Political Action Group End Citizens United, Close In On Four Vulnerable Republicans

Every year, we hear of corporations spending millions of dollars to fund election campaigns, and while most people might find this harmless, the truth is that investing big money in politics does have repercussions. Democracy in its true essence implies that regulatory bodies such as the government work for the good of the people and not corporations. Although at this point of time many companies are investing large amounts of money in campaigns, this might soon be a thing of the past, due to the effort of Political Action Committees such as End Citizens United.

The Political Action Group, End Citizens United was founded on the principle that big money from businesspeople should not be utilized to fund election campaigns, as such funding usually involves untraceable payments. This group was established as a direct result of the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision that allowed businesses to invest large amounts of money in political campaigns as the Supreme Court deemed that corporations are people as well.

End Citizens United aims to implement policies that are meant for people and not geared at helping corporations that fund these campaigns. The initiative to found this PAC was taken to prevent large enterprises from tipping the political power scales in their favor as End Citizens United believe, this is not a democracy, it is in fact up to an extend rigging the politics game in the nation through one way or another, and what End Citizens United knows.

Ongoing efforts are being made by End Citizens United to stop corrupt Republicans from entering politics. This PAC supports only Democrats who are interested in the financial reform of the country and are willing to work towards this goal. This group had recently announced its new list that consists of the top 20 vulnerable Republicans who are most likely to make mistakes in this year. The PAC is closely watching the movements of four particular Republicans that are, Mini Walters, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher. These four California house members are under investigation for future misuse of election money with Duncan Hunter being in the lead followed closely by Darrell Issa.

Founded in 2015, End Citizens United believes in transparency in all political campaigns and transactions. This PAC has spent more than $25.5 Million towards supporting Democrats in 2016 to ensure that the USA is once again a truly democratic country. The group’s funding comes from thousands of supporters who are none other than regular working-class people and other grass root level donors. One of the main reasons American citizens support the cause of this group is because they feel that the current system does not work for them. A change is needed, and elections should not favor corporations, politics should not be rigged, and the system should support taxpayers who rightly deserve to see financial reforms implemented for the good of the common man.

More Visit: https://ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

New Drone Regulations Increase Industry Potential

The Federal Aviation Administration has released Part 107, a revised version of The Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule. The rule acts as a regulation for drone use and the revised rule has opened the potential for greater drone use within a variety of commercial industries to include assessment, agriculture, construction and real estate.

Although drone use has already been a reality in these industries, small business owners now have a greater chance of using the technology because licensing requirements are less strict and licensing fees less expensive. Prior to the revised Part 107, only individuals with sport or pilot licenses could fly the devices and certification fees for non-pilot exempt operators ran up to $7,000. Now, non-pilots can take certification tests that cost $150. The tests are less intensive and cover basic aeronautical knowledge.

With greater access to drone technology, experts believe that the drone industry is on the cusp of a significant boom. However, in order to truly achieve its potential, the industry requires a diverse set of individuals to create the next set of guidelines and regulations.

Current regulations regarding drone travel distance is one obstacle holding back growth. The visual line of sight (VLOS) is a rule that mandates drone users have the drone in their direct line of sight while in use. This is a severe limitation to drone delivery services and other long-distance flights. Business owners and entrepreneurs would like to see this portion of the rule addressed in later iterations of the current regulations.

Currently, only aviation industry experts and government agencies have a voice in the regulation of drone technology. Business owners, representing both start-ups and established enterprise-level organizations, are not represented and argue that they should be if the industry is going to support a changing economy.