to slowly expand the delivery to select Amazon Prime members who live near the local Cambridge fulfillment center. Eventually, the goal is to quickly facilitate drone delivery to hundreds of customers in the Cambridge area. That is the short-term goal. Amazon’s long-range plans are sure to include global drone delivery no matter where someone lives. How this is going to work out logistically remains to be seen. Drone delivery is limited to how far a drone can fly from where the order is stored.


Both figuratively and literally, the sky is wide open regarding the future of drone deliveries. Drones can fly out of the Amazon warehouse any time a crew is working on facilitating orders. This could mean Sunday delivery or even delivery at any hour of the day or evening. Amazon won’t be limited to the post office or private couriers. Deliveries to the same neighborhood could even be made at different times during the same day.


To say this would boost the fortunes of Amazon would be one of the greatest understatements ever uttered about online retail sales. Customers enjoy convenience. The ability to receive something very quickly after hitting the “purchase with one-click” button is preferable to Prime members. Paying extra shipping means little to customers who want their order right away. Drone delivery could speed the whole process up immensely.


The quicker the customers get their order, the quicker they are more likely to buy something else. Amazon and third-party sellers both benefit immensely in a deal like this. No real surprises should exist as to why Amazon is putting so much effort into developing modern drone delivery services.


Drone delivery is going to become the future of online retail sales. Amazon is getting itself ahead of the game by launching a beta program. Look for more retail companies to follow.