What Inspired Guilherme Paulus Into Starting CVC Tour Company And GJP Hotels?

Entrepreneurship is all about finding a need in the market and fulfilling it for a profit. Guilherme Paulus entrepreneurial journey has been all about finding these market needs and coming up with new and innovative ways of addressing them. He would take this initiative further and concentrate on the economic sectors he is interested in with the hope feeding his passion and fulfilling his client’s needs.

Founding CVC tours

Unlike most other entrepreneurs that stuck with childhood dreams, Guilherme Paulus started off as a computer technician. His interactions with the hospitality and tourism industries, their biggest client at the time, would, however, see him veer off the technology path and take a deep interest in the industry. He even quit the position at IBM and secured a new one as a tour and travels salesman for a tour agency in his early 20s. And by the end of three years at the job, Guilherme had already set a reputation that preceded him by far.

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He had established deep connections with business professionals from all walks of life some saw right through his potential and encouraged him to start his own company. At just 24 years, Guilherme Paulus started CVC Tour Company with the aim of revolutionizing the tourism industry by offering different, fun and memorable feel to tourists visiting any part of the world through his hands.

He, therefore, set out on a mission of identifying what worked and didn’t in the industry and coming up with innovative solutions to address these issues. Initially, he only included more fun activities to be conducted during the tours. As time progressed, however, he introduced a relatively new tourism concept. Ocean cruises, to this part of the world, an area of operation that his company dominates to date.

GJP is born

Running the biggest tourist operating company in the country doesn’t just trickle down to the balance sheet numbers. It also means that a chunk of these tourists depends on Guilherme Paulus company for referrals on the best tourist destinations and hotels. In 2005, he decided to stop directing revenues elsewhere and start capitalizing on his company’s market dominance and provide comfortable resorts for his clients.

This idea led to the birth of the GJP chain of hotels, a group of over 20 luxury resorts scattered all over the country. And while they were established with the aim of netting in tourists and other individuals visiting the country in mind, this hasn’t stopped it from raking as a number one site for Brazil’s residents.

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Stream Energy Gives Back to Texas Communities

Of the many companies that responded to the need for humanitarian aid following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey on the Houston region, Stream Energy was one of the first. From their home office in Dallas they were made aware of neighborhoods sitting in nearly five feet of water, and helped to return people to their homes, their daily lives, and even forgave charges to customers who were affected by the storm.

Stream Energy’s internal culture has long celebrated philanthropy and have sought ways to be more involved in their local communities. With employees this interested in charity it was only a matter of time before Stream Cares popped into the picture.


This charity allows employees to be more active in choosing how the company invests its charity dollars and voice their support for certain organizations. It works in the company’s favor as well, increasing their brand as a true corporate citizen that’s invested in the betterment of their community. By lending the Stream Energy name to their own charity will increase their visibility to the public beyond the energy market.


Stream Cares has built up a reputation for the kind of charity it can be by developing lasting partnerships with respected organizations like the Red cross and Habitat for Humanity. This has helped them assist in worthy causes across the state of Texas and the country.


One such partnership is with the Hope Supply CO. Both charities have worked to address the issue of homelessness, which has increased by 24% in Dallas alone. Together they organized and hosted A Splash of Hope. More than a thousand homeless children spent a day at water park filled with food and fun, and concluded the day by receiving supplies and financial aid that would benefit their families.


While charitable giving is nothing novel for corporations, they aren’t so common in the state of Texas. Of all states in the nation, Texas consistently ranks near the bottom when it comes to charity. Senior Event Manager Kimberly Girard hopes that a combination of employee engagement and strategy will be the way for Stream Energy to stand as an example to companies in Texas and encourage them to get more involved in looking after their home state.



Nick Vertucci Teaches Real Estate Investors How to Earn More

Nick Vertucci is helping people that are interested in building extra income by investing in homes that they can sell. The real estate market has many solutions for people that want to increase their income, but they have to know something about the market and the way that selling homes works.

Nick Vertucci is one said who knows quite a bit about how the market works. He has done the research and gathered information that people need. This information is now provided through an assortment of different seminars and workshops. People that sign up for these workshops will get a much better understanding of what it takes to build they solid real estate portfolio that will continue to bring forth a stream of income.

So many people want to gain extra income, but they need to know how to get started. Some people attended these workshops to know exactly what it takes to turn this into a full-time career.

A great number of real estate investors find that it is going to be easier to start selling homes when they have access to someone that knows how the market works. There certainly are homes for sale in many different cities throughout the United States. Nick Vertucci started his business on the west coast, but this is not the only place where his seminars and workshops are feasible.

Any entrepreneur that is interested in real estate can apply the same tools that Nick Vertucci presents wherever they live. It is all about getting the knowledge and becoming aware of your surroundings. Nick Vertucci gives people the tools that they need to make the best decisions when it comes to long-term real estate investment building. He has a passion for real estate, and he is one of the more prominent investors when it comes to flipping properties. This is where the money lies. People that are buying homes need to learn how to flip multiple properties to earn more.

