Shervin Pishevar warns internationalization of entrepreneurship is inevitable

Few people in the United States today have the same level of insight into the tech world and tech businesses than Shervin Pishevar. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, one of the most important venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar has proven that he has the golden touch when it comes to finding and funding the next big names in tech.

But as one of the most astute observers in the tech world, Shervin Pishevar has also come to a number of ominous conclusions about the structural difficulties currently facing the United States. In a recent tweet storm, the famous entrepreneur addressed a large number of pressing issues that are confronting the country. One of those issues is the unavoidable development of nomad entrepreneurs and the consequences that will face the United States if it handles their advent the wrong way.

Shervin Pishevar says that the world is becoming an increasingly globalized place for those who have the means to take advantage of the ways in which countries can directly compete with one another. For example, Pishevar points out that tax rates between various jurisdictions can radically differ as can the rules for such things as incorporating businesses and whether or not someone is taxed on earning that they make outside the country. In particular, Pishevar says that the United States has some of the worst rules in this regard, a leftover relic from a time when American society enjoyed far higher levels of general trust and feelings of civic duty than are prevalent today.

The consequence, he argues, is that the talented capitalist class is acutely aware of what a terrible deal they are often receiving for running businesses in the United States and maintaining citizenship in the country. Pishevar says that, when millions of dollars per year in personal and business taxes are at stake, today’s globally inclined entrepreneurs won’t hesitate to relocate to jurisdictions in which they are treated better. Because Pishevar says that he personally knows many entrepreneurs who are offshoring, this effectively means that the United States is already extremely uncompetitive. The country risks serious gross tax revenue declines if it keeps running off its most productive citizens.

Why Nick Vertucci Teaches Others How To Make Money In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci made a fortune as a real estate investor. He now teaches his methods to others through the NV Real Estate Academy. He teaches people to get access to buying undervalued or foreclosed properties, fixing them up, then quickly putting them back on the market to make a good profit. He also teaches people how to do a paper flip through which you have the potential to quickly make $3000 using other people’s money.

The course that NV Real Estate Academy offers is free of charge. They are held in many cities across America as well as Canada and take a hands-on teaching approach. He developed a strategy in the 2000s to find homes that are a great candidate to flip as well as how to go about rehabilitating them in a way that keeps costs down so the potential profits are higher.

Nick Vertucci lives in Orange County, California. He says that when he was growing up his family had very little income, especially after his dad passed away when Nick was just 10 years old. After he graduated from high school he says that he started up a small business which sold personal computers and their accessories. His business, like many in the tech industry, went under when that industry fell apart in 1999.

After a period of unemployment in which he lost his house and his marriage, Nick Vertucci rebounded after he attended a real estate academy event held in his area. He learned the method of flipping houses and how he could be his own boss in the real estate industry. When he hit his financial goal and became independently wealthy he opened NV Real Estate Academy so that he could show others how they could accomplish the same things that he had.

At NV Real Estate Academy, Nick Vertucci has assembled a team of teachers that know the ins and outs of investing in real estate. In addition to house flipping they can show people several other methods of making money buying and selling properties, including commercial ones in addition to residential.

Nick Vertucci and His Comprehensive Real Estate Investment Program

Real estate investment is something that has transformed countless individuals’ lives throughout the years. A talent for investing in real estate can be a wonderful thing. Nick Vertucci is an example of a person who understands how to invest properly in real estate. He, because of that, made the decision to establish an entire academy that focused on real estate investment. This academy is known as the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It’s in Santa Ana in California and has been in operations since 2013. The institution gives students access to a useful educational program that can teach them all about how real estate investments work in this day and age. The school’s program caters to students who hail from all different parts of the United States.

Regular workshops are a big part of this in-depth real estate investment academy. It puts together exhaustive and informative workshops in many cities around the United States. These workshops take place in cities such as Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California. The academy is constantly coming up with new ideas for workshop locations as well. It aims to give people everywhere the opportunity to learn and grow.

