How Rocketship’s Educational Methods Are Influencing A New Generation Of Students



Rocketship public schools understand that every child has the potential to achieve something great. Rocketship strives to help every child reach their potential. The Rocketship network is made up of teachers, parents, and students from low income communities throughout the US. Rocketship’s elementary charter schools hope to increase student success rates by employing great educators. Rocketship is committed to closing the achievement gap.

Rocketship emphasizes innovation, tenacity, and authenticity. Rocketship challenges students to dream bigger. There is complete transparency, as parents and students are always informed on recent developments. Rocketship is passionate about reaching its goals. Personalized learning is important. Students will receive instructions that are tailored to suit their individual needs. Rocketship believes that it is important that every single person on the team reach their maximum level of development. Parents have a huge role as well. They should take a proactive approach concerning their child’s education. There should be a strong relationship between the school, home, and community.

Parents are responsible for naming the school in their community. They also help develop the school’s enrichment program. In addition to enrichment, students also spend time in a learning lab, while taking humanities and STEM courses. This gives students the opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills and helps them build up an acceptable to teamwork.

Before the start of the school year, the teachers visit the students at their homes to start developing chemistry. Primarily, a system will be set up so that the parents will be consistently notified about the student’s performance. Rocketship believes that visiting the student at their home allows the teacher to establish a deep connection with the child. Rocketship students consistently receive high test scores in ELA and Math. Rocketship is also proud of having a high retention rate. Rocketship believes that their formula will continue to evolve over the next few years.

Every Rocketship school has a principal office manager and a business operations manager. Principals are responsible for providing leadership by analyzing classroom activity and lesson plans. Office managers oversee student information systems.


Dr.Shafik Sachedena’s Community Service at the Global Platform

Dr.Shafik Sachedena was born in 1950 in Dare-salaam Tanzania. He resides in the United Kingdom. He is a dental surgeon graduated Guys Hospital medical and dental school in the University of London .as a dental surgeon he specializes in dentistry, dental and oral surgery. He gained his working experience in England after working there for many years. Dr.Shafik Sachedena is also the founder of Sussex Healthcare which provides health care to the aged in the society.

Dr.Shafik heads the department of Jamati Institution and the secretariat of Highness the Aga Khan in France as a volunteer; He is also a member of the Agha Khan Development Network committee (AKDN) Aiglemont chairman of Focus Humanitarian assistant –coordinating committee and has also served as the President of Ismaili committee in the UK

Dr.Shafik responsibilities in the various positions he holds include:

Coordinating activities and programmers of Ismaili community institutions in 16 locations where the members are answerable to the Imams.

He interfaces with The Aga Khan Development Network programmes and Institutions of Ismaili community in Asia.

The Imamat Ismaili community under the leadership of its senior officials around the world by the establishment of many Imamat and AKDN programmes in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Include:

  1. Nazim Ahmad- Head of the department in Portugal and Lusophone countries
  2. Ambassador Arif Lalani-Head, department of diplomatic affairs
  3. Dr. Shafik Sachedina-Head of community affairs
  4. Jane Placentin-Head department of international and financial affairs
  5. Maître Laurent-department for international legal affairs

In Bangladesh:

  1. Prince Amyn Mohammed- Agha Khan –nonresident) personal representative of his Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan.
  2. Prince Rahim Agha Khan (non-resident personal rep of his highness Aga Khan(Canada)
  3. Gordon Camplel-Ambassador to the Ismaili Imamat

Ismaili Imamats AKDN resident’s representatives (similar position to ambassador) officials include:

  • Nurjehan Mawani-Canada,
  • Munir M.Merali(Bangladesh),
  • Dr.Mahmoud Eboo(Canada)
  • Mahmood Ahmed (Uganda)-East African community)
  • Aziz Bhaloo(Kenya)
  • Kyrgyzstan(dr.Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Hilale-Imitaz (Pakistan), Officer de l”Ordre national du merite (France)
  • Mali and West Africa (Burkina Faso, Cote D” Ivore, and Senegal) Ferid Nandjee
  • Portugal Mozambique and lusophone countries- Nazim Ahmed (Commander of the order of merit)
  • Mohammed Saifa(Syria)
  • Ali Akbar Pesanani-Tajikistan
  • Amin Kurjir-Tanzania (France Legion of Honor)
  • Uganda-Amin Mawji,(Order of the British Empire)

The Ismaili Imamat community had positively impacted nation states” commonwealth by it accredited achievements that benefit the community on its teachings on the importance of diplomacy.