All About Mark Mofid

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgery doctor. Having attended Harvard University, he was an undergraduate medical degree. He specialized mostly in plastic and general surgeries. He later went for further advancing at Hopkins University. Mark Mofid is currently a staff surgeon in different hospitals located in San Diego. He also owns a clinic that offers surgeries and dermatological services. He wife deals with dermatology patients as he deals with plastic surgeries.

In California University, Mark Mofid is a clinical faculty member. He has done publications dealing with facial and breast surgeries. He has also been presenting at different conferences both in the US and internationally. Mark Mofid is a diplomate at American College of Surgeons and American Board dealing with plastic surgeries.

In an interview, Mark Mofid talked about the cosmetic lasers they have been using in his clinic. He said they are currently having Cutera laser which helps in removing hair and treat the veins. They have been offering different options using dermabrasion or aggressive chemical peels to resurface the face. The clinic has a good relationship with the community laser facility which helps in satisfying laser services needs which they are currently not able to offer.

When talking about some technologies that are being oversold, he mentioned about laser lipolysis treatment which is having an aggressive marketing campaign. The clinic has avoided it as it is a bandwagon for them. Having the long experience and witnessed some flame out technologies which are like injectable, thread lifting, Endermologie, laser fat treatment and mesotherapy. All he wanted was to offer his patients those that have been tried and are true technologies and end up making the patient happy at long last. The wrong thing is to try a person from your community first with a new technology after they spend much of their money then end up lacking good results or even worse.

The marketing strategy of Dr. Mofid is to offer good results. What he competes for is quality and not the cost price. The website they have lacks search optimized. What could maybe have bothered him is if he wasn’t that busy. They don’t use any type of advertising.


Adam Milstein Talks About Anti-Antisemitism In Article

Adam Milstein publishes articles from time to time on Jewish News Syndicate, or JNS for short. His most recent article talked about radical alliances and their impact on anti-semitism around the world.

In the article, Adam Milstein mentioned that anti-Semitism has been present on both the radical left and right as well as within radical Muslim movements. He said that those three sources are beginning to share tactics and ideas on a more frequent basis, which has led to an increase of hate, racism and bigotry.

Adam Milstein gave a number of examples of alliances, such as rally events that took place in Chicago. The two rallies were the Chicago Dyke March and the SlutWalk Chicago. He mentioned that Zionists were derided when they tried to take part in the walk, while three people at the Dyke March were expelled due to displaying Stars of David on their flags.

Adam Milstein continued to say that a Palestinian terrorist who killed two students that were Jewish gave a speech. He accused the organizers of encouraging walkers to go to that speech. He pointed out that the speaker was also deported from America.

Anti-Semitism has also entered into the mainstream, according to what Adam Milstein wrote. He pointed out how Bernie Sanders campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, and how Corbyn worked with Paul Eisen. He said Eisen is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

Adam Milstein finished up by saying that radical groups are focused on destroying the historic homeland of Jewish people, which is Israel. He said wherever possible and whenever they can, radicals will do anything to reach their goal. This includes working alongside those working to stop hate and racism in America or boycotting the country via the BDS movement.

He concluded that the alliances that continue to grow and foster is a threat to Jewish people around the globe as well as those in America.


The Market America Product Brokerage Agency

One of the leading product brokerages in the world right now is Market America. The company was founded by couple Loren and JR Ridinger in 1992 and was designed to help people earn money from home using just their computers. Market America employs over 650 people in their worldwide offices to assist and manage distributor accounts. Along with the number of people employed by the company, over half a million people work as independent distributors for M.A. themselves. The main office for the company can be found in Greensboro, NC, but they have offices in Canada, Singapore and other parts of the United States. The company calls itself an Unfranchised Franchise because it’s enabling people to sell pre-manufactured products from a third party seller without the headache of opening a localized franchise. To get started with Market America, you’ll purchase their website package that includes a domain name, hosting and eCommerce plugin. This will give you the ability to build a site where products will be sold and purchased from visiting customers. Distributors can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to several thousand depending on the amount they’re able to sell. On average, a distributor will begin earning money within their first month of opening and advertising their site.

The products provided by Market America are manufactured by affiliate corporations and include healthcare, pet care, automotive supplies and weight loss supplements. These lines are known as Isotonix, Royal Spa, Pet Health, AutoWorks and Snap. You can choose from one or more of these product lines to sell on your site, depending on what your needs are and what your customers are looking to buy. It will cost you roughly $100 a month to maintain the site and the rights to sell the products from the affiliate company. You will also be required by Market America to attend seminars and conventions throughout the year to continue selling for their company. If you fail to pay your dues and attend seminars, there is a chance that you will lose all rights to your site and the product line you’ve chosen.


Shervin Pishevar Predicts Future Recession

Economic Predictions

Shervin Pishevar is a respected investing professional. He was an early investor in Uber, and he earned a substantial return on his initial investment. He spends a lot of time focusing on trends in the market. He recently spent several hours tweeting about his predictions for the future.

Even though the economy in the United States is thriving, he predicted that a recession is coming. He pointed to several different reasons for this prediction. He also thinks that the stock market will collapse in 2018.

Stock Market

Since the recession in 2008, the stock market has climbed drastically. Many investors have earned a positive return during this period. Shervin Pishevar predicted that the time of high investment returns is over.