Working as a real estate professional can be highly rewarding. It can also be pretty confusing and difficult in the beginning. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy works hard to help people get their feet wet in real estate investments. It focuses on helping people get the experience and knowledge necessary to make informed and well-rounded investment choices of all kinds. People can get a lot out of learning through this school. Its program concentrates on all kinds of topics that are relevant to individuals who want real estate investment glory. People can get significant insight that involves subjects like the flipping of detailed contracts, first and foremost. They can get insight that involves the protection of assets of all kinds. They can learn so much about everything from commercial investments to property rehabilitation as well.

Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur who knows that being alive can be overwhelming at times. He understands that privilege is something that seems elusive to so many people on this planet. That’s the reason he has devoted his career to guiding people who have big ambitions and objectives. This real estate investment specialist wants to do anything and everything he can to guide people who want to soar.

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Shiraz Boghani Makes His Mark in the Books of Hospitality and Philanthropy

When it comes to hospitality and philanthropy, very few individuals in the world can claim to combine the two fields and make a resounding achievement. Shiraz Boghani is a man who is mentioned in both sectors, and he has made a difference in the UK community and around the globe. 2016 saw Shiraz receive the Hotelier of the Year award. He has been active in the hospitality industry for over 3 decades. This has seen him invest and manage a number of hotel brands. Currently, he is the chair of Splendid Hotels Group, an organization that shoulders 19 great hotels in the United Kingdom. A dynamic innovator and certified accountant, Shiraz Boghani is recorded to be amongst the pioneers of limited service in the hotel sector in the early 90s.

Who is Shiraz Boghani?

Shiraz Boghani is a business owner, innovator, hotelier, and philanthropist based in the UK. He is the co-founder of Sussex Health Care, a home care organization, and the chairperson of Splendid Hotels Group. Originally from Africa, precisely Kenya, Shiraz moved to the UK in 1969. He trained as an accountant at the Chartered Accountant in the UK before joining Thompson McLintock & Co. Shiraz has been able to touch lives in the sectors of hospitality, through Splendid Hotels Group, and philanthropy, through Sussex Health Care.

What are Shiraz’s Recent Achievements in the Hospitality Industry?

The Hotelier of the Year award highlighted Shiraz’s massive contribution to the industry. Recently, Shiraz led his group of hotels to launch the biggest hotel in the capital, Hilton London Bankside. The hotel is estimated to have cost £121 million. Other major acquisitions in the recent past include the Conrad London St. James, York & Holiday Inn, the Grand Hotel & Spa, and the New Ellington.

Shiraz the Philanthropist

Mr. Boghani is an active supporter and member of the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Foundation. The two organizations are charity societies which offer help and support to vulnerable members of the community. As a forward-thinker, Shiraz was able to identify the need for providing support and healthcare to the old and weak members of the community. He cofounded Sussex Health Care in 1985, and currently, the foundation comprises of 18 home care support units in the UK.


On a personal level, Shiraz Boghani has given a greater portion of his life to charity. He has served the Ismaili Community and his current roles at the Aga Khan Foundation and Development Foundation provides him with the opportunity to continue changing lives. He also looks forward to transforming the hospitality industry in the UK. Learn more:


Troy McQuagge Receives Prestigious Award

The insurance market has been growing in the recent times. The individuals who are working in this industry can attest to this. There have been great of changes in this department, and people are looking for ways to invest there. The market is also currently flooded with insurance companies that offer a wide range of products that are aimed at protecting the customers in the future. This means that the competition in the sector is out of this world too. The people with smaller incomes are always overlooked by most insurance companies in the market. Very few companies in the market are offering the products that are affordable to this group of people. For the people living in the United States of America, the USHEALTH Group has been offering the ideal insurance covers for the people who need health insurance. Read more reviews on about USHealth Advisors.

The USHEALTH Group is not a newbie into the insurance market. The institution was established several decades ago, and it has been striving hard to transform the lives of its clients who are found in several areas of the globe. The founders of the company wanted to introduce a company that would offer the company high-quality health plans at affordable prices, and this is why they started the firm more than fifty years ago. The great founders of the company wanted to focus on customers who are self-employed and those who have small businesses.These individuals are considered to have the lowest incomes in the society, and they cannot afford most of the plans that are sold by most of the insurance companies.