The Ismaili community’s partnerships and engagements have led to the formalization of the link that bides countries that belongs to the community through agreements that guide the appointment of senior officials like ambassadors and high commissions who represents Ismaili Imamat community across the globe. Learn more:



Classdojo is a mobile application that aids communication in a classroom setup, it connects parents, teachers, and students, by giving them a room for sharing photos, videos and messages in the school day. It is a way of enlightening each other by working together as a team, to achieve the best. ClassDojo also assists students to develop crucial skills such as empathy and esprit de corps, through a real-time tutor-to-student feedback via the web and mobile devices.

Classdojo is only looking forward to helping any teacher to create a dependable class, which makes the teaching career interesting, and thus teachers can pursue what inspired them to become teachers. Therefore, the teachers are in a position to help their students achieve the goals ahead of them by instilling the knowledge into them in a sober and easier credible manner. This has got a mutual benefit in that, as the student’s dreams are being achieved, the teachers are also pushed a level higher.

The main aim of Classdojo is to help the Parents Teachers and students to come up with far-fetched classes. This is a road to a perfect transformation of education in the whole world through the inter-linking of the students and teachers globally to give way for information sharing and also idea sharing on a daily basis. Though it is ideally impossible to create a one size class that fits all teachers, parents, and students, Classdojo has a belief that the best class that can meet all the above can be created. It is a perfect idea to give the teachers and students room to express their ideologies to achieve great things.

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Betsy DeVos is providing students hope for the future

About Betsy


Betsy DeVos is a Michigan native and was born in Holland, Michigan on January 8, 1958. She is a mother of four and the wife of Dick DeVos (whose father is the fellow who gave us Amway). Betsy DeVos is worth a reported $1 billion dollars as of 2017. Before entering the world of D.C politics, Betsy worked and ran various charities and was once a volunteer for President Gerald Ford’s office during his campaign.


Betsy’s selfless life in D.C


Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary under President Trump. She is a champion of education and has spent the better part of 40 years focused on making sure that every child gets a chance at an education by whatever means possible. Moreover, with her championing of the school voucher system, she is providing more ways for children to access their given right to education as well as breaking down old world barriers that once stood in the way. Education is profoundly important and in the United States of America, there should be no reason at all for a child to not finish school. As a mother of daughters, Betsy has a strong focus when it comes to encouraging girls to see their education through past high school and wants to see the girls excited about STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math). This past July she and first daughter Ivanka Trump led a summer reading event at the museum of natural history. The event was aimed at encouraging students to concentrate on their education even when they were on school break. Further to Betsy’s fight for all inclusive education, red tape was removed by the president. In an executive order, President Donald J Trump signed a document removing or scaling back the federal overhaul of education, thus returning it to the local school districts. This is a small victory for Betsy as it will allow the school boards to practice some alternative learning and allow them to have more power over decision making.


The Future for Betsy


America is fortunate to have Betsy DeVos as our Secretary for Education. As a mother and former educator herself, Betsy, with her progressive ideals are just what this country and its children need. The future for our education secretary looks bright and with the fabulous team, she has working for her, we are sure to see many wonderful and progressive changes to the education system in the United States of America.


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The Kabbalah Centre International Seeks to Reach the World

Many people have been asking themselves why several non-Jewish Hollywood celebrities take interest in the Kabbalah. Here are some supporting explanations as to why this has been a growing and constant trend over the years.

Many Hollywood celebrities have shown interest in the Kabbalah. Madonna is very keen on this Jewish mysticism and has opened Kabbalah centers. Many other celebrities including pop and fashion icons such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Sandra Bernhard were Kabbalah followers. It is also important that other celebrities that are no longer among us such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Sammy Davis Jr. were also Kabbalah followers.

Many celebrities have told the public that Kabbalah helps them restore order in their lives. The Kabbalah is said to be ancient wisdom that supplies practical instruments that help establish joy and fulfillment that lasts. The Kabbalah changes the way its followers view the world. The Kabbalah is intended to be studied by Jews that are at least 40 years old, but many Hollywood celebrities believe in simplifying the Kabbalah and relating some of its aspects to modern life and make it relevant to contemporary situations in life and learn more about Kabbalah.

A very important place to learn about the Kabbalah is in Los Angelis, California. As an NGO (non-profit organization), the Kabbalah Centre International, offers courses that focus on the Zohar as well as Kabbalistic guiding and teachings that are featured online and also in study groups that meet up in city based cities that are regional. The Kabbalah is also studied in worldwide study groups with the Kabbalah Centre. At the Kabbalah Centre International, their Kabbalah presentation was developed by Philip Berg, who is the director and by Karen Berg, who is married to Philip Berg. The Kabbalah Centre International’s teachers are part of an international, multi-ethnic staff that offer studies and guidance to better understand the Kabbalah and how it can help its students worldwide and more information click here.

