Don Ressler Is Part Of The New Wave Of E-Commerce Giants


Don Ressler is an American entrepreneur that is a co-founder of the very popular online retail giant JustFab. Don and his partner Adam Goldenberg became partners after they sold their first companies to Intermix and the went to work for them. They began their partnership after Intermix was sold to New Corporation in 2005. Their first endeavor in regards to an e-platform was Intelligent Beauty. They had a good deal of success with launching several health care and beauty products. They wanted to do more however and they both realized that there was untapped potential in the fashion industry.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg launched retail giant JustFab to incredible success. The JustFab platform has a subscription service that has a low cost. The monthly subscription fee covers an item of the customer’s choosing from a boutique that is selected for them based on questions about their style that are asked when they sign up for the service. Customers can opt out of the monthly subscription fee if they choose by signing in and selecting the opt-out feature. They do not have to pay a fee that month. The LA Times writes that JustFab carries a variety of fashion products including clothing, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories, something Don Ressler has ensured through his experience in the fashion world.


JustFab also has a branch of retail called Fabletics. Fabletics is one of the fastest growing retail e-commerce sites in the market today. Don Ressler teamed up with American actress Kate Hudson to provide high fashion athletic wear to the public. Fabletics is an all inclusive company meaning that they offer a wide variety of sizes rather than just smaller sizes. They also offer swimwear and evening wear that is made out of the same high-quality material that the workout wear is made from. Fabletics is currently expanding and opening brick and mortar locations which are helping them to execute the reverse showroom technique to help increase sales and deliver a better customer experience.  Follow along with the rest of Ressler’s career from eCommerce News.

Kylie Jenner Premieres an Amazing New Look Emulated by Lime Crime

Women around the world all desire to live their life on their terms. They want to have big careers, make their own decisions, and speak out against injustice in society. People rarely think about this issue, but make up often forces women into a box. There are a limited number of lipstick, blush, and eyeliner options, and many women feel like their personalities are being held back. Fortunately, many women in Hollywood are starting to rebel against this trend, allowing women everywhere to break out of their shell.

Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest names in the Hollywood world. She is constantly attending the biggest parties, galas, movie premieres, and awards shows. Reporters everywhere watch her and keep track of her look. Recently, she attended a Justin Bieber concert with a look that set the internet on fire.

Kylie Jenner rolled out with incredible blonde hair and purple lipstick. This minor change to her look made her look sultry and beautiful, and the internet lit up. Everyone wanted to achieve Kylie’s look, but unfortunately many women expressed frustration that they could not find the make up that they need.

One brand that has amazing make up meant for all women is Lime Crime cosmetics. This cosmetic brand wants women to live their life out loud, and they recently rolled out a line up of Velvetine lipsticks. These amazing lipsticks come in a huge variety of colors including the purple color that Kylie Jenner wore to the red carpet. These shades are designed to fit any personality, and give women options.

Lime Crime was founded several years ago with the goal of giving women a chance to live their lives out loud. The woman that founded Lime Crime were tired of being stripped of their options by make up companies that didn’t care about women living life on their terms. They founded the company and women have flocked to their exciting products.

Women everywhere are breaking out of their shells. The Lime Crime line of cosmetics available on Amazon has changed the way people approach their life. You should check out their line of cosmetics today.  Especially make sure to follow the website, which is Doe Deere’s blog about the brand.