Marcio Alaor, BMG Bank And Banco Ita Agree To Form A New Bank


Forming a new bank in Brazil isnt easy. Brazil has a lot of banks, and the state controlled banks usually get most of the attention. But a recent article published by announced a new bank formed by a partnership between BMG Bank of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo based Banco Ita. The partnership is seems to be an unusual pairing since Banco Ita is the fifth largest bank in Brazil and doesnt need a partner. Banco Ita merged with Unibanco in 2008 and that merger produced a super private bank that has a decent market share in the banking industry in Brazil.But this new billion Real partnership with BMG Bank is different. Both banks are successful without one another, but the banking business in Brazil is so competitive that both banks feel they can produce more business by forming a new bank. The new bank is called the Ita BMG Bank, and it has an initial capitalization of $R billion. Banco Ita invested $R700 million and BMG Bank put up $R300 million to get the bank started. According to BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor the partnership and the new bank will produce more revenue at a lower cost. Lowering costs in Brazil is a priority for bankers in Brazil.

Marcio Alaor is well equipped to handle a major transaction like this one. He has been the Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank for years and is a respected member of the Brazilian banking community. Alaor was born in the state of Minas Gerais and grew up in a small village that produce fireworks. There wasnt much opportunity for Alaor in that village when he was a boy, but he made his own opportunities. When he was old enough he went to school got a degree and joined the banking business.

Even though Alaor is a important member of the BMG Bank family and a skilled negotiator he still has time for the people in his village. Thats what keeps Alaor grounded. Helping others is what he does best.

The formation of Ita BMG Bank will also help people get the payroll loans they need to survive the recession. Alaor thinks the new bank will attract new customers to their payroll loan product and Banco Ita agrees. Both banks are betting the new bank will lower costs and bring in new clients. That is the nature of banking in Brazil. Consignment loans fuel profits in Brazil and BMG Bank and Banco Ita want more profits.

The Ideal New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey has long been a favorite destination for many people. One of the original thirteen colonies, today it is hub of commerce, industry and tourism. Many people who live in other nearby parts of the area such as Philadelphia and New York City like to visit New Jersey to do activities such as attending an amusement park and visiting the area’s many public beaches. Millions of people have also chosen to make this area of the world their home. Doing so can allow them ot easily commute to another part of the region while helping to reduce their housing costs.

Renting a New Jersey apartment can allow the renter to stay in the region yet reduce their overall housing costs. An apartment in Manhhattan can be extremely expensive. Renting an apartment in nearby Hoboken or Fort Lee may be available at a faction of the cost that a similar apartment would go for in midtown. Many New Jersey apartments offer residents that include advantages such as plentiful local transport options right into the heart of Manhattan while allowing the renter access to a parking space and pleasant amenities such as a pool or a well tended outdoor garden space.

Those who are living in central New Jersey will find that doing so allows many advantages as well such as access to excellent universities such as Rutgers and Princeton. An apartment building such as The Aspire contains those New Brunswick luxury rentals in the prime of New Jersey. Central New Jersey has many other regional amenities such as access to the beaches of coastal New Jersey and a region that is noted for providing jobs in areas such as pharmaceutical development where employment opportunities are likely to remain plentiful both in the near future and in the long term.

Many apartments in this area offer both short term rentals and leases that may allow the renter to stay for a longer period of time. Someone who is only going to be here for a short period of time will want a lease that allows for maximum flexibility in case they need to return home quickly. Another person may be here for at least a year for business purposes. In that case, they will want to look for New Jersey apartments that let them stay in the space for as long as they need to remain in the area.

Emerging Technology: Communicating Through Images

Technology that allows computers to recognize images has been around for awhile. Many movies have featured military scenarios that use lasers to target a specific object. The jargon most often used is “painting the target”, which is just another way of saying, recognizing the image. Another often used scenario involves security, for example, placing one’s thumb or eyeball, or someone else’s thumb or eyeball, in the case of the bad guys, to be scanned for identification. Business applications of image recognition currently in use include: quality inspection, sorting by size and shape, and barcodes. This type of technology now seems poised to move to the next level.
Smart-phone cameras combined with people’s eagerness to embrace new technology have highlighted an opportunity, and helped push the development of image recognition technology into the mainstream. Applications are emerging that will add another dimension to the way people interact with the world. Imagine a car enthusiast having coffee in an outdoor cafe. A new model car parks across the street instantly awakening a desire for details. Using the smart-phone camera, plus an image recognition application, means that one click of the camera and information about this exciting new car is available. Another customer at the cafe is reading a magazine and finds an advertisement for a pair of gloves at a reduced price. Once again, out comes the smart-phone camera: click, shop, price compare, purchase, and smile. These are two examples of the possibilities with image recognition technology. Some well known companies have already developed useful applications, and continue to study the potential. One company leading the way in developing the uses of this technology is Slyce.
Slyce has developed a proprietary visual search technology. The company partners with retailers and uses this technology to provide timely information to their customers. Customers can capture an image of any product seen in reality, and use that image to identify and shop for the item online. Customers do not need a name, barcode, web-address or any other identifying detail to begin a search. All that is needed is an image. How cool is that?