He believes that many investors are getting too confident with their investing abilities. He also thinks that the real unemployment rate is much higher than what is reported. With rising rates, he assumes that more people will utilize investments like gold and treasury bonds to save for retirement. Shervin Pishevar recently moved a substantial amount of his portfolio into gold stocks.

Economic Trends

Shervin Pishevar also believes the United States is falling behind other countries around the world. He predicted that the best students in the United States would start moving to other countries in search of better employment opportunities. Few people agree with him on this prediction.


Shervin also offered advice to political leaders in the United States. He said that infrastructure spending needs to be prioritized. Many roads and bridges are starting to deteriorate. He believes that higher infrastructure spending will generate higher rates of economic growth.

Although few people believe his predictions, Shervin Pishevar is always willing to give his opinion on investing subjects. Some people will follow these predictions closely to see what comes true.


Transitioning To Market America From Other Earning Methods

One thing that is almost inevitable for people is that they are going to have to make some major changes in their lives. It is very common for people to change careers. When one person may be working retail at some point, they may find themselves having to change into something that is radically different. There are some cases when people have to become business owners or business partners. For instance, some people may become members of the Market America program which is such a great opportunity for many people who want to live the life of an entrepreneur.

One of the common transitions is from hourly-wage jobs to owning a business through Market America. For many people, it is not wise to quit their jobs and dive headfirst into working with Market America because they do not know how to navigate the business world. Market America will provide the training, but people are going to have to take it upon themselves to adjust to another way of earning. This can take them months before they can replace their most recent job and live off of the money they are making with their new way of earning.

For people that are freelancing and are looking for ways to create passive income, there is a little more freedom. For one thing, freelancers can choose their time. This means that they can dedicate some time to building their business. Another thing they can do is work hard and save money so that they will be able to dedicate an extended amount of time to their business with Market America. One of the most important steps is organizing everything and coming up with a solid plan that will make room for efficiency. One thing that is important is planning around the work that is going to be done as well.


Shervin Pishevar warns internationalization of entrepreneurship is inevitable

Few people in the United States today have the same level of insight into the tech world and tech businesses than Shervin Pishevar. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, one of the most important venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar has proven that he has the golden touch when it comes to finding and funding the next big names in tech.

But as one of the most astute observers in the tech world, Shervin Pishevar has also come to a number of ominous conclusions about the structural difficulties currently facing the United States. In a recent tweet storm, the famous entrepreneur addressed a large number of pressing issues that are confronting the country. One of those issues is the unavoidable development of nomad entrepreneurs and the consequences that will face the United States if it handles their advent the wrong way.

Shervin Pishevar says that the world is becoming an increasingly globalized place for those who have the means to take advantage of the ways in which countries can directly compete with one another. For example, Pishevar points out that tax rates between various jurisdictions can radically differ as can the rules for such things as incorporating businesses and whether or not someone is taxed on earning that they make outside the country. In particular, Pishevar says that the United States has some of the worst rules in this regard, a leftover relic from a time when American society enjoyed far higher levels of general trust and feelings of civic duty than are prevalent today.

The consequence, he argues, is that the talented capitalist class is acutely aware of what a terrible deal they are often receiving for running businesses in the United States and maintaining citizenship in the country. Pishevar says that, when millions of dollars per year in personal and business taxes are at stake, today’s globally inclined entrepreneurs won’t hesitate to relocate to jurisdictions in which they are treated better. Because Pishevar says that he personally knows many entrepreneurs who are offshoring, this effectively means that the United States is already extremely uncompetitive. The country risks serious gross tax revenue declines if it keeps running off its most productive citizens.


Why Nick Vertucci Teaches Others How To Make Money In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci made a fortune as a real estate investor. He now teaches his methods to others through the NV Real Estate Academy. He teaches people to get access to buying undervalued or foreclosed properties, fixing them up, then quickly putting them back on the market to make a good profit. He also teaches people how to do a paper flip through which you have the potential to quickly make $3000 using other people’s money.

The course that NV Real Estate Academy offers is free of charge. They are held in many cities across America as well as Canada and take a hands-on teaching approach. He developed a strategy in the 2000s to find homes that are a great candidate to flip as well as how to go about rehabilitating them in a way that keeps costs down so the potential profits are higher.

Nick Vertucci lives in Orange County, California. He says that when he was growing up his family had very little income, especially after his dad passed away when Nick was just 10 years old. After he graduated from high school he says that he started up a small business which sold personal computers and their accessories. His business, like many in the tech industry, went under when that industry fell apart in 1999.

After a period of unemployment in which he lost his house and his marriage, Nick Vertucci rebounded after he attended a real estate academy event held in his area. He learned the method of flipping houses and how he could be his own boss in the real estate industry. When he hit his financial goal and became independently wealthy he opened NV Real Estate Academy so that he could show others how they could accomplish the same things that he had.

At NV Real Estate Academy, Nick Vertucci has assembled a team of teachers that know the ins and outs of investing in real estate. In addition to house flipping they can show people several other methods of making money buying and selling properties, including commercial ones in addition to residential.