The current leadership of the company has been playing a vital role in the success of the insurance company in the recent times. At the moment, the chief executive officer is a prominent individual called Troy McQuagge. The businessman has been serving in this position for a while now, and he has been making sure that the consumers who get his services are satisfied. His achievements have been recognized by the high and mighty in the insurance world.

Just recently, the successful insurance company leader was given a top award in the market. According to the news published in newsrooms, the businessman was given the Gold Winner award as the CEO of the Year because of his role as the leader of USHEALTH Group. It is not an easy task to acquire the award in the modern market. The awards are believed to be very prestigious, and they only offer the businesses and the professionals who have shown excellence in several industries. The companies in different sectors in the market are allowed to participate in the awards. Companies that are established in both the private and public sectors are allowed to get nominated if they have shown their excellence in their industry.

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Troy McQuagge the winner of the One Planet Business Awards

In the recent announcements of the prestigious one planet, Troy was named as the winner and the CEO of the year. The one planet awards is one of the commonly known premier programs that anyone would ever wish to win against the many competitors. Among the individuals guaranteed to participate include entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe with an excellence mark in their career.

The program never limits the organizations to submit their request for nominations including both public and private firms. Since the establishment of this program, many executive officers have had the motivation to work harder, therefore increasing their profitability.

Back to Mr. McQuagge, he joined the USHEALTH group in the year 2010. Immediately after his set back, he embarked on a goal of turning the company into one of the best. Through this, he developed a strategy of rebuilding the company’s captive distribution agency and retooling the USHEALTH Advisors.

There was too much success that came along with his strategy a factor that made him elected as the CEO and president of the USHEALTH Group in 2014. There was too much success that was unleashed through his tenure including remarkable growth, profitability as well as unprecedented success. This is was at a time that there was a high competition from the health insurance market.

More about Troy McQuagge he is best described as a dynamic and driven insurance sales professional. Through the past 30years he has been in the career world, he has built exceptional results in diverse environments not limited to turnarounds, high growth companies, and startups.

McQuagge is also recognized as one who is capable of solving multiple complex issues with a proven capability of providing accredited decisive leadership.

After being named a winner by the One Planet Awards, he says it is a great honor to him more so being recognized as an esteemed peer.

Despite the honor being to him, he said the achievement belongs to them all in the USHEALTH group. He says it is through their support and teamwork that he has been able to make the achievements. More to this, he takes the opportunity to urge his colleagues to remain committed to solving affordable healthcare services to their customers. To learn more about Troy McQuagge, his information is best featured here.


The Upended Career of Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge worked diligently for USHEALTH Group fostering growth, profitability, and success in all the departments he worked in before being appointed to the top office. He joined USHEALTH in 2010 and revamped the USHEALTH Advisors and their distribution agency and was in 2014 elected as the group’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He has set the company on a global platform through excellent service delivery.

One Planet Awards is an organization that annually recognizes persons who are doing well in the corporate world. Troy McQuagge recently was crowned with global cognition for boosting corporate structure and organization, public relations, new product development and marketing strategies among other areas that he restructured. In the 2017 edition of One Planet Awards, Troy McQuagge earned the coveted award as the Gold Winner for the Chief Executive Officer of the Year. The competition has pulled together a pool of diverse professional from reputable organizations. Competitors included start-up companies or ventures, public and private companies, non-profit and for-profit organizations and based on size, small, medium to large companies.

About Troy McQuagge

He is an American based entrepreneur and businessman who grew up in Panama City. He attended the University of Central Florida wherein 1983 he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. Almost impromptu, he secured a job at Allstate Insurance Company. Troy McQuagge shifted to United Insurance Companies to explore the insurance industry. He carried out his duties with demeanor and integrity and was appointed to become the agency’s President two years later.

Troy McQuagge has a documented performance record at UICI for the period he worked for it until his retirement in 1997. Sales increased steadily. He has also been the Health Markets’ President where the company’s performance index also raised. The company’s yearly target under his watch was by far surpassed with over $1billion sales annually.