It is a traditional belief, that many Rabbis support, that the Kabbalah’s mysteries are so complex that they were to be studied exclusively by dedicated male Jews that were at least 40 years old. The Kabbalah Centre does not endorse this belief and believes that it is able to help all kinds of people understand the valuable teachings of the Kabbalah.

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The Mystery of Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is the traditional Jewish mysticism subject that focuses on ethical and spiritual outlooks with firm religious roots. This subject is highly controversial, and several questions have been left unanswered over the years. The mission of Kabbalah is quite unusual, and several celebrities like Madonna have publicly espoused Kabbalistic doctrines. Judy Myers in the book “Kabbalah and the Spiritual Quest” has thoroughly undertaken a serious study of this phenomenon. Her analysis of the movement spans from its roots, teachings, values of spiritual healing, and its popularization in the US. She also takes us through the profiles of some adherents. Her major focus is on the sociological and psychological approach stressing on the movements functional character.

Traditionally, Rabbis highly believed that the subject of Kabbalah and its mysteries were so complex and very easily misunderstood. They, therefore, preferred teaching it to devout students over the age of 40(mostly males). Many traditionalists, therefore, associate Kabbalah to the ancient, secretive Judaism’s mystic tradition.

The Kabbalah Centre International

The Kabbalah Center International provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar through its regional centers, worldwide study groups and also online. It is a nonprofit entity based in Los Angeles, California with a multi-ethnic staff of international teachers to provide Kabbalistic studies and guidance to its student community worldwide. The presentation was developed by the Kabbalah Center director Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg.

The mystical tradition is quickly spreading through all the cities of the world including Boca Raton, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, London, Toronto and Las Vegas. The Kabbalah beliefs and practices are quickly becoming fashionable, and the adherents are determined to stay on. There are concerns on whether this is a religion or a cult. But the leaders affirm that Kabbalah is simply a practice of universal wisdom and more information click here.

Final Verdict

According to Kabbalah, all religious and spiritual affiliations across the world are specific branches of the universal wisdom. It is a resemblance to religions like Judaism, Islam Christianity and Buddhism in addition to new age teachings. The Kabbalah Center offers itself as a supplement to these religions rather than as an alternative religion. There have however been numerous criticism and controversies on the financial misappropriation with some media critics alleging that the charismatic Kabbalah leaders use the promise of wealth, good health and happiness to attract the vulnerable and the rich and resume its.

Brazil’s Economic Crisis Is A Big City Issue According To The Tech company, E-governe

Brazil has always had economic growth potential. Six years ago that potential was obvious. But the drop in commodity prices and the economic slowdown in China has not been kind to Brazil. Brazil’s GDP growth is shrinking, and even though the new president wants the economy to improve in 2017, the chances of making a major comeback are doubtful. The political instability, inflation, and debt burden are working against President Temer, and parts of his government are working against him too.

Brazil is the most urbanized member of the BRICS alliance. Russia, China, India and South America have fewer people living in cities than Brazil. More than 86 percent of Brazil’s population lives in urban areas. That is 12 percent more than Russia, 30 percent more than China, and 53 percent more than India. Most of Brazil’s economic issues are big city issues. City officials in Rio, São Paulo, Salvador, Porto Alegre and other metropolitan areas are trying to reverse the economic tide and bring the country back from the bowels of recession.

São Paulo is the leader, when it comes to economic output, population, wealth, and just about any other category that relates to economic growth. Sao Paulo is the first city to embrace the tech company, E-governe in a big way. Sao Paulo is rolling out the E-governe Educacao School Management System in 138 city schools. The E-governe system is a new approach to teaching, learning and administering. The plan is to use the E-governe system in city government and in all the city schools.

E-governe is an interesting concept. E-governe is three companies in one. Each company brings different skill sets to the system. Minauro Informatica is a software company, Consult is an information company, and Sisterplan is a technology company. The company uses algorithms, new techniques in administration, data security, and other innovative systems to enhance productivity, increase awareness, and implement necessary changes in old procedures.

São Paulo is one of the seven Brazilian cities with double-digit dips in GDP growth. The economic downturn was due to productivity reductions, unemployment, a decline in exports, and manufacturing changes. Manufacturing jobs are becoming scarce, and that is one reason the city of São Paulo is embracing the E-governe system. Another reason is to enhance the city’s education platform. There is a push to get more kids in college, and São Paulo’s city leaders think the Educacao School Management System will be the tool that helps the city reach that goal.

The Educacao School Management System will also help the city attract more investors, according to some São Paulo city officials. If São Paulo can turn the tide, and implement better administrative procedures using E-governe systems, it will be a game-changer in the largest country in Latin America. E-governe is helping other cities in Brazil. The response and the results prove that innovative technology can turn a recessionary country into an economic powerhouse once the system is running smoothly in all areas of city government.