He is currently the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, a company dealing with healthcare insurance plan. This is in support of its subsidiary company, Freedom Life Insurance Company. He has 34 years of industrial experience in healthcare insurance. Other than the Gold Winner Award by One Planet he has also been recognized by the Stevie Awards and severally named for Sales Growth Achievement of the Year. Follow Troy McQuagge at Twitter.



Nick Vertucci Is Changing The Way That People Invest In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which offers training seminars that teach people how to invest in real estate the right way and make money through the buying and selling of real estate. At the academy, students learn how to protect their assets, use their 401k and IRA to fund their investments, wholesale and flip contracts, rehab and flip properties, purchase and hold onto properties for cash flow that can last for years, invest in commercial property, and more. Out of the academy has come a plethora of success stories, and there are pages of testimonials in the form of video on the NVREA website. Basically, the academy has a right of success with instructing people how to succeed in the business of real estate and flipping.

Nick Vertucci didn’t always have it easy as he was growing up. Not only did his father die when he was only 10 years old, but by the age of 18, he was living in his van. He recalls that this was one of the lowest points in his life. After this time, he discovered that he could sell computer parts for a profit, and he did so for some time. When the dot com crash came during the early part of the 21st century, he lost most of what he had earned, and it was then that he realized he needed to do more to secure his future. Luckily for Nick, a friend of his invited him to a three-day real estate seminar, and it was there that the seeds were planted that would lead him to building a million dollar real estate empire of his own.

Once Nick Vertucci, made his first million, he realized that he could teach others how to do the same. This realization spurred him to create NVREA, which teaches people the nuts and bolts of how to win in real estate and flipping. His three-fold system named Get In, Get Out, and Get Paid has become the cornerstone of his teachings and it covers the entirety of what anyone needs to know to become wealthy in the real estate business. The first step covers how to find the best deals and buy low in order to sell high. The second step covers how to rehab or prep purchased real estate for the resell, and the final step translates to flipping or selling the property and cashing the check.

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Bob Reina: Talk Fusion Ceo Lending a Helping Hand

UPDATE Oct. 5th

Talk Fusion is Bob Reina’s passion.


After working as a police officer for more than a decade, he felt the limitations of his time and his paycheck. He was actually a traffic cop, when he was shown how the network marketing industry worked.


Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company, was born in 2007. It first introduced to customers its version of Video Email. Through his vision for the company, Reina led the way in helping others, giving back to his family and friends, various communities and animal charities. Reina realized that he could build an incredible team and leverage the time of team members to increase his success. This industry, according to Reina, changed his life for the better.


Many of his contemporaries know Reina as a man with quite a sense of humor. Reina has said that to be successful, it takes commitment for a period of years – potentially many years. While completing his education at University of South Florida, Reina juggled a few different jobs. He eventually graduated first in his academy police course. According to Reina, he had that good old fashioned desire and sweat to get into direct selling. He ended up forgoing a steady paycheck to try his hand at entrepreneurship.


Reina had a vision for success that was clear. His vision was so clear that it brought technology experts on board as his team. When Reina comes to his office each day, he always brings family members Bindi and Shadow (loyal dogs). As was previously stated, Reina has a heart for animals and contributes quite a bit to supporting nonprofit groups to help animals.


Reina capitalized on a problem he had when he tried to email a short video-clip to his family. But his service at the time –AOL – said it couldn’t be done. He contacted his longtime friend and IT Expert Dr. Jonathan Chen, and together they formulated Talk Fusion and the idea of video email.


All of this came to be because Reina’s belief that we all should be able to benefit from each other’s achievements. As Reina put it, his success depends on the success of others.


Bob Reina: This Man Cares

Too often in life, there are people that simply do not care. It is sad, but is true. If it does not run with their life and it is not part of their life, they simply shrug their shoulders and they keep on moving without giving it a second thought. For Bob Reina, he truly cares and he shows this every single day the company is in business. As a matter of fact, the same type of mentality is all around Talk Fusion, the video communications company. Everyone cares that works there. When they care and they go the extra mile for the customers, wonderful things are around the corner.


These are not simply employees or people that are part of the machine. These are human beings that care and they want to see you succeed using Talk Fusion. It is a big part of the reason why the company is offering 30-day free trials. With a product as popular as Talk Fusion, they really don’t need to do this. Here is the thing: they want to do this. It matters to them and it shows in every ounce of the work, especially from the IT team. It should be known that this is a company that has won awards for their work. They have won awards because they excel in voice, data, and chat.


When people have all of this for them to use, they can really run their own company and see it flourish beyond their wildest dreams. There is nothing that can prevent them from being the happiest person they want to be all of the time and not just on certain days. With power, there is freedom. The people that use Talk Fusion, they use this power for good. It is the same with Bob Reina and everyone that works for him.


They know what kind of abilities they have and what they can do. They don’t want to just do anything with it. They want to do something special, especially Bob Reina. He wants to impact lives in the best possible way. He cares and shows it with the most powerful tool: action.


Talk Fusion is a global firm, aiding businesses in becoming more profitable. Even so, its founder and ceo, Bob Reina, has his eyes set beyond financial affairs. Reina says, “With greater success comes greater Responsibility.” These are the words that He puts into action.

Reina has donated over $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, saved the lives of countless animals, and even generously supported an Indonesian orphanage. His philosophy can be reflected not only in his actions, but also in his company. Reina started a program that allows Talk Fusion associates to donate one free account to a charity of their choice.

His love of aiding others is what really drives his company. Reaching out to 140 countries, Talk Fusion gives some businesses a second chance. For Reina, it’s even better to hear how Talk Fusion changed an individual’s life. People now being able to pay medical expenses, or financially support a family member thanks to Talk Fusion improving their business.

Talk Fusion has done many things to implement Reina’s vision. From personal donations and fundraisers to supporting those affected by the tsunami in Japan to volunteering for the less fortunate, Talk Fusion continues ro carry out Reina’s mission throughout the globe. If you would like to learn more, go to


About Bob Reina:

Bob Reina was not always the man we see today. Studying at the University of South Florida and then eventually graduating as number one in the police academy classes you would never guess that Reina would become a founder and CEO of a major company. Despite the negativity, Reina pursued his entrepreneur dreams.

Reina eventually came up with the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004. He still continues to innovate and change the world a small step at a time. You can learn more about the company and Reina at

Mark Sparks Bringing New Changes to Timber Creek Capital

Entrepreneur Mark Sparks recently decided to move office after 14 years at the same location. He is the founder and owner of the private equity firm of Timber Creek Capital, LP.


Timber Creek Capital, LP had always had its main headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Mark Sparks decided to change that in order to take the main offices to a more optimized location which will be just about ideal for incubation of new businesses and startups. This place feature is very important and so is collaboration optimization which is another aspect of the firm that Mr. Mark Sparks is after.


Mr. Mark Sparks shared that according to his observations 25% of the success of his business is being able to provide quality as well as work in a collaborative work environment. Another aspect of achievement according to Mr. Mark Sparks is going all out whenever possible. He believes that one should not cut corners f they wish to achieve a higher level of success. That principle also applies to location. He illustrates two extremes to prove his point. One of the locations he pictures is a warehouse with blackened windows, and the other one is the first floor of a spacious environment with big windows and people passing by on the street. One of the locations makes work seem more doable and gives a brighter outlook and perspective. Many hours are spent in the office every week, and it is essential that you and your team feel good about the space and are choosing the optimal location to thrive.


When he talks about business, Mr. Mark Sparks certainly knows his stuff. So far the serial entrepreneur has created more than a dozen companies which have been successful. A lot of his successes have been documented in one of his books called They Can’t Eat You. The book offers a lot of insight into the realities of entrepreneurship. It gives an outline to some of his success as well as some his failures.


Mr. Mark Sparks and Timber Creek capital, LP take under their wing a few starting businesses at a time. They receive mentorship from Mr. Mark Sparks himself as well as other experts. That provides those businesses with a jump start and an invaluable opportunity to learn more about business and receive training that will help them achieve more earlier.


Mr. Mark Sparks is known in the business community for his ”spark speed”. The term was coined by his employees, and it refers to his sense of extreme urgency that everything needs to be dealt with as soon as the matter arises. That is something many entrepreneurs aspire to and what Mr. Mark Sparks believes has helped him be where he is now.

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