Betsy DeVos has Passion for Education

Betsy DeVos has become a very hot topic now that she has become Secretary of Education. I think that she is a great pick for this position, and I believe that she can do a lot of wonderful things in this role. I think there is a lot of talk about what she’s doing because she represents a type of Secretary of Education that has the foundation in changing the education system prior to stepping into the role.

Betsy DeVos has established a foundation for education, and she has worked for education reform organizations for a large part of her life. I think this is something that is very beneficial because it shows that she has the knowledge to push for reform in areas where others outside the education arena may not have considered. Betsy DeVos is wealthy, but she knows that education is about more than dollars and financial budgets. She really believes that it take educators and administrative staff members to actually make a difference in the education system. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

I believe that the fact that she is aware of these things makes her more qualified than a lot of other people that could have taken on this position. I also believe that Betsy has a better chance of making improvements because she knows the business world as well. She is well-versed in political matters and she has a business mindset that allows her to see things beyond prospective educators. All of this is going to prove vital in her fight to form education. I believe that she’s making a lot of students happy because she is fighting for them.

DeVos has been fighting for education for a long time, and she plans to do so much more in her position as Secretary of Education. I think that her passion about this is an excellent example of what is needed for this position. She has years of experience in helping cultivate the education system because she is a fan of the arts. She believes that education should not be one-dimensional and focus only on math and science. Betsy believes that there is room for the arts and she believes that students should be cultured. This gives everyone a chance to excel in some area. Betsy knows that everyone is not going to be a doctor or a lawyer. She believes that the artist needs to be nourished in the school system as well. That is why she is taking her stand on charter schools and school vouchers that allow students to go to charter schools with the help of public funding. Betsy has done her best to improve the education system already. Her new position just increased her passion. Read more news on

The Kabbalah Centre Offers a Finer Spiritual Education

Anyone who is seeking a spiritual life must ensure they have chosen the Kabbalah Centre for help with their search. The Centre is not based around a specific religion, and they do not force their visitors to profess a religion when they enter. This article explains how the Kabbalah Centre is bringing people closer to God with their work.

#1: Study At The Centre Is Simple

anyone who wishes to study religion will find it quite interesting to read in the library of the Centre. They may request space to meditate or pray, and they will use the Kabbalah technique of studying scripture. The mystic teachings of the old Jewish scribes are quite important to the understanding of God, and it is important someone who is learning comes to the Centre as it will help them focus.

#2: The Centre Is A Welcoming Place

The Berg family started the Kabbalah Centre to ensure it would be welcoming of all, and their children are ensuring the Centre is open to all in the present day. There are many people who come to the Centre because they feel it is the only place to learn, and they will stay for as long as they like while they learn where the heart and essence of God is. They have many choices to change their thinking, and they may leaf through the library as much as they like.

#3: Kabbalah Centre Offices Around The World

There are Kabbalah Centre offices around the world, and anyone may visit them at any time. The family decided to open many offices to ensure they would have a place for their students to go. Students come in fresh every day ready to learn, and they wish to know what will become clear to them in the light of day. The Kabbalah Centre is widespread because it helps millions.

Everyone who wishes to learn more about God must do so by studying at the Kabbalah Centre. They may come in at any time, and they will be among other students who wish to learn about God in a similar manner.

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Fighting For Education

One of the women who is a leader in the country and who brings a bit of knowledge in the educational field is Besty DeVos. She wants to remove the barriers that are seen in the country when it comes to education. Betsy is also making a name in the political world as she has been elected as a representative for Michigan four times in various fields that include campaign management and party organizations.

Donald Trump has his eye on Betsy as the next Education Secretary. Betsy is a woman who has donated a significant amount of money to public and private schools, showing her support in a manner that has paved a way for schools to be able to get the supplies that are needed for students and to provide further education after high school. She wants to see more money sent to privately owned school but does not object the financial support of public schools as these are where many of the country’s children learn on a daily basis. Republicans have offered their praise for her dedication to education, but she hasn’t worked closely with school systems. This could pose as a downfall to her hopes in becoming the Education Secretary. However, she is bright and understands politics, which is something that the educational system could use in the future.


Betsy doesn’t have experience working with college financial aid, but she has a history of coming up with funding ideas. If Betsy DeVos can work with other members of the educational system, then they can put together plans to fund schools of all kinds in the country and to help ensure that students of all backgrounds have a fair chance of getting an education. Betsy is a woman who will work for school choice. She wants students and parents to be able to have their say in the kind of school that they attend without worrying about funding. A voucher program could be in the works if Betsy is elected as the Education Secretary. This program would give the assistance needed to parents who want their children to attend private schools but don’t have the funds, an idea that is backed by Betsy. Visit